Butterfly And Reptile Park Overview

The butterfly and reptile park is extended in a 11-acre land that has been welcoming nature enthusiasts since 1991. It was inaugurated by the chief minister of Malacca; this park was also renowned as the haven of butterflies. Initially, this place was only an attraction to sight the beautiful butterflies.

Later on, as time passed by and with the management’s commitment to its motto “Continuous Discovery”, the reptiles were also included in the park. It then got renamed as the butterfly and reptile park. The beautiful sight of the flying butterflies has captured the heart of every visitor. With the well-maintained vegetation and aura at this park, the lush green tropical gardens offer great views of its residents. Many different species of butterflies are housed at distinct locations in the park.

One can sight the butterflies feasting on the fresh pineapple as their food. On moving forward one can sight crocodiles that are captivated in the high wire fence meshes. The snakes can be seen in glass cages while in the mangrove snake garden they roam freely. This park is also abode to the two rare golden leopards and the national butterfly of Malaysia, Raja Brooke.

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How To Reach

There are three routes one can follow to reach the park while commencing their journey from Melaka city center.

1. The distance from Malacca city center to this park is around 17 kilometers which is the shortest of all the routes leading to this place. This route is via Route 5 and Lebuh Ayer Keroh/Route 143.

2. The second route follows Route 5, Jalan Bukit Katil - Duyong/Route 264 and Lebuh Ayer Keroh/Route 143 that traces a distance of 19.1 kilometers.

3. The third route is via Lebuh Ayer Keroh/Route 143 that covers a distance of 17.6 kilometers to reach the butterfly and reptile park.

The modes of transportation available for these routes are:

- By Bus: This is a pocket-friendly option to ride to the park but consumes a bit more time. It would take one 45 minutes to reach the park via bus.

- By Car/Taxi: This option is perfect to choose if you are short on time. The butterfly and reptile park is just 15 minutes’ drive away from the Melaka city center.

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Other Essential Information

1. Location: Navigate to the location Lebuh Ayer Keroh, 75450 Ayer Keroh, Malacca.

2. Timings: The butterfly and reptile park welcomes its visitors from 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM.

3. Entry Fee: The entry fee at this park for an adult is RM 22 and for a child aged between 3-12 years is RM 16.

4. Distance from the city center: The distance between the butterfly and Reptile Park to the city center is 17 kilometers. It can take up to 25 to 30 minutes to reach the park from the city center.

Sections in Butterfly and Reptile Park: 

1. Koi River Valley: This part of the butterfly and reptile park is one of the most scenic attractions here. The sound of rustling water will lure you to this part itself. One can see hundreds of colourful carp swimming the waters of the ponds here. Their ponds are adorned with tropical plants and miniature waterfalls making them feel more midst their natural home.

It has been welcoming its visitors since October 2008 and makes a great spot for capturing souvenir photos of your vacation at this park. One can also get great clicks at the wild photo lane. It also allows visitors to take personalised shots with the giant green iguana, red tailed boa, Burmese python and others.

2. Butterfly Garden: The lush green aura lures the heart of its every visitor the instant one enters into this section of butterfly and Reptile Park. Your level of being astonished will be surpassed with the sight of hundreds of colourful butterflies flying freely around you. It is a premier attraction of the butterfly and reptile park and houses almost 20 distinct species of butterflies.

One of them is the Rajah Brooke’s Birdwing which is the national butterfly of Malaysia. It got its name after the King of Sarawak, Sir James Brooke. Other species that can be found here are Malayan birdwing, the black and white Helen and others. This sight of butterflies is a perfect treat to the eyes at this location.

3. Reptile Aviary: One would surely get goose bumps with the sight of the most venomous snakes known to mankind here. These include pythons, boas, cobras, vipers and others. The awe-striking ones are the 20ft reticulated python, giant Burmese python and the long-nose whip snakes that remain camouflaged in the leaves of trees in this aviary.

It also houses distinct species of lizards past which the crocodiles abode starts. They hardly move depicting their laziness and the only movements one can sight is while they move their heads. Another eye catching sight at this section is the caged golden leopards. The time this gorgeous duo is fed is a must to watch sight.

4. Wild Photo Lane: This lane offers to help one get the nearest shot of the residents here. This lane helps one overcome the fear of the fearful reptiles living here and getting pictures clicked with them. With the giant Burmese python in your hand, your perspective will surely change towards these reptiles.

