Jwalamukhi Devi Temple, Chail - 2020 (Photos & Reviews)

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About Jwalamukhi Devi Temple

Jwalamukhi Devi Temple is located in Jwalamukhi town, approximately 55 kilometers from Dharamsala in Kangra district. It’s dedicated to Jwala, a Hindu Goddess associated with fire and burning gas. The temple was built by Raja Bhumi Chand Katoch and is another monument in Dharamsala that traces its origins to the Mahabharata era.

The most unique part about this temple is that there is no deity inside the temple. Instead, the flames that emanate from within the rocks through fissures in the ground are worshipped as they are considered to be the Goddess manifesting herself. The temple is identified as one of the 52 Shakti Peethas from Hindu mythology and is a revered religious site that attracts thousands of pilgrims every year.

Best time to visit: All throughout the year.

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