Ahilyabai Ghat Overview
This is also known as burning ghat, as this is the spot where most of the dead bodies are cremated in the holy land of Varanasi. It is believed that if the last rituals of those who have died are performed here then it will liberate them from the neverending cycle of rebirth and death. The shore of the ghat is lined by piles of firewood and you can even see the fires burning here with the cremation of the dead bodies.

If you’re an enthusiastic and curious soul, then you can watch the cremation taking place over here for free. The doms who’re believed to be the cast of untouchables are known to supervise the burning ghat. Many priests are also present on this ghat to carry out the cremation ritual of those who have died and wish to seek salvation. 

Distance from Varanasi: 5.4 km

Best Time to Visit: Morning
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