Choti Dargah, Maner Sharif Overview
Lying in the pilgrim town of Maner, Chhoti Dargah happens to be the mausoleum of the muslim saint Makhdum Shah. This gigantic mausoleum is now a very popular dargah for the muslims. The dargah flaunts an impressive Islamic architectural design with a huge dome resting at the top.

Since it is considered sacred to be buried near the tomb of a saint, you can see a number of cloth-covered graves lying near the Chhoti Dargah. There is also an age-old large tank in front of the mausoleum.

Location: Chhoti Dargah Maner Sharif, Makhdoom Shah Daulat, Maner, Bihar

Maner Sharif is a satellite town in Patna Metropolitan Region. It is located around 30 kilometers outside of Patna On NH-30.

Historical Facts:
-The muslim saint Hazrat Makhdum Shah was buried at this place back in 1616.
-This dargah was constructed by Ibrahim Khan in 1619.
-This place is also a religious center for learning. The renowned Sanskrit Grammarian Panini also studied here in the bygone times.
-The Chhoti Dargah is also known as Maner Sharif.

-The Chhoti Dargah is a stunning 3-storied mausoleum building.
-The walls of the mausoleum are adorned beautifully with intricate designs.
-The ceiling of the mausoleum showcases beautiful inscriptions of holy passages from the Quran.
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