Best Theme Parks in Birmingham

Birmingham Theme Parks

Welcome to the largest city in Alabama, yes, we are mentioning the incredible city, Birmingham. The vibrant city has a lot to offer you to enjoy, if you are looking for arts, animals, nature, or adventure, you will find everything in Birmingham. The city is home to plenty of theme parks that will entertain kids, adults, and everyone in between.

The city has a wide variety of theme parks to spend your leisure time with your family. These are the absolute best ones for the whole family as they offer several thrilling rides and loads of fun and entertainment for people of all ages. They have miles of slides, thousands of gallons of water, exciting waves, lively rivers, an exhilarating roller coaster, and lots of rides. Theme parks in Birmingham UK have been set up for all your different moods, whether you want to go for an afternoon lunch or a stroll in a peaceful place as you enjoy watching your kids experience their favorite rides and attractions, the theme parks in Birmingham have a lot more to offer. We have rounded up the best theme parks in Birmingham for you to have ultimate fun in the city of adventure.
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Birmingham Theme Parks FAQs

Which are the best theme parks in Birmingham?

1. Drayton Manor Theme ParkJoin the fun at Drayton Manor Theme Park to enjoy over 100 theme park rides and attractions. Enjoy brand-new adventures including Vikings Area, Adventure Cove, and much more in one of the exciting theme parks in Birmingham. Experience the unique 7up Shockwave, Europe’s first Intamin stand-up roller coaster with a Zero-gravity roll. Get your hands on the adventurous Stormforce 7, a thrilling three-drop water ride with a twist that will make you feel your adrenaline rush. Get ready to enjoy the Waver Swing, an exhilarating ride that will make you feel the ocean breeze as you soar round and round.

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2. The Bear Grylls Adventure: The Bear Grylls Adventure is the world’s first adventurous activities center inspired by Bear Grylls. Escape the ordinary to enjoy the extraordinary fun at The Bear Grylls Adventure. The place has a lot more options to offer which allow you to fly, climb, leap, dive with sharks, zip, scramble, snorkel, and explore. Dare you to test your nerve in the fear room or escape room. Get your hands on shooting, and archery, or enjoy indoor skydiving to feel the rush of your adrenaline. It is one of the most adventurous Birmingham theme parks.

3. Thorpe Park: Thorpe Park is awaiting to offer each of you a lifetime of experience, step into the unnerving near future and be awestruck by the United Kingdom’s first Black Mirror. Do not miss out on this magical fun at one of the best theme parks in Birmingham. Step onto Swarm Island to experience speeds of almost 100km/h as you enjoy the ride on the wings of the swarm. Spin, dive, and swoop around 750 meters of twisted steel track on the thrilling Nemesis Inferno coaster. Experience the most elated ride as you roll on the world’s first horror movie-themed rollercoaster. Brace yourself to experience the world’s first ten-loop roller coaster including the UK’s first quadruple barrel roll and much more. If you are fond of horror, then the Walking Dead ride is the perfect one for you.

Which are the best theme parks in Birmingham for kids?

1. Inflata Nation Inflatable Theme Park Birmingham: Inflata Nation Inflatable Theme Park Birmingham offers a wide variety of activities with different features including bouncing, sliding, climbing, and tumbling to children of all ages. They have Inflata Drop, Inflata Race, Inflata Bubbles, Inflata Wall, Inflata Balls, and Inflata Totos. Inflata Nation Inflatable Theme Park Birmingham also offers different classes for adults, kids, and differently-abled people to enjoy. This theme park in Birmingham offers improved features such as a fours arena with its slide and ball pool, giant inflatable slides, and a wide range of parties and classes.

2. Playland Fun Park: There is plenty to do at Playland Fun Park for the whole family including Go Karts, Bumper Boats, Trampolines, Bouncy Castles, a safari-themed Crazy Golf, and much more. It is a beautiful place to enjoy a picnic lunch with your family. It is one of the best Birmingham theme parks. The place also offers several rides and attractions for kids which include safari trains, trampolines, bumper boats, a bouncy castle, pony rides, dino tours, and many others. The rides and attractions provided for adults and older kids include self-drive boats, a skate park, steamer trips, golf, and a putting green that will keep you entertained throughout the day.

3. Treasure Island Play: Treasure Island Play treats you with its 17 different attractions from classic to extreme rides including a king sizzler, sky flyer, waltzer ride, freak out, and the dragon roller coaster. For toddlers, they have a specialized kid’s corner filled with different slides, rides, and bouncy fun that is just right for their tender age. Treasure Island is one of the most lovable theme parks in Birmingham for kids. They offer a safe and clean environment and a pleasing atmosphere for children along with their favorite rides including a fantastic Pirate Ship framework.

