Hot Spring In Rajgir Overview

One of the most fascinating places to visit in Bihar is the Hot Springs in Rajgir, found at the foothills of the beautiful Vaibhav Hills. The water in these springs is believed to originate from the sacred Saptaparni Caves.

From here, seven streams of water feed the hot springs in Rajgir, which is also one of the hottest natural springs in the area, with the temperature of the water going up to 45 degrees Celsius. The spring is considered sacred and holy by Hindus, Jains and Buddhists alike. The water is believed to have medicinal properties that can heal chronic skin problems.

The Hot Springs can be found in the Foothills of the Vaibhav Hills in Rajgir, Bihar (92.4 km from Patna via SH 78)

Monday to Sunday (6:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.)

- Geothermal springs, commonly known as hot springs, are created due to the heating up of groundwater by the core of the earth, that emerge from the ground in a vertical jet.
- The water of the hot springs is heated by the magma in the earth’s layers.
- When there is a crack or breach in the layers of the earth, the heat of the magma is distributed to the other layers.
- The thermal heat then reaches the groundwater, which due to the increased temperature, loses its density.
- As it gets lighter it rises to the surface of the earth.
- If there is a fault (crack or opening) on the surface, the hot water streams out with force, leading to the creation of a hot spring.

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