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A Detailed Guide to Karnataka Trekking

A Detailed Guide to Trekking in Karnataka

trekking in Karnataka

Adventure sports and activities have emerged as a popular mode of relaxation and stress removal today. A major chunk of the population, comprising mostly of corporate employees and students, can be seen at most adventure sports destinations in the country indulging in trekking, river rafting, rappelling etc.

Karnataka has become the favourite destination among trekkers because of its fantastic terrain that is perfect for the activity, with more than 200 trekking destinations in and around Bangalore, Karnataka has become a major destination among trekking enthusiasts.

Throughout the year, a number of enthusiasts flock to enjoy the intricacies of  Karnataka Trekking. Lush green forests, picturesque mountains and the natural splendour of the region make it a trekker’s paradise.

The pleasant weather and the beautiful surroundings make each trek in Karnataka a unique experience. Karnataka trekking appeal to most people as trekking destinations here provide for some fabulous sightseeing and an exclusive interaction with nature.

Another interesting fact about the state is the opportunity of night trips in Karnataka trekking. Trekking on these trails amidst splendid natural beauty is the perfect way of relieving oneself of stress and tensions.

With the exceptional packages of Thrillophilia, you can make most of these wonderful treks in Karnataka by indulging in some wonderful activities that are exclusively planned for you.

Here are some of the easy treks of Karnataka:

1. Ramanagara Trek

The Ramgarh of Sholay is wrought with rocky mountains and boulders and makes for an ideal spot for a weekend of trekking. Ramanagara is one of the most popular places for trekking in Karnataka.

Located 50 kms from Bangalore, Ramanagara is reminiscent of Gabbar Singh and his accomplices. With huge rocks and boulders dotting its topography, Ramanagara serves as the perfect destination for those seeking some action and adrenaline rush.

Besides taking care of all your trekking requirements such as guides and permissions, the Thrillophilia team also arranges for adventure activities such as rock climbing, cave explorations and camping. You can also visit nearby silk factories with the help of the team.

Location: Ramanagara
Distance from Bangalore: 50 Kms
Best Season: November to February
Trek length: 6 Kms
Difficulty Level: Easy
Accommodation: Resorts in Ramanagara

2. Anthargange Trek

Rocky hills, boulders and caves constitute the topography of Anthargange. Situated at an altitude of 1,226 metres, Karnataka Trekking boosts about the rugged terrains of Anthargange Trek.

Surrounded by picturesque beauty and impregnated with nature’s secrets, Anthargange is the ideal spot for you if you wish to leave the chaotic city behind for a vacation in sublime wilderness.

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Trekking through the rocky terrain, you can enjoy the charming view of the countryside or explore mystical caves in the region that have formed out of volcanic rocks and boulders.

Thrillophilia provides for expert guides who can lead you through these caves in safety and also share interesting information on the way. The team at Thrillophilia ensures that every trip you undertake, even treks around Bangalore, is fun filled and that you make the most of it.

Keeping this in mind, the team also arranges for rappelling facilities under expert supervision down dizzying heights at Anthargange.

Location: Kolar
Distance from Bangalore: 65 Kms
Best Season: November to February
Trek length: 4 Kms
Difficulty Level: Easy

3. Bheemeshwari Trek

Situated between three waterfalls and the River Cauvery, Bheemeshwari is another popular trekking destination in Karnataka. Exquisite natural beauty and the glistening river are sure to rejuvenate your mind and body and relieve you of all stress and tensions.

The adventure packages designed by the Thrillophilia team ensure that you enjoy a walk through this beautiful place without facing any hurdles and reach the destination safe and sound.

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Spot rare birds and revel in the natural beauty of Bheemeshwari as you tread across its rugged terrain. Brace yourself with a strong pair of hiking shoes and hiking poles are you are ready for your conquest! This trek will need you to cross the river in a pretty little coracle across the placid waters of the River Cauvery.

The Thrillophilia team will take care of all necessary permissions from the Forest Department for a trek across Muthathi. Although, swimming is prohibited in the Muthathi Lake but Thrillophilia plans enough activities to compensate for this loss.

Thrillophilia also plans for adventure activities such as kayaking, pool kayaking, rafting, obstacle courses, crossing the Burma Bridge etc exclusively for you to ensure that you enjoy to your fullest and make most of Karnataka trekking.

