Manjhar & Dhuan Kund Waterfall, Rohtas Overview
Situated on Kaimur Hill, the Manjhar Kund and Dhuan Kund waterfalls are some of the most beautiful and verdant natural attractions in the region. The Manjhar Kund is also the site of the traditional fair that is held on the first Sunday after the festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated here every year.

Furthermore, the water of the Dhuan Kund Waterfall also helps to generate electricity in the region. In addition to holding religious significance, both the waterfalls are also great to enjoy fun-filled picnics and other activities. The waterfalls also offer scenic views of the surrounding hills and jungle canopy, and are perfect to spend a getaway at, away from the busy city streets of Rohtas. 

Location: Manjhar Dhuan Kund Waterfall is located in Sasaram, in the Rohtas district in Bihar, around 158.3 kilometres from Patna.
Best Time To Visit: It is the most beautiful spot and scenic place in Sawan. There is a tradition of fair on the first sunday after the Raksha Bandhan festival.

Historical Facts:
-Manjhar Kund is said to be the place where the people of the Sikh community used to carry the Guru Granth Sahib and stay for three days
-The water of the kund is considered to be rich in natural minerals and helps to digest food.
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