Plainpalais Market Overview

While Geneva stands as one of the most expensive cities for shopping, savvy travellers on a Switzerland tour can navigate this luxury destination wisely. Brush up on your bargaining skills and explore the vibrant Plainpalais Square market, Geneva's largest flea market.

Here, a treasure trove awaits, offering an eclectic mix from second-hand clothes to captivating antiques. Immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere, where each stall tells a unique story, making your Switzerland tour a delightful blend of luxury and thrifty discoveries.


A popular haunt amongst locals and travellers alike, the Plainpalais Square market opens twice every week, on Wednesday and Saturday. Since it is held only twice a week, it is advisable to get there early to pick up the good stuff.

If you have a soft spot for vintage clothing and items, head on over to the other side of the tram tracks, right near the University. You’ll be surprised at the kind of stuff you can buy here, and for not-too-expensive prices! It is one of the most trending places to visit in Geneva.

Location: Plainpalais, 1205 Geneva

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