Bharat Mata Mandir Overview
The construction of Bharat Mata Mandir marked an important chapter in the glorious history of Indian Independence. Sadly, not many are aware of this architectural marvel. Built-in six years and inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi himself, this Hindu temple enshrines Bharat Mata or Mother India. It is present inside the complex of Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapith, an esteemed university of Varanasi. But what makes it different from the rest? It is that this temple does not worship any Hindu deity.

Rather, it worships the country of India. Hence, when you enter the temple, you will find only a painting of Bharat Mata and no other idol or effigy. The highlight of this structure is the map of India sculpted out of solid marble. Depicting the map of India when it was undivided, it shows all the topographies enclosed by the subcontinent. The depressions depicting water bodies are filled with actual water. On the other hand, the peaks and ranges are lifted like spikes. On special occasions, the map is adorned with flowers. This temple was built to celebrate the spirit of independent, undivided and fearless India.

Distance from Varanasi: 2.9 km

Best Time to Visit: Independence Day and Republic Day
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