Rana Mahal Ghat Overview
Located on the southern end of Dashaswamedh Ghat Rana Mahal Ghat was built in 1970 by a Rajput Chieftain and Maharana of Udaipur. It is known to be the home to some of the most grandiose palaces that exhibit the splendid form of Rajputana architecture. These palaces started losing their charm with time, and therefore, the Rana Jagat Singh ordered to renovate these palaces to restore their ethereal beauty.

This ghat is believed to be a haunted site, and therefore, the devotees refrain from visiting this ghat during the night. During the morning, the ghat is in its full splendor, and you can see here the saints praying and the people meditating to attain peace. 

Distance from Varanasi: 5.4 km

Best Time to Visit: 5.6 km
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