Nepali Temple Overview
Two-tiered roof, giving a touch of Buddhist architecture, forms the orange facade of the Nepali Temple of Varanasi. The temple has been named so as it was constructed by the Nepali ruler Rana Bahadur Shah when he visited this pilgrimage city during his exile. Despite its Pagoda styled structure, this temple is a Hindu shrine worshipping Lord Shiva and is a reproduction of Kathmandu's renowned Pashupatinath Temple.

Nestling peacefully amidst fragrant tamarind and peepal trees, this shrine houses a small linga, or effigy, of Lord Shiva. Hundreds of pilgrims and tourists visit this temple every year to seek the blessings of the god. With walls of terracotta and stone and terrace made out of wood, the structure took almost 30 years to complete. Due to the sculptures erected inside its complex, the temple also goes by the name of 'Mini Khajuraho.

Distance from Varanasi: 5.7 km

Best Time to Visit: Mahashivratri and Nag Panchami
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