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Birmingham Packages

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England Tour Package from India9 days & 8 nights
INR 1,10,249

Choose from one of the many interesting Birmingham tours by Thrillophilia. Designed by expert professionals and boasting of exciting deals and offers, these tours have everything you would need from an English holiday and more. Thrillophilia offers some of the best experiences of this dynamic and creative city, where you can enjoy its rich culture and opportunities in the best possible way.

From enjoying a relaxing day in the city, to the vibrant nightlife at the many different areas, pubs, and clubs, to enjoying gastronomic delights in wonderful restaurants, cocktail bars and breweries, the Birmingham tour packages have it all. When in Birmingham, head over to attractions like the beautiful Birmingham Botanical Gardens, the Black Country Museum or St. Philip’s Cathedral. Catering to all kinds of tourists, these places are sure to marvel you with their structure, verdant surroundings and more.

These packages by Thrillophilia can also be customised for you to enjoy a personalised vacation that is not only perfect, but also very memorable. These packages also include a wide array of activities for tourists, from adventurous experiences like kayaking and boating in the canals, to more unique activities like camping, hiking and more. So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Thrillophilia and book one of the Birmingham packages for you and your family.

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Birmingham Tour faqs

What are the best places to visit in Birmingham?

1. Victoria Square and Birmingham City Centre: Amongst the best places to visit on the Birmingham tour packages, Victoria Square is located in the heart of the city and is home to landmarks like the Town Hall, Mistry’s Fountain as well as The River, which is the biggest piece of sculpture in the area.

Tucked in the path of the Birmingham City Centre, you can also see the Symphony Hall on your visit to Victoria Square, in addition to memorials dedicated to Queen Victoria and James Watt. This area is also home to the famous Big Brum clock on the Council House, made in renaissance style of architecture.

Location: Birmingham B1 1BD, England

2. Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery: Your Birmingham packages will remain incomplete without a visit to the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. Dating back to 1885, it is one of the finest museums in the country, and is home to the works of artists from the Pre-Raphaelite era, from the 17th to 19th centuries.

You can also find many displays regarding the city’s history, along with archaeological relics from the Stone Age. In addition to that, it is here where you can see ancient coins from the Middle Ages, antiques from central Asia and ancient India, Cyprus as well as ancient Egypt.

Location: 3 Congreve Passage Chamberlain Square, Birmingham B3 3DA, England

3. Birmingham Botanical Gardens: Complete your Birmingham tours with a visit to the Botanical Gardens here, dating back to the early 19th century. Spread over 15 acres, these gardens are home to a stunning collection of bonsai trees and tropical birds.

There are also over 7,000 different types of plants here, along with the famous British National Bonsai Collection. Some of the famous plants and trees that you can find here include the Omiya Tree, which is 250 years old, two fine Himalayan Cedar trees and a sensory nursery as well.

Location: Westbourne Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 3TR, England

4. ThinkTank, Birmingham Science Museum: Head over to ThinkTank during your Birmingham tours. A haven for science enthusiasts, the Birmingham Science Museum or ThinkTank is home to many scientific exhibits. Most of these are interactive and hands-on, which only adds to the experience.

From cars, aircrafts and locomotive engines, to trams, steam engines, chocolate packing machines as well as the Woolrich Generator, this museum has it all. You can also find aircraft from the Second World War era here, or visit the Science Garden, the human-sized hamster wheel or the ThinkTank Planetarium during your visit to this attraction.

Location: Curzon Street, Millennium Point, Birmingham B4 7XG, England

5. National Sea Life Centre: Another popular place to visit to include in your Birmingham tours is the National Sea Life Centre. Being the abode of over 60 exhibits of marine life, this centre also has more than 2000 different animals from all around the world.

Located inside a huge tank with a capacity of a million litres of water, the National Sea Life Centre transports you to a world of underwater mysteries. The underwater tunnel lets you witness marine life, from giant turtles and manta rays to beautiful coral reefs and more. You can also see penguins and feed them here.

Location: 3 Brindley Place, The Waters Edge, Birmingham B1 2HL, England

6. Jewellery Quarter: On your Birmingham tours, don’t forget a visit to the Jewellery Quarter, which sees the workings of almost 40 percent of Britain’s entire jewellery production. Home to more than 200 jewellery workshops and silversmiths, this area is also known as the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter.

