Madhubani Mithila Art Overview

Women in Mithila have practised Madhubani Painting for centuries to beautify their huts from the exterior as well as the inside for social and religious occasions. With the passage of time, it has progressed from a folk culture tradition to a popular form of Indian art. Madhubani art has spread to different mediums such as paper, cloth, and other surfaces. Northern Bihar is where the style began.

Madhubani, also known as Mithila Painting, is a significant aspect of Bihar's culture. Fingers, twigs, brushes, nib-pens, and matchsticks are used to create this age-old art, which is characterised by eye-catching geometrical designs and natural dyes and pigments. Because these paintings are usually created by Bihar women, they are extremely valuable.

About Madhubani:
Madhubani is one of the oldest cities in Bihar, and the birthplace of the famous Madhubani form of art. It is also home to ancient temples that have immense spiritual significance to Hindus, as well as for those who are interested in history.

Madhubani is also known as the commercial hotspot for the entire Madhubani district, with tourists flocking the city for its beautiful artwork, thriving markets, temples and vibrant local culture. It is also located very close to the Nepal border in the north, and to the south of Madhubani, you will find the rest of the Darbhanga district.

Madhubani District, Darbhanga Division, Bihar 847211 (172.9 km from Patna via the Patna-Sitamarhi Road and NH 27)

Historical Facts:

- In 1972, Madhubani split from the rest of the Darbhanga District.
- After 1972, Madhubani became an independent district.
- Balirajgarh is an archaeological site that is believed to have been the capital city of the ancient and thriving Mithila Kingdom.

- Madhubani is famous for Madhubani art such as the beautiful Mithila paintings.
- Mithila paintings were created by women who belonged to various communities in Nepal and India.
- However, the paintings originated in the Madhubani region, which is why they are known as Madhubani art.
- It is one of the most lucrative sources of income for the locals and a great economic resource.
- Even though this style of painting started out as wall art in the localities where the artists lived, they are now rendered on paper and exported all over the world.

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