Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple Overview
Local folklore believes that once saint Tulsidas, the revered poet, was taking a stroll when he suddenly had a vision of Lord Hanuman. Taking this to be a sign, saint Tulsidas built a temple at the very spot and proclaimed that anyone who prayed with full devotion at this shrine would receive the blessings of the Lord. Said to be the rescuer in times of turmoil, the Sankat Mochan Hanuman Temple is located near River Assi and worships the mighty Lord Hanuman.

Bells ring melodiously as devotees chant the hymn of Hanuman Chalisa to express their devotion. Fragrant marigold flowers are adorned on his beautiful idol. Sweets like ladoos are offered to the idol and later served to the pilgrims as the blessed food of god.    

Distance from Varanasi: 7.8 km

Best Time to Visit: Tuesdays, October (especially during the festival of Diwali)
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