Their gentleness and coolness of the body will help feel the creations of nature and their mobility will bestow you the vibe about why they are feared. Apart from this one can also get shots with the red tailed boa and the giant green iguana for a reminiscent vacation. The time you leave this place, the reptiles here will have surely made a place in your heart and the photos you clicked here will stand true of this fact.

5. Nature’s Art Centre: Distinct live animals are showcased here to educate the visitors about the distinct species each one has of its kind. The information presented about them made it a major spot for the educational tours for all categories of visitors.

Much of the information is new to the visitors and astonishing in itself. A souvenir centre is also located close by in the butterfly and reptile park which offers great things to take as a memory from this park.

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Places to Eat in Butterfly and Reptile Park

1. Café Botanikal: With pristine interiors, this cafe has received many recommendations from its visitors at its place. This place offers luscious dishes of the Asian cuisine. Not only the taste but the food is also well presented here. The beautiful ambiance will surely add to your experience of dining here.

2. Hungry Bear: Craving for the cheesiest pizza on your exploration near to butterfly and Reptile Park? Visit this café that offers sumptuous dishes of Italian cuisine and distinct pizzas. The place is open from 8 AM to 11 PM.

3. Bukit Restaurant and Café: The quick service and excellent buffet dishes will make your visit to this restaurant a reminiscent one. It is recommended by every visitor. One can feast on the European, Malaysian and Asian cuisine here.

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Places to Stay near Butterfly and Reptile Park

The butterfly and reptile Park lies in the vicinity of many extravagant accommodations. Check out some of the best hotels in the city to choose from for your stays here.

1. Ames Hotel: A perfect place located at a stone throw away distance from the butterfly and reptile park, it offers reasonable accommodations too. This hotel is loaded with all the state of the art amenities that would suit the needs of its every category of the guest.

2. Philea Resort and Spa: This hotel is also located in the proximity of the park. This extraordinary resort has Recycled materials from shipwrecks used as furniture in its lobby that is an attraction in itself. The facilities are all equipped with accommodations to make the guests relax on their vacations.

3. Hotel Seri: This hotel in Malacca provides an ideal mix of value, comfort, and convenience in its every accommodation. It provides a family-friendly setting with an array of amenities designed for all kinds of travelers. Free parking and many gaming facilities for children are also provided inside this hotel.

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Medical Facilities in Butterfly and Reptile Park

Rest assured in case of any health emergency you face on your visit to the Butterfly and Reptile Park contact the management and they will lead you to the nearest health center for the best treatment. Apart from this, there are many hospitals and health centers like mahkota medical centre located in the area.

Travelers' Tip before visiting Butterfly and Reptile Park

1. Get acquainted with the following mentioned tips before you plan your visit to the butterfly and reptile park. This would help in your safety and contribution to the staff working at the park.

2. Pre-book your meals on your phone or by fax through details and information mentioned on the website of the butterfly and reptile park.

3. Do not make noise at the park at this could disturb the fauna living there.

4. Follow the rules and regulations stated at the park premises for safe exploration.

5. Do not litter anything in the park instead use the dustbins to keep the environment clean.

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Butterfly And Reptile Park FAQs

Where can I buy a souvenir from Butterfly and Reptile Park?

A souvenir center is located inside the Butterfly and Reptile Park for the visitors who want to buy something as a memory of this place. Things like beetle key chains, simple animal pencil topper, paua shell, butterfly brooch are some of the objects offered at this center.

How can I get a meal at Butterfly and Reptile Park?

One can feast on the pre-booked meal offered at the butterfly and reptile park. The meals can be booked on the phone or by fax by including all the detailed information listed on their website. The meal is packed in an eco-friendly container and includes great native Malaysian dishes like Beehoon Goreng, Nasi Goreng, Nasi Ayam, Nasi Lemak with rendang Ayam / Ayam Masak merah and others.

What is the entry fee of Butterfly and Reptile Park?

The entry fee varies for adults and kids at the butterfly and reptile park. For adults, the entry ticket costs RM 22 while for the kid's age between 3-12 years is RM 16.

Are there any parking charges for Butterfly and Reptile Park?

Free parking facility is available outside the butterfly and reptile park. Park your vehicles safely and tour the sanctuary stress-free.

Are there any educational tours organized in Butterfly and Reptile Park?

Yes, many educational programs and guided tours are offered that match perfectly for the knowledge of kids in school. Reservations are welcome for such kinds of tours at this park in advance. These types of tours are also entitled to distinct discounts and privileges. This practical way of learning is a perfect blend of education and fun for the kids.

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