You can also visit other attractions here, including the Hall of Memory, St. Paul’s Square, Pen Museum and more. It is here where you can learn about how pens were made using techniques from the 19th century. You can also buy different pens and jewelleries here at relatively lower prices.

Location: Vyse St, Jewellery Quarter, Hockley Birmingham, England

7. St. Philip’s Cathedral: When availing the Birmingham tour packages, learn about the rich history of the land at the St. Philip’s Cathedral. Built in 1715 as a Parish church, the cathedral received its current status in 1905. It was also bombed in the year 1940.

Located near the 13th century St. Martin’s Church, the St. Philip’s Cathedral is a Grade I recorded structure, in addition to being the third smallest basilica in England. From relacing strolls to fun-filled picnics, you can do it all here.

Location: Colmore Row, Birmingham B3 2QB, England

8. Barber Institute of Fine Arts: Another popular place to visit while availing the Birmingham tours is the Barber Institute of Fine Arts, located near the Birmingham University. The institute houses famous artworks from the Renaissance period till the 20th century, with works from famous artists like Tintoretto, Bellini, Rembrandt, Monet, Gainsborough, Botticelli and others.

The building is a Grade II recorded structure and was made in the 1930s. It was also formally opened by Queen Mary in the year 1939, and plays host to many evening concerts, art exhibitions and other events on a regular basis.

Location: University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 2TS, England

Which are the best places to stay in Birmingham?

1. Birmingham Shopping District: This is one of the best places to stay in Birmingham. In addition to huge malls and luxury brands, the district also has several libraries, cafes, pubs and restaurants which you can explore.

2. Convention Quarter: Surrounding Brindley Place, and built between Middleway, Broad Street and Ladywood, the Convention Quarter area is another top spot to stay in the city. You can not only attend various entertainment and sport events here, but also explore the different nightclubs, hotels, pubs, and shops here, or take a canal boat ride.

3. Westside: 
Do you wish to experience the unique and vibrant Birmingham nightlife? Then Westside is the best area for you to stay at. Complete with magnificent structures, shops, bars, restaurants and more, this area also has a fully electrified tram system which you can make use of to see the attractions here.

4. Digbeth: A completely revamped area in Birmingham, Digbeth is also amongst the top places to stay in the city. Home to many art galleries, theatres, vintage shops and boutiques, Digbeth is also the abode of the oldest pub in Birmingham, along with restaurants where you can tuck in to a wide array of cuisines.

What are the best things to do in Birmingham?

1. Visit chocolatey heaven at Cadbury World: One of the best things to do during the Birmingham tours is to visit the famous Cadbury World here. It is here where you can learn how your favourite chocolatey delights are made, along with the rich history of Cadbury. In addition to having fun in the chocolate rain and seeing cocoa beans from the Aztec Jungles, you can also enjoy a 4D chocolate adventure, films and more here.

2. Play golf at the Belfry Golf Club: 
When in Birmingham, one of the best things that you can do is to indulge in a game of golf at The Belfry Golf Club. Spread across 550 acres, this club is a mecca for golf players and enthusiasts. In addition to attending several games here, you can also play yourself, while also enjoying an overnight stay here.

3. Unwind at The Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens: 
Your Birmingham tour packages are incomplete without a visit to the serene Castle Bromwich Hall Gardens, where you can relax, unwind and rejuvenate amidst verdant greenery. Sprawling across 10 acres, this garden is located near the Jacobean Mansion, and is around 350 years old. You can take a walk here and come across mud kitchens, orchards, vegetable and fruit gardens as well as various wildlife. 

4. Take a boat ride in The Dudley Canal: 
Dating back to 1963, the Dudley Canal is amongst the top places in Birmingham for a quaint and tranquil boat ride. The underground boat ride lasts for around 45 minutes and is quite educational, wherein you can learn about the canal’s history, background and development over the years.

5. Get transported into history at the Black Country Living Museum: 
Another one of the popular things to do upon availing the Birmingham packages is to relive history at the Black Country Living Museum. This open-air museum transports you back to 300 years, where you can experience the rich past of the land, while seeing original period shops, houses and structures, along with costumed characters.

