Ayer Keroh Overview

Nestled on the outskirts of Malaysia, Ayer Keroh lies in the South-western direction of the Malacca state. It is renowned by the name of the green belt of Malacca due to the forest cover that resides trees of hundreds of years of age.

The lush greenery, the massive species of flora and fauna, the tranquillity of nature and the native food make this destination worth visiting. This place offers the most scenic views of nature and a relaxing vibe at any of its locations.As for its history, this place was initially a coastal village that rose under the prominences of the Malacca Sultanate.

It was ruled by the portugese, dutch and britishers over several decades. it finally got independence in 1957 and has come a long way to where it stands now. With a bunch of UNESCO world heritage sites, this place has a multitude of interesting places.

Most of the locations brag about the rich fauna they are abiding to. From dangerous reptiles, distinct species of butterflies and birds to water parks and science centres, this place offers leisure and knowledge at its place. Presently, Ayer Keroh has arose as a famed tourist destination of Malaysia.

For the tourists, this place has an array of resorts and locations that are seated in the lap of nature. It has a bunch of spots that are worth visiting to get an insight into the culture and history of this place.

Some of the famed places like Melaka Bird Park, Ayer Keroh Lake, Malacca Botanical Garden, Malacca Zoo and others attract large numbers of tourists every year making it a worthwhile destination to visit.

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How To Reach

As one enters into the state of Malacca, Ayer Keroh is the first toll and is the main entry point of this state. The distance between Melaka and Ayer Keroh is 13.6 kilometers.

One can opt for public transport to travel to the town of Malacca. After that, the fastest mode of transportation to reach Ayer Keroh is by taxi in just 12 to 15 minutes. Check the detailed info on how to reach malacca below.

1. By Bus: This option is cheaper the option of renting a car and driving. Reach the Terminal Bersepadu Selatan in Kuala Lumpur and choose from the distinct bus operators to reach Malacca. One can book the tickets on the day itself but it is advised to book in advance to avoid any risk.

2. By Train: Malacca doesn’t have its railway station but the nearest one is at Tampin. Tampin is 38 kilometers. This mode of transportation is the slowest of all but offers the most scenic views in its journey. One can ride on a bus from Tampin to reach Malacca.

3. By Air: The Malacca international airport is located nine kilometers from the town. One can either take a taxi directly from the airport to Ayer Keroh or ride in a bus to Malacca and then take a taxi to Ayer Keroh.

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Best Time To Visit

The best time to explore Ayer Keron is during the dry months of the year here that are April, May and October. The summer months are mainly the drier months (May to July) and do not receive much of the showers. The place enjoys a warm atmosphere with a sunlit sky most of the day that makes the place easy to explore.

The weather in Ayer Keroh is hot and humid almost every day of the year. The intensity of the rainfall showers varies upon the prevailing season. The showers usually cool down the area afterward. The temperatures can go high up to 33 degrees Celsius to as low as 27 degrees Celsius.

The winter months (October till March) experience the most of the rainfall. The cold and heavy rainfall can delay your plans of outings to the locations here. The autumn season is also a good option to opt for planning your vacations to Ayer Keroh. The temperature is soothing and the flock of tourists can’t be seen much.

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Other Essential Information

Places to Stay in Ayer Keroh

1. Avillion Legacy Melaka: Primely located on a five-minute drive from the Melaka city center, this hotel is a charm in itself. It is an abode to 236 rooms distributed in its 15 storey building. This four-star hotel is a perfect option for those who love to enjoy the extravagances on their stay.

2. Philea Resort and Spa: For the people who love to nestle in tranquillity, this place is the best option. Soaked in the beauty of the lush green aura, the resorts reside 201 rustic rooms that offer homegrown comfort. One can enjoy all the state of the art amenities at this hotel.

3. Bayou Lagoon Park Resort: This hotel has a long list of facilities and amenities it offers at its place. From kitchenettes in spacious rooms to seminar hall and its expansive water park, this hotel needs a day for itself to explore.

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Places to Shop in Ayer Keroh

There are many places in Ayer Keroh to get you things that suit your taste. Some of them are listed below.

1. AEON Melaka store & Shopping center: Welcoming the shopaholics since 1991, this place has several brand outlets along with restaurants to dine in.

2. Gee Kraf: this is the best place to shop for souvenirs for your dear ones from this beautiful land. It offers a variety of affordable and quality handicraft materials like wind chimes, handmade jewelry, Fridge magnets, and many others.

3. Fine Taste Products Sdn Bhd: the local produce of Malaysia can be bought from this shop. This local retail store offers uniquely roasted coffee beans, herbs, spices of healing and aromatic properties.

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Ayer Keroh FAQs

What is the traveling mode in Ayer Keroh?

One can choose from public transport, taxis or renting a car to explore Ayer Keroh. Buses and rickshaws are also available for the people to roam around the attractions in the city.

What is the condition of mobile connectivity?

There are not many issues in the mobile networks in Ayer Keroh. Even if you face some, get connected to the free Wi-Fi offered at the accommodations you have booked for yourself.

What are the places to eat in the Ayer Keroh?

Many places in Ayer Keroh offer delightful food to feast on. Some of them are duke kitchen, Café botanical, Hungrybear, and many others. Feast on the dishes from various cuisines and satisfy your cravings here.

What is the condition of medical facilities on the Island?

Many community polyclinics and health centers are located in Ayer Keroh for the well-being of people and their visitors. In case of any emergency, one can visit Pantai Hospital, Klinik Kesihatan, Ayer Keroh Community Polyclinic and others.

How much time duration I need to visit the whole of Ayer Keroh?

Ayer Keroh needs two to three days for its utmost exploration. Enjoy every perk of being on vacation as you check out all the best tourist places here. Dine in the fine restaurants and feast on the dishes of the native cuisine here. Get your accommodations booked in advance to avoid any hassle on your tours.

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