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11 December 2019
The best time you are going to have is with the Geneva Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour. You get to explore a ton of exotic places in Geneva and click loads of photos. It really helped me with the budgeting of my trip. If you are on a budget, looking to explore Geneva, Hop on hop off bus is the best option.
09 December 2019
To start with the cost of the entire tour was really reasonable. The tour started at around 2:00 in the afternoon allowing us enough time to have a good lunch. We explored the entire city by bus. The entire journey was comfortable and the guide was also really helpful. The great thing about it was that even though it was a bus, it offered a more personalized experience. For the limited time we had, we were able to capture a lot of great tourist spots and finally a walk around the c Annecy town was really amazing. Towards the end we got on a cruise and enjoyed some really scenic views. Just the kind of relaxation I was looking for. I definitely recommend it. You can also enjoy a number of delicious local cuisine at Annecy and learn a lot of their local culture from the friendly localities. Thank you Thrillophilia.
10 January 2020
It was my first time in Geneva for a business meeting which got done quickly and now, I had the next day empty. So, I planned on doing some exploration before leaving the town and after the suggestion from one my friend I decided to visit Annecy. The tour was calm, relaxing and completely soothing, throughout the journey the guide was really helpful. I enjoyed some great food, did some exploration and my day ended when they dropped me off back to the bus station.
10 November 2019
If you are a couple traveling to Geneva, the Annecy tour is definitely for you. Walking around on the narrow streets of the place, exploring the ancient style homes, the tour is as romantic as it can get. I would also like to thank the guide who never hesitated on taking our pictures.
13 December 2019
I was planning to embark upon an adventurous expedition with my little ones and it so happened that I found the Chamonix Mont-Blanc tour on Thrillophilia while planning my trip. Upon arrival at Geneva, the guide was recognizable and very helpful in making us feel comfortable. The entire trail was filled with fun and the view from the top was amazing.
24 October 2019
Chamonix Mont Blanc Day Tour was an amazing experience. We could visit a number of tourist attractions and sight the mesmerizing views of the white mountains. A delightful and fun filled tour indeed. Thanks to the team Thrillophilia and our guide for making it happen.
06 August 2019
A grand view of the alpine mountains, the calm sea, and the soothing wind, everything about Geneva cruise was perfect. I recommend it to everyone who is visiting Geneva.
09 October 2019
More than me, my kids were the ones who had the most fun on the cruise. We were looking for a cost-effective way of enjoying the city of Geneva. This cruise is perfect for the people who are travelling on budget. The beautiful view of the Montblanc along with a number of other attractions was really mesmerizing.
21 December 2019
The sightseeing cruise is swift and the people serving on the tour are really professional. Everything was handled very carefully and in a manner that allowed us to have a great time. The cruise was also timed perfectly which did not make us miss out on our routine tour. We were able to capture various delightful spots and clicked a ton of photos. The cruise ship was clean and well maintained. Overall, I would give the entire experience a 5 star rating. We had a wonderful time during our honeymoon.
09 December 2019
Oh! It was damn romantic. I mean the cozy ambiance, the soothing wind flirting with you, I was just mesmerized by the cruise and had a great time with my husband exploring various tourist destinations throughout Geneva. The Sightseeing Cruise in lake Geneva is really a cool and every couple must try it.