Karkat Waterfall, Kaimur Overview
Located in the Karkatgarh Village in the Kaimur district of Bihar, the Karkat Waterfall used to be a natural habitat for crocodiles. The Karkat Waterfall was considered to be the finest waterfall by the British officer Henry Ramsay, as it is not only pristine, but is also surrounded by verdant landscapes.

Now a part of the Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary, the waterfall also serves as a crocodile conservation reserve and eco-tourism spot. You can visit the Karkat Waterfall throughout the year.

The Karkat Waterfall is located near the Kaimur Hills in Bihar, around 110 kilometres from Patna  

Historical Facts:
-The waterfall used to serve as a crocodile hunting place for Mughal rulers and British officials
-British officials also constructed a majestic dak bungalow nearby, which offers stunning views of the pristine waterfall

-The waterfall is part of the Kaimur Wildlife Sanctuary, which is one of the largest sanctuaries in Bihar
-The waterfall serves as a drinking spot to a wide array of animals, including nilgai, the four-horned antelope, sambar deer, chital, sloth bear, Indian boar, leopards as well as Bengal tigers
-The waterfall is also a great place for birdwatching, where you can catch sights of birds like the greater spotted eagle, kingfisher, nightjar, wood pigeon, grey partridge, grey-headed fish eagle, owls and others
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