Location: Bheemeshwari
Distance from Bangalore: 105 Kms
Best Season: November to February
Trek length: 5 Kms
Difficulty Level: Easy
More Details: A Detailed Guide to Trekking in Bheemeshwari
Our Best Selling Package: Camping in Bheemeshwari

4. Kunti Betta Trek

Situated in Pandavapura, where the legendary Pandavas are believed to have spent their last days of exile, Kunti Betta is a beautiful hill that is preferred by many trekking enthusiasts for an enjoyable hiking experience.

The Kunti Betta has gentler slopes which facilitate easy trekking and the picturesque surroundingsrefresh and rejuvenate a trekker’s mind and body. The hill is also popular as its terrain is favourable for a night trek.

Thrillophilia facilitates an enjoyable trekking experience across the slopes of Kunti Betta in Karnataka. It also arranges for adventure activities such as rappelling down the heady heights of the hill, high rope traversing and night treks.

Location: Pandavapura
Distance from Bangalore: 126 Kms
Best Season: November to February
Trek length: 5 Kms
Difficulty Level: Easy
More Details: Trekking in Kunti Betta

5. Tadiyandamol Trek

Coorg is known for its natural beauty and pleasant weather. Tandiyandamol, in Coorg, is situated at a distance of about 250 km from Bangalore. In Kodava language, Tadiyandamol means the highest peak as it is the highest peak in Kodagu.

Tandiyandamol offers breathtaking panoramic view of its surroundings and a cool, soothing weather for trekkers. The ideal time to visit Tadiyandamol is during winters because the landscape is in full bloom.

Complete with lush greenery, gurgling streams of fresh, clean water and cottony clouds floating across the clear blue sky, Tandiyandamol trek is the heaven for Karnataka Trekking enthusiasts.

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Location: Coorg
Distance from Bangalore: 265 Kms
Best Season: November to February
Trek length: 8 Kms
Difficulty Level: Easy
Accommodation: Best Resorts and Places to Stay in Coorg

Camping Options: Coorg Camping

6. Savandurga Trek

Photo Courtesy : Karthik

If trekking is your new found interest, the Savandurga hills are the best place for you to fulfill your trekking desire. Located at an elevation of 1200 metres, Savandurga lies close Bangalore.

With comparatively gentler slopes, Savandurga hills are best suited for those who have started trekking newly.  

With beautiful natural surroundings and a cover of lush greenery, Savandurga hills, comprising the Billigudda and Karigudda, tower over the valley settlement of Ramanagara. Gentle slopes goad you on to your destination which can easily be covered in a time period of a day.

The Thrillophilia team arranges for camping facilities and also offers you opportunities at cave exploration and rappelling.

Location: Savandurga
Distance from Bangalore: 50 Kms
Best Season: November to February
Trek length: 4 Kms
Difficulty Level: Easy
More Details: Trekking in Savandurga

7. Shivagange Trek

Image Credit: Vijaya Kumar R - Flickr

The Shivagange hills stand tall, proud and haughty, challenging trekkers for a hike uphill. The rough and rocky terrain may appear challenging at first but you will definitely start enjoying the hike as you start gaining altitude.

With clear blue skies with cotton candy clouds floating across and a cool weather to go with it, Shivagange is one of the most popular destinations for treks around Bangalore. Situated just 8 kms from Dabaspet, which lies close to National Highway 4, Shivagange is open to trekking enthusiasts all through the year.

Although the hill appears intimidating, the trek is moderately difficult and it also has some steps to help you during the initial phase of your trek. Carved out the mountain itself, a temple awaits you at the peak.

You will also see some beautiful sculptures on your way up. A true feast to the eyes, the trek to the top of the Shivagange is strenuous but also rewarding.

Location: Bangalore Rural
Distance from Bangalore: 50 Kms
Best Season: November to February
Trek length: 4 Kms
Difficulty Level: Easy

8. Siddara Betta Trek

If the idea of exploring caves after a trek excites you, Siddara Betta is the perfect destination for you. Siddara Betta lies about 97 kms from Bangalore and offers a nice, rocky terrain for an adventurous trek.

Surrounded by flourishing greenery and known to be home to a number of medicinal plants, Siddara Betta offers some interesting sights and places. You will also come across a fountain on your way up, the waters of which are believed to have medicinal properties.  

