Bodhi Tree, Bodhgaya Overview

Lying on the left side of the famous Mahabodhi Temple, the Bodhi Tree is considered to be a Central Symbol In Buddhism. Also known as the Bo tree, the Bodhi tree is the sacred tree under which Lord Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment. Before attaining enlightenment, Buddha meditated under this tree for more than a month.

The Bodhi Tree present here today is believed to be the fifth succession of the original tree. The tree is encircled by intricately carved votive stupas, a number of Buddha statues, and chaityas. On your visit to this place, you can find many Buddhist monks sitting under the Bodhi tree, meditating or reading.

 5 AM to 9 PM

The Bodhi Tree lies to the left of the Mahabodhi Tree. The sacred Bodhi tree is located within the premises of the temple and is a part of the temple complex.

Historical Facts:
- The current Bodhi Tree stands at the same site where the original Bodhi tree, under which Buddha attained nirvana, once stood.
- Sidhartha meditated under the holy Fig tree for more than a month before finally attaining moksha.
- December 8 marks the enlightenment of Buddha under the Bodhi tree and is celebrated annually across the globe as Bodhi Day.

- As per popular beliefs, Sanghamitra, the daughter of Emperor Ashoka carried a branch of the original Bodhi tree in Bodh Gaya to Sri Lanka and planted the same in Anuradhapura city.
- That Bodhi Tree in Sri Lanka is still alive and is considered to be the oldest documented tree on the earth.
- The present Bodhi Tree in Bodh Gaya has grown from a sapling carried here from the Bodhi tree in Sri Lanka.

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