Melaka River Overview
Also known as the Malacca River or the Sungai Melaka, Melaka River is one of the famous tourist destinations in Malaysia. It is known worldwide for its serene beauty, tranquility, and captivating water ripples. It originates from the foothills of Negeri Sembilan, the neighboring state of Malacca.

It passes through the middle of the Malacca City and ends into the Malacca Strait. Once known as the ‘Venice of the East’, this Melaka River covers a distance of 10 Km and was a notable entry port for European and Asian traders during the late 16th century.

Melaka River has significant heritage importance and has gained popularity after the steps were followed to revive this beautiful river. Now, the riverside has tidal barrages, restored buildings and bridges,concrete river banks, and beautiful river walkways, all of which make this Melaka River, a treat for the travelers.

A 45–minute river cruise is also introduced and is the best way to explore the tranquillity of the river. It also appreciates the development and restoration work done alongside the river. This cruise has now become the main attraction of the city and attracts tourists from all over the world to get drenched into the beauty of this beautiful location.

This world-famous river cruise takes you throughout the town and helps you in exploring the scenic and picturesque locations of Malacca city.

How To Reach

One can easily reach the Melaka River from the Melaka Sentral as there are many state-run and private transportation facilities available in the city. These transport services are feasible, comfortable, and affordable. 

- Bus:
You can take a bus from Melaka Sentral Bus Station and travel comfortably enjoying the beautiful sights without any hassle. The bus journey is about 20.4 kilometers and takes approximately 1 hour and 37 minutes to complete. The buses ply from 0658 hours to 2236 hours, and the drive costs roughly around RM 4.60. It is the most cost-effective means to reach the River.

- Taxi or Hired cab:
Another option to reach Melaka River is a hired cab or taxi, which you will find enthusiastically waiting for the travelers in front of the Melaka Sentral. The taxi drivers are available 24/7 and cover the journey in about 27 minutes and charge around RM15 to RM20. 

- Rental Car:
If you love driving, then you can go for rental cars. You can hire them from private vendors. The rental car journey costs about RM30 to RM50 but is more comfortable.

Other Essential Information

- Location:

The Melaka River runs through the middle of Melaka city, originates from the Negeri Sembilan and finishes into the Strait of Malacca.

- Visiting Time:
You can visit and enjoy the Melaka River Cruise daily from 0900 hours to 2330 hours. You can choose from three of the jetties available at different locations. These three jetties are:

1. Muara Jetty, located next to Quayside Heritage Centre, boats depart every 30 minutes

2. Taman Rempah Jetty, situated next to the Hang Jebat bridge, boats depart every 30 minutes

3. Shore Jetty, located on the Shore. Boat timings here are from 1000 hours to 2200 hours and boats depart on an hourly basis.

- Distance from Malacca Centre:
The center of Malacca called Melaka Sentral is around 18.7 kilometers away from the Malacca River.

- Entry Fee:
The ticket for the cruise costs RM 15 for local children and RM 25 for foreign children younger than 12 years. For local and foreigner adults, it is RM 25 and RM 30 respectively.

History of the Melaka River

Melaka River is Malaysia's top tourist destination because of the heritage that it carries along and its famous Melaka River cruise, which briefs the journey of the river with a story. River Melaka contributed to making Malacca a huge trading hub and was a very prominent trading port at the end of the 16th century.

It was famously known as the  “Venice of the East" for being the only Malaccan port that provided a safe harbor to the ships. It is believed that during the Portuguese intrusion, they seized Tan Boon Seng Bridge on Melaka River to cut off communications between the two sides of the river and divided Malacca into two parts which lead to Malacca’s defeat.

Also, Old Market Bridge was once a place packed with fishing boats, but it is now packed with an array of Chinese restaurants. And from being a meeting point of the traders from the world, the river has once famed for being one of the dirtiest rivers in the country.

Massive restoration works were done to preserve the historic significance of the river and modern structures were also added at the riverbanks to enhance the beauty of the place. Now, it has gained popularity as a stunning tourist destination but conserving its historic importance. The river cruise made it popular amongst the visitors and lets them explore the 600 years old history associated with the river.

Places to Eat near Melaka River

Both sides of the riverbank are full of delightful places to satisfy the foodie in you and few of them include: 

1. Bikini Toppings
It is one of the best dessert cafés near Melaka River and relishing on its coconut dessert is a true delight.

2. The Coffee Jar
A small friendly cafe that is known for its self-roasted coffee beans, homemade cheesecake and pies.

3. Wild Coriander
One of the best restaurants in Melaka serving Nyonya cuisine and Coconut ice cream. The ambiance is cozy and attractive. 

4. The Mori Veg Tea House
The best place to chill over a cup of tea in a pleasant environment. It serves Vegetarian-Friendly, Vegan, and Gluten-Free Options in Chinese, Asian, Malaysian dishes.

Places to Stay near Melaka River

1. Timez Modern Heritage Hotel

Located at a very convenient location, the place represents the unique blend of contemporary and classic. It proves to be an ideal location for those who do not like compromising in comfort and luxury.

2. Liu Men Melaka by Preference
Complete with 1930s colonial art deco and splash of vibrant colors, stay here is comfortable and luxurious.

3. Hotel Puri
One of the best heritage hotels in Melaka and complete with all modern amenities. 

4. Treasures Hotel & Suites
A Chinese style boutique hotel with large rooms, beds, and bathrooms. It ensures to provide its guests with best-in-class personal services to make the stay comfortable and relaxed.

5. The Blanc Boutique Hotel
Located at a superb location, this place offers the perfect stay options as per your requirements and budget.

Medical Facility near Melaka River

The Melaka River area has all the essential medical facilities available near the ticket counter and can serve any emergency, difficulty or crisis. Medial ambulance and other services can be easily arranged if any emergency arises.

Reputed hospitals like Alor Gajah, and Jamil Tempat Berubat Batu Karang, are only a few minutes away from the river and are equipped with modern medical facilities and can cater to any medical needs.

Travellers' Tip before visiting Melaka River

The best time to enjoy the unforgettable experience is during the evening when the views were amazing and lit with beautiful lights. 

There is usually a queue for the Melaka River Cruise and it becomes unbearable to wait in the mid-day sun.

Do not forget to relish the local Peranakan food, which will surely make the experience delightful.
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Melaka River FAQs

What is the source of the Melaka River?

The Melaka River originates from the foothills of Negeri Sembilan and ends into the Strait of Malacca.

What is the best time of the day to visit the Melaka River?

The best time to visit the Melaka River is sunset as the views across the river become more enchanting and lit with beautiful colorful lights.

Is there an entry fee for the Melaka River?

- For Foreign adult: RM 30 and child under 12: RM 25
- For Local adult: RM 25 and Child under 12: RM 15

Is the Melaka River worth visiting?

Yes, Melaka River is worth visiting and lets you appreciate the Melaka’s magnificent heritage, rich culture, and artistic presentations while enjoying a superb and relaxing river cruise.

Are there any water sports in Melaka River?

The most fascinating water sport activity available on the Melaka River is a river cruise. It is an exceptional way to enjoy the lovely sights of Melaka at a leisurely and comfortable pace without breaking the bank.

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