Glass Floor Bridge, Rajgir Overview

One of the most exciting architectural marvels coming up in Bihar is the Glass-Floor Bridge, a massive skywalk whose specialty is its transparent floor. The bridge is supposed to be around 85 feet in length and 6 feet wide. The bridge is being constructed in the midst of five picturesque hills in the Rajgir area of Bihar.

Up to 40 tourists can be accommodated on the bridge at the same time, who can observe the surrounding natural beauty through the clear glass floor and the surrounding open spaces on the bridge. Once the bridge is open to the public, you can also enjoy other activities such as ziplining, nature park safaris, picnics, and much more in the surroundings of the bridge.

Location: Rajgir, Nalanda District, Bihar 803116, located at a distance of 95 km from Patna

Importance: The Glass Floor Bridge is only the second bridge of its kind in India, the other one being the famous Lakshman Jhula in Rishikesh. Several other attractions including a ropeway, nature safaris, glass cabins, nature reserves, adventure activities, and parks are also going to be on offer


The length of the Glass Floor Bridge is set to be around 85 feet, and 6 feet in width.

- The bridge is being built at a height of 400 feet above the ground and can accommodate up to 40 people at a time.

- It is being built by the Bihar Government, in a bid to promote tourism in the state.

- The bridge is surrounded by 5 towering hills in Rajgir.

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