Masjid Tanah Overview
Masjid Tanah is a very classy and mesmerizing town (mukim) in Alor Gajah District of Melaka in Malaysia. It has established itself into one of the largest towns in Melaka from a small village but has kept the beauty and values of the old village intact.

The village was used as residential areas since mid-1500 AD but with a boom in real estate business and starting of Petronas oil refinery in nearby Sungai Udang, this town became one of the most prominent residential areas in Melaka. It is full of natural beauty and attracts visitors from all over the world for its heritage, culture, tradition, and stunning beaches. 

The name of the town was taken from the well-known mosque (masjid) which was made using soil (Tanah) and is a structure of great heritage importance. It is believed to be built in 1730 by Tuan Sheikh Imam Maznum, who was an Islamic missionary from Gujarat, India.

It lies in the northern district of the state and is close to Negri Sembilan. The town has gained popularity as a beautiful tourist destination and has matured as an added source of livelihood for locals. The stunning beaches of Tanjung Bidara and Pengkalan Balak beaches are most popular and attract both locals and foreigners for their captivating beauty, mouth-watering delicacies, and endangered hawksbill turtles.

The seafood offered by the chalets available beside the seashores is not only pleasing but fresh and reasonable too. This is one of the main reasons which make these places in Masjid Tanah town packed with visitors during school and public holidays.

How To Reach

Masjid Tanah is a notable town in Alor Gajah District, Melaka, Malaysia, and is very well connected with all prominent cities in Malaysia through public and private transport services. 

- Air:
The nearby airport is Malacca airport which serves flights to both international and domestic destinations. The road distance between Malacca Airport and Masjid Tanah is approx. 31 Km, and from here you can easily reach Masjid Tanah by bus, taxi or car.

- Train:
The Pulau Sebang/Tampin railway station is the nearest one and various feasible and affordable transport means, including buses, taxis or shared cars, are available here to reach Masjid Tanah.

- Car:
 You can also drive to this exotic location in your car if you are traveling within Malaysia.

- Taxi:
It is the fastest and most comfortable mode to reach to Masjid Tanah from any nearby Malaysian city. But the cost is on the higher side.

Best Time To Visit

Masjid Tanah's weather is pleasant throughout the year with rainfall, the severity of which depends entirely on the season. This moderately stable weather makes Masjid Tanah an all-year-round destination. Temperatures here usually range between 30°C - 35°C throughout the day and 27°C - 29°C at night. The temperatures can become a bit colder after spells of heavy rainfall but that will be comfortable too. The area experiences two seasons:

- Dry Season:
The dry season comprises April, May, and October months. This area also enjoys abundant sunlight during these days and it is the best time to go for a walk around the city.

- Wet Season:
The wet seasons fall between March-April and October-November. And the area is full of scenic beauty and if you do not mind getting wet, this is a good time to stroll around.

The climate here during the transition period between summers and winters (mid-December-early March and early June to late August) proves to be the best time for tourists. This period is comfortable, pleasing, and serene, and it is the most suitable time for enjoying outdoor activities.

Other Essential Information

History of Masjid Tanah

The history of Masjid Tanah is very interesting and has a story behind it. The name of Masjid Tanah came from two words: 'Masjid' which means mosque and 'Tanah' which means soil. This name is derived from a mosque that was built in this village, ages back (in 1730), using soil only.

This mosque was built by Tuan Sheikh Imam Maznum, a Sheikh from Gujarat, India with the help of a local, Hajji Sulong bin Sibeng. It is believed that most parts of the soil mosque were demolished, but were recreated later in the year 1951. This mosque was used for religious purposes by multiple villages at that time, referred to as kampungs. 

Masjid Tanah district is very close to Negeri Sembilan and has a significant population of people from Negeri Sembilan. They normally communicate in Negeri Sembilan or Minang accent and follow the deep-rooted culture of Adat Perpatih.

Though the young generation now likes to work in urban areas and does not want to follow the old culture, still in some kampung the "culture of doing things together" or "Gotong Royong" is supported."