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Which are the best water parks in Birmingham?

1. The Wave: The Wave located in the heart of Coventry is one of the largest and newest indoor waterparks in the United Kingdom. The wave offers six epic slides that are precision-engineered to fill the thrill seekers with joy and excitement. There is excitement awaiting young thrill seekers as well, enjoy The Reef; a large splash pad at the heart of the waterpark with jets, sprays, and slides. The Wave Pool churns 20 million liters of water every day, and this waterpark is as thrilling as theme parks in Birmingham.

2. Alabama Adventure and Splash Adventure: Alabama Adventure and Splash Adventure is a blend of the waterpark and amusement park which has several thrilling rides, water slides and attractions. Adventures and thrills you get to experience in Alabama are UpSwing! Attractions of this place include a tube ride, a lazy river, and a huge 800,000-gallon wave pool. Enjoy the splashdown where you plunge 50 feet in an enclosed tube into a giant bowl where you will spin round and round until you reach the bottom. Alabama Adventure and Splash Adventure are awaiting to welcome Rocket Racer, which would be the largest water slide in the state.

3. Kingsbury Water Park: Kingsbury Water Park has 15 lakes situated in over 600 acres of the country park. Take a stroll along the surfaced pathways, discover hidden corners, spot birds and wildlife, hire a bike, join an organized event or host your event. If you are looking for a stress-free day, then Kingsbury Water Park is an ideal place for you to relax and chill. Children's FarmBroomey Croft Children's Farm is the perfect place to spend your leisure time. You can let your kids be pleased looking at them playing in a fenced round safe area.

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What are the best adventurous activities to do in Birmingham?

1. Climbing: Redpoint Climbing centre, located in the heart of Birmingham, provides spectacular climbing irrespective of whether you are an experienced climber or a beginner. The place is dedicated to climbing with over 300 routes spanning all grades and RedBloc, a new huge bouldering centre.

2. Bouldering: Enjoy the climbing and test yourself with an abundance of shapes and angles, plus the notorious stalactites and unique three-dimensional climbing in a friendly atmosphere. The bouldering is spread across four areas including Redbloc, Babybloc, the Bunker and a Training room complete with a range of peg boards, fingerboards and a campus board.

3. Safari: One of the most adventurous things you can do in Birmingham is visit West Midland Safari Park. The safari is home to some of the most elegant and critically endangered animals.Encounter several eccentric species ranging from gentle giraffe to huge-horned Ankole cattle and curious Congo buffalo, to mesmerising zebra. Get a glimpse of the world’s rarest deer, the endearing Indian rhinos and gentle banteng.

4. Karting: Get ready to race some of the UK’s fastest indoor karts on a challenging indoor karting circuit in Birmingham’s only city centre karting circuit.You will get an option to choose from a variety of amazing Karting formats for children and adults. Why not strap into our unbelievable Racing Simulators and race to a virtual world where you are the F1 driver? Get ready to spend your weekend at the epic karting centre.

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What makes Cadbury World so Famous among Kids?

Cadbury World is packed with fun and fantastic activities that would entertain the whole family. Kids will explore the process behind their favorite confectionery and love to join Freddo and the whole gang of Cadbury characters as they whisk the kids away on a wonderful journey in the 4D Chocolate Adventure cinema experience.

What is the best time to visit theme parks in Birmingham?

If you want to enjoy the weather, then the best time to visit theme parks in Birmingham is between April and June when the weather is at its best. And if you are someone who loves to have fewer humans around them, then the best time to visit theme parks in Birmingham are September and October.

What makes Theme Parks in Birmingham so Popular?

Birmingham theme parks offer several unique rides ranging from shockwave to Stormforce 10, and from classic rides to thrilling rides. The atmosphere created by the theme parks in Birmingham UK is different and makes the visitors enjoy themselves to the fullest and will let them have ultimate fun.

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Which is Birmingham's Largest Theme park?

Alton towers is the largest theme park not in Birmingham but in the United Kingdom. It offers 40 rides and attractions that will let you have ultimate fun and makes you joyful throughout the day. Enjoy the Alton towers Dungeon, Gangsta Granny the Ride, and much more in Alton towers. It is one of the best Birmingham theme parks to have ultimate fun with your family.

What is so special about Birmingham?

Birmingham is famous for its lively cultural scene, universities, and fantabulous infrastructure. It is the only most well-known city outside of London and the electric cinema is the oldest working cinema in the UK. All the ingredients for making iron are present—coal, iron ore, and limestone, all within a ten-mile radius can only be found in Birmingham.

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