Izmir Wildlife Park Overview

Surrounded by lush green trees and beautiful flowers, Izmir Wildlife Park is one of the best places to visit in Ankara for wildlife enthusiasts as well as nature lovers alike.

It is spread in around 425,000 square meters and is considered to be one of the largest zoos in Izmir. You can spot over here the rarest species of birds, rare flora and tropical animals. Explore this expansive wildlife haven on your Turkey package, immersing yourself in the diverse habitats that house unique avian species, exotic flora, and tropical wildlife. 

The animals over here are not caged as in other zoos, and they wander freely in their natural habitat. The zoo is home to around fifteen thousand animals of one hundred twenty different species, such as zebra, deer, lions, tigers, monkeys, gazelle, hippopotamus, camels and ostriches. It is also an excellent picnic spot and a splendid weekend getaway where you can bond well with the animals and birds.

Location: Tuzla, Ahmet Piriştina Cd. No 3, 35620 Çiğli/İzmir, Turkey.

Timing: 9AM-5PM.

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