What is the best time to visit Birmingham?

The best time to visit Birmingham is between the months of March to early June, during the spring season, and then from late August to November, during autumn. These are the months when Birmingham experiences pleasant climate, with little to no rainfall, allowing for you to explore the city, engage in sightseeing and outdoor activities and more.

How to reach Birmingham?

The best way to reach Birmingham is by air. The Birmingham Airport (BHX) connects the city to the rest of the world by regular direct as well as connecting flights. Some of the airlines that operate flights between India and Birmingham include IndiGo, Fly Dubai, Vistara, Air France, KLM Royal Dutch, Lufthansa and Etihad Airways, among others.

What is the cost of a tourist visa in Birmingham?

The cost of a tourist visa in Birmingham is GBP 346, which is around INR 34,733. This visa is valid between one to five years.

How much does it cost to tour Birmingham?

The average cost to tour Birmingham is around GBP 1200 to GBP 1500 for 7 days for a person. This is equal to INR 1,20,460 to INR 1,50,500 approximately. This cost includes accommodation, local travel, food, sightseeing, as well as other local charges.

How many days are enough in Birmingham?

Anywhere between 3 to 6 days are enough to explore Birmingham comfortably. from visiting the art galleries, museums and ancient structures, to relaxing in parks, enjoying outdoor activities and more, you can do it all within 6 days.

What are the best adventure activities to do in Birmingham?

1. Ziplining: One of the best adventure activities that you can do during your Birmingham packages is to go ziplining in the lush green forested areas here. Head over to the Red Mountain Park where you can find the Beanstalk Forest, and indulge in this exciting canopy adventure. 

2. Hiking: When availing Birmingham tours, don’t forget to visit the famous Red Mountain Park and hike in the 15 miles of trails here. Complete with biking and flat walking trails, along with treehouses, dog parks and iron ore mining sites, a hike in this park is sure to awaken the adrenaline in you. 

3. Kayaking: Known as the house of many canals, one of the best adventure activities to do on your Birmingham tour packages is a guided kayak tour. In addition to offering you a different view of this serene city, this adventure also takes you across many different landmarks of Birmingham, as you cruise along the blue highway of the city. 

4. Camping: Another popular adventure activity that you can do in Birmingham is camping. Tucked in the West Midlands, Birmingham boasts of many campsites near canals, museums, and gardens, where you can set up your tent and enjoy an overnight stay under the starry night sky.

Which are the best places to visit in Birmingham at night?

1. Arcadian: Amongst the trendiest places to visit in Birmingham at night, Arcadian is a courtyard, which is home to many pubs, cocktail bars, restaurants and more. It is here where you can enjoy a vibrant night complete with unique cocktails, drinks, delicious food, great music as well as dance clubs. 

2. Star City: Home to the best cinema in the city, Star City boasts of VIP movie theatres, restaurants, bowling alleys, mini golf and more. When visiting Star City at night, you can indulge in various activities here, such as laser tag, escape room games, etc. 

3. Digbeth: Amongst the more offbeat places in Birmingham, Digbeth comes to life every night when the entire neighbourhood starts bustling with street food stalls, night markets, art displays and more. You can also enjoy clubbing at one of the several bars here. 

4. Brindley Place: 
Located near the waterways in Birmingham, Brindley Place is a delight to visit at night. In addition to taking a stroll along the illuminated waterway, you can also head over to a café, bar or restaurant to gorge on delicious food with a local beer in hand.

What are the best historical places to see in Birmingham?

1. Weoley Castle: As of today, the Weoley Castle is the remains of what used to be a fortified manor a few hundred years ago. Amongst the oldest buildings in the country, the castle remains where you can see the preservation of history, evident in the moats, arrow slits and curtain walls here.

2. Perry Barr Greyhound Stadium: 
Dating back to the early 1800s, this stadium is one of the oldest in the region, and used to serve as an athletic facility, after which it started being used for greyhound racing. Even today, you can enjoy this sport here every Saturday. Many other races are hosted here too.

3. Black Country Living Museum: 
Spread across 26 acres, the Black Country Living Museum has a rich history, particularly in the world of mining. It is in this museum where you can find an old mine shaft, along with numerous museums from the times of England’s industrialisation.

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