Broken Chair Overview

Designed and constructed by the celebrated sculptor Daniel Berset, the Broken Chair is one of the finest art pieces of the century! This 12-meter high sculpture is nestled in Place des Nations and stands with a broken left leg to symbolise the victims of mine accidents.

As you embark on your Switzerland trip, take a moment to appreciate the poignant artistry that not only graces Geneva but also serves as a universal tribute to resilience and solidarity


This piece of art was commissioned by the NGO Handicap International in order to spread awareness about mines and their monstrosities. This was also done as an act to prevent the use of landmines and to ban anti-personnel mines. The project was intended to stay only for three months, but 20 years down the line and it has now transformed into an iconic symbol that continues to dominate Place des Nations!

Timings: Open 24 hours

Location: 1202 Geneva

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