Thai Monastery, Bodh Gaya Overview

Established back in 1957 by the combined effort of Buddhist monks and the government of Thailand, the magnificent Thai Monastery aims at preaching the philosophies of Buddhism. The architecture of the monastery and the customs and rituals practiced here offer a deep insight of the rich Thai culture.

The temple flaunts a curved sloping roof adorned with stunning golden tiles. The Thai Monastery is also home to a 25 meters tall intricately carved bronze statue of Lord Buddha, which rests in the garden of the temple. You can also see many carved images of Lord Buddha, Buddhist objects, and Buddhist symbols displayed inside the monastery.

7 AM to 7 PM

Near Buddha Statue, Bodh Gaya, India

How old:
The Thai Monastery was constructed in the year 1957 by the government of Thailand and the Indian Buddhist monks to propagate Buddhist philosophies.

- The Thai Monastery showcases the rich colours of the Thai tradition and culture with its stunning architecture and important customs and rituals.
- The monks and residents of the monastery also play a key role in propagating the ideologies of Lord Buddha among the masses.

- The Thai Monastery features sloping curved roofs covered with beautiful golden tiles and has a beautiful exterior that should not be missed.
- The temple houses a magnificent carved bronze statue of Lord Buddha on its premises.
- The temple oozes out a serene and silent atmosphere, which makes it a must-visit religious destination in Bodh Gaya.
- Inside the temple, you can find a number of carved images depicting the life of Lord Buddha.
- Many significant Buddhist symbols and sacred Buddhist objects are showcased inside the monastic temples.

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