Places of Accommodations

Masjid Tanah offers a plethora of places for accommodation to fit every visitor's needs. The accommodation choices include luxury hotels, deluxe hotels, resorts, extravagant suites, villas, guest houses, and many more. Few of the accommodation places in Masjid Tanah include: 

1. Homestay Masjid Tanah
This place is a good reasonable option for staying in the town and also provides all the essential amenities and friendly staff for your support.
Location: 2049, Jalan Sri Aman 35, Taman Sri Aman, 78300 Masjid Tanah, Melaka

2. ELshape Holiday Home
Another good stay option which allows you to stay and relax and that too in your budget. The location is good for sightseeing, recreation, and dining.
Location: ST3682, Tamby Chik Karim, Jalan Dato Melo, 78300 Masjid Tanah, Melaka

3. Solok Duku Village
A convenient and cost-effective stay option in Masjid Tanah near prominent attractions of the town.
Location: Batu 17 1/4 Solok Duku, 78300 Masjid Tanah, Melaka, Malaysia•+60 18-409 4623

Shopping in Masjid Tanah

Masjid Tanah is an amazing place to take back memories and souvenirs. It houses a promenade of shopping complexes, shopping centers, or casual street vendors to satisfy the shopaholic in you. Some of the famous shopping complexes are Tampin Shopping Center, The Shore Shopping Mall, AEON Melaka Store and Shopping Center, Melaka Mall, and Dataran Pahlawan.

These have numerous outlets selling products ranging from local artifacts to international brands. Jonker Street is one of the most amazing Flea Markets and the Car Boot Sales Market is also a great shopping hub. The Bee Cheong Fashion Centre or Bandar Baru Fashion Tukang Jahit is famous for the best clothing material, the Loh Boon Leong boasts for the best shoe shops in the town.

If you are a book lover, Masjid Tanah has something for you as well. Head towards the Kedai Buku Jasa Bakti Agency and get the most interesting books that you can ever browse. So, the shopping in Masjid Tanah is full of options which allow you to shop till you drop.

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Masjid Tanah FAQs

What is the traveling mode in Masjid Tanah?

Masjid Tanah is a small yet very beautiful town. You can reach Masjid Tanah by cabs, taxis, buses or rental cars. You cannot use the buses for traveling and exploring this vivid city, however, you can travel and embark on the roads of Masjid Tanah by the same taxis or cabs or your rented cars. One can also tread the roads by foot and explore the beauty of this city.

What is the condition of mobile connectivity?

The cellular phone connectivity and data networks of Masjid Tanah, Melaka, Malaysia are really strong. People can use multiple carriers such as Celcom, DiGi, Maxis Mobile, U Mobile, Unifi, Yes 4G, et cetera. The best thing about all the carriers is that they run at a very high speed of 4G or, 4G+, or 5G. This makes the town connected strongly by all means of telecommunications, cellular phone devices, and data network carriers.

What are the places to eat in Masjid Tanah?

Masjid Tanah offers various cafes, restaurants, bistros, and dine-ins that serve native and indigenous flavors of Malaysia. There are an array of options including Restoran Bayu Selera, Pit Stop Bistro, Homi Cafe, Restoran Ikan Bakar Simpang Ampat, Ruhi Biryani and Grill, Ngoh Juan Yong Kopitiam, Restoran Ole Rasa, Hai Yang Kopitiam, Aunty Koh, Mee Rebus Simpang Jeram, Kopitiam Balak, Ming Hao Banquet and Restaurant, Eja's Hot Kitchen, and Donut's Cottage. These restaurants are the top cafes or bistros to satisfy the foodie inside you at affordable and economical prices.

What is the condition of the medical facilities of Masjid Tanah?

It has a sophisticated service level of medical and urgent medication requirements. There are various public medical hospitals or dispensaries operated via governmental bodies. Several private clinics are also present, which even serve in case of a medical emergency. There are many pharmaceutical vendors and many chemist shops to provide medicines. Masjid Tanah is sophisticated to cater to any medical issue or emergency.

How much time duration do I need to visit the whole of Masjid Tanah?

A minimum of 2 days and a maximum of 4 days are sufficient to explore the whole of Masjid Tanah.

Is there any emergency help service in the Masjid Tanah in case of any emergency?

Although Masjid Tanah is a small town, it is still a very sophisticated town. The town is ever ready to help or counter any emergency, difficulty or crisis. The Malaysian police are great and steady at their work. One can always call them in need of help. In the case of ambulances and medical emergencies, one can look up to multiple private and public ambulance providers. Masjid Tanah is also equipped to fight any fire-related or destruction related emergency and the firefighters of Masjid Tanah are always ready to do their work.

Is Masjid Tanah worth visiting?

Masjid Tanah is a very exciting and beautiful city. The place feels like a heavenly abode since it is very serene and tranquil in every way. Visiting Masjid Tanah is like opening the books of Malaysian History and its rich heritage. Other than this, the town is a place for adventurous people, foodies, shopaholics and anyone who finds traveling amazing.

Any travel tips before visiting Masjid Tanah?

You must be physically ready since traveling Masjid Tanah can be very tiring. You must also carry a feasible amount of money, light clothing, sunblock, and sunglasses while exploring Masjid Tanah.

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