Ramnagar Fort & Museum Overview
Resting near the quiet shores of River Ganges is the majestic historical monument of Ramnagar Fort. Chunar sandstone forms the foundation of this creamy colored structure, which was built as the residential fort of Raja Balwant Singh. Even today, it houses the present Maharaja of Varanasi, whose residential quarters are separated from the rest of the fort. Two temples worshipping Lord Hanuman and Veda Vyasa are present inside the complex.

Verdant gardens, fountains, elaborate halls, carved balconies, and decorated courtyards mark the beautiful features of its Mughal architecture. The Durbar Hall was converted into a museum which is now known as Saraswati Bhawan. The museum houses an intriguing collection like an armory, vintage cars, royal palanquins, and multicolored murals of Maharajas. Situated opposite the Tulsi Ghat, Ramnagar Fort is one of the best places to visit in Varanasi and can be accessed by pontoons.      

Distance from Varanasi: 14 km

Best Time to Visit: October to March, during the festivals of Raj Mangal and Dussehra
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