Alamgir Mosque Overview
Humans have eventually provided their reverence, a new richer meaning, simpler and more precise language in the forms of shrines. This has enabled every single being to have the accessibility of that divine source. With such words, we can aptly describe the exquisite shrine named Alamgir Mosque. This mosque is located near Panchganga Ghat and is amongst the top religious attractions of Varanasi. On the bank of the Ganges, this 17th-century monument stands tall and glorious.

This mosque is also known as “Beni Madha Ka Darera” and “Aurangzeb’s Mosque” from the fact that Emperor Aurangzeb built it. It has 2 minarets and 3 domes that gives its structure a distinguishable and magnificent outlook. But a tragedy in 1948 demolished a few portions of the mosque, which is now being guarded and preserved by our government. A perfect amalgamation of evening sunset near the giant mosque and the water gushing out from the fountains in the garden, one can absorb the best of nature at this site.

Distance from Varanasi: 5.6 km

Best Time to Visit: October
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