Sonepur Fair Overview
The Sonepur fair in Bihar, which takes place every year, is a bustling rural fair that combines spirituality, sensuality, animal trading, and amusement. It is known as the cattle fair in the past (said to be the largest in Asia). Thousands of people attend the event from all around the country. 

Street magicians, religious gurus and tantriks, pilgrims, snack stalls, handicrafts, rides, circus performances, martial artists, and dancing girls all contribute to the carnival's unique atmosphere. The Sonepur fair is now more economically oriented, with the goal of attracting both domestic and international visitors.

About Sonepur:

Located on the banks of the River Gandak and the Ganges, Sonepur is a vibrant city in the Saran District that is also a sub-division in Bihar. Sonepur was once the site for the longest railway platform and is now famous for hosting Asia’s largest Cattle Fair every year.

What is otherwise one of the most peaceful and serene tourist places in Bihar comes alive every year during Kartik Poornima when people from all over the country travel to Sonepur to trade cattle. You can also find several ancient temples, beautiful local markets, picturesque riverside spots, and much more when you are visiting the quaint town of Sonepur.

 Sonepur, Saran District, Bihar 841101 (25.7 km from Patna via the Digha-Pahleja J P Setu Road.)

Historical Facts:
- Sonepur is one of the oldest cities in India that used to be ruled by the Suryavanshi Bais Kshatriya Kings from the Vardhan Dynasty.
- In fact, the kings of Sonepur were known to be some of the proudest rulers, often resisting Mughal domination through many successful battles.
- One of the most famous relics from the Sonepur area is the throne of the kings, which was made with 1000 kgs of gold and precious stones worth over 400 kgs.
- This throne, known as the “Keshashwa Gajasan”, was stolen after the Mughals attacked Sonepur with the help of the British.
- The throne was carried off into the jungle from where it disappeared.
- It is one of the most famous artifacts to have belonged to and disappeared from Sonepur.
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