Church Of St Polycarp Overview

Church of St Polycarp is the oldest functioning Christian worship site in Izmir, and it was named after the first bishop of Smyrna, St.Polycarp. This 19th-century church acts as the chief center of the Catholic diocese and is one of the finest examples of Ottoman architecture.

In 1922, the church faced total destruction in a fire, yet in the 19th century, a local architect meticulously restored its lost charm. The church walls adorned with frescoes, showcasing a color combination that perfectly complements its beauty. Numerous chandeliers grace the arches, adding to its adorable sight. For an immersive experience, include this historical marvel in your Turkey tour packages from India, where the blend of restoration and artistry awaits discovery.

Location: Akdeniz, Necati Bey Blvd. No. 2/A, 35210 Konak/İzmir, Turkey.

Timing: 3pm-5pm.

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