Scindia Ghat Overview
Revered as one of the best ghats in Varanasi Scindia Ghat is an important pilgrimage spot for the Hindus. It was built by Baija Bai in 1850, and it is believed that the Lord of fire, Agni, was born here. Located near Ghasi Tola, this ghat houses a Shiva temple that is partially submerged in the water. It is believed that the idol of Lord Shiva is sinking continuously, and in a few years, it will be completely submerged under the water.

You can also find the saints meditating over here to attain peace and tranquility. The alleyway of the ghat is known to be the hideout of a number of important temples of Varanasi. There is a popular belief that people who pray with full faith in this ghat are blessed with a son. 

Distance from Varanasi: 5.6 km

Best Time to Visit: Morning
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