Golghar, Patna Overview
Stemming from the center of a lush green garden, Golghar's stupa-shaped structure is an enticing sight to behold. It is surrounded by a flight of 145 stairs that take you up to the top, from where you can see a view of the whole city. A serene feeling includes the gentle wind sweeping over the zenith as you glimpse the sight of the ancient city that lies ahead of you.

Besides that, you can also plan for a picnic in the garden, which lies in this attraction. In an attempt to increase the influx of tourists to Golghar, a sound and light show was introduced here too. Visit this place with friends and relatives for a day out.

Location: Opp.-Govt. Girls High school, Ashok Rajpath Rd, Patna, Bihar. 
Golghar is located west of the Gandhi Maidan.

Historical Facts: The Golghar was intended to be one of the first “stores” for grain storage Ordered by Warren Hastings in 1784, the beehive-shaped structure was designed by Captain John Garstin of the Bengal Engineers and was fully constructed on 20th of July 1786.

-The construction has a height of 29 metres that exhibits the brilliance of Stupa Architecture.
-The Golghar is one of those constructions which does not have any pillar and is sustained only by a wall of thickness 3.6m. 
-Having around 145 stairs, the stairs of Golghar are made in a spiral manner, thus giving a proper authentic feel. 

Climatic conditions: The area around Golghar has subtropical climatic conditions

What special it has: When visiting Golghar, make sure that you climb to its top and catch the wonderful panoramic view of the city and the majestic river Ganga.

Best time to visit: Winters, between November to April.
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