St. Mary’S Church Overview
St. Mary’s Church is a two hundred years old cathedral constructed by Reverend George Wheatley. It has a projecting portico and a spire and in place of windows it has louvered doors, and hooded ventilation. It is renowned for its amazing architecture and in 1960 even Queen Elizabeth II visited the church to witness its architectural marvelousness. Hence, due to its glorious history, it is locally referred to as the 'Church of England.'

Despite its old construction, the structure is well maintained and alluring and many Anglo Indians and tourists frequent it every year to gasp into its glory. Every Christmas, the church is illuminated with fairy lights, and Christmas carols are sung in celebration. If exploring the city on a tight schedule, St. Mary's Church is surely one of the places that should be on your bucket list.

Distance from Varanasi: 3.9 km

Best Time to Visit: Sundays and Christmas
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