Siddara Betta is a bird watcher’s paradise. You can spot a number of rare birds, especially the Yellow Throat Bulbul. You will also come across a temple dedicated to Siddeswara, which plays host to a number of pilgrims every year.

The caves at Siddara Beta are said to been home to many sages and hermits who resided and meditated here. So if you are looking for a package that includes some easy trekking and cave exploration, pick Siddara Betta.

Location: Tumkur
Distance from Bangalore: 100 Kms
Best Season: November to February
Trek length: 10 Kms
Difficulty Level: Easy

9. Madhugiri Trek

Image Credit: Sarit - Flickr

Madhugiri trekking trail is an interesting, challenging and adventurous trail and if you are someone who is enthusiastic about trekking and ready for challenges, this is the perfect trail for you.

This huge monolith, surrounded by scenic natural beauty, lies in the Tumkur district of Karnataka and is one of the most popular destinations for treks around Bangalore. With an intimidating size, this mountain is a favourite among adventure enthusiasts. Madhugiri is Asia’s second largest monolith and has an elevation of 2,582 feet.

On the peak, you will find the ruined Gopal krishna Temple and a fort built by the erstwhile Sultan of Mysore, Hyder Ali.

Thrillophilia facilitates a safe trek across Madhugiri. For the more adventurous, Thrillophilia also arranges night treks across the great monolith. Thrillophilia, however, doesn’t recommend this destination during summers as the heat and atmosphere are not healthy and conducive.

Location: Madhugiri
Distance from Bangalore: 107 Kms
Best Season: November to February
Trek length: 3 Kms
Difficulty Level: Easy
More Details: Trekking in Madhugiri

10. Baba Budangiri Trek

Image Credit: Premnath Thirumalaisamy - Flickr

Situated at an elevation of 6,217 ft, the Baba Budangiri is a part of the Dattagiri range situated in the Western Ghats. The Western Ghats are known for their scenic value, the greenery and cool weather.

Baba Budangiri is a fantastic destination for trekking as it provides for a moderately easy trek. Interestingly, the entire Dattagiri range forms the shape of a crescent of the moon and is hence also known as Chandradrona Parvatha Shreni.

You may also come across the beautiful Manikyadhara Falls during your trek. The Karnataka Trekking offers some of the highest peaks in the country such as The Dattagiri range. The remarkable fact about the Dattagiri range is that its wild flower called kurinji which blooms only once in 12 years.

Location: Chikkamagaluru
Distance from Bangalore: 280 Kms
Best Season: November to February
Trek length: 10 Kms
Difficulty Level: Easy

11. Kurinjal Trek

If you are in the mood for a long and adventurous trekking vacation, Kurinjal lies very near to Kudremukh. You can proceed to this beautiful hill that lies amidst the natural splendour of the Western Ghats.

Covered in luxuriant foliage and home to a wide range of wild animals, Kurinjal is another preferred destination among trekkers. Kurinjal offers an exciting and unpredictable terrain for trekking which elevates the experience of the adventure.

You may come across an abandoned radio station at the peak and, if lucky, may even be able to spot some wild bisons. The view from the top is breathtaking and worth every drop of sweat you have shed on your way up.

Location: Chikkamagaluru
Distance from Bangalore: 340 Kms
Best Season: November to February
Trek length: 20 Kms
Difficulty Level: Easy
More Details: Trekking in Kurinajal

Here are some of the moderate treks of Karnataka:

 12. Skandagiri Trek

Image Credit: Kalyan Kanuri - Flickr

Skandagiri or Kalavara Durga is a beautiful hill about 70 kms from Bangalore. Located very near to Nandi Hills and Chikkaballapur, the majestic apex of the hill peeks out of a misty and beautiful cloud cover.

This spectacular hill is covered in a velvety green from its peak to the foot and offers a pleasant weather for an enjoyable Karnataka trek. The hill offers two routes- one for expert trekkers and other for amateurs.

Tipu Sultan’s fort towers on you as you climb nearer and nearer to the peak. The best part of the trek is how the hill teases you. When you think you have reached the fort wall thinking it is the top, the hill shows the remaining half of itself, goading and challenging you.

Lush greenery, fabulous weather and a fairy tale cloud cover.Once popular for night treks, Skandagiri provides an excellent view of the sun rising from the horizon. Night treks are also a possibility.

Location: Chikballapur 
Distance from Bangalore: 70 Kms
Best Season: November to February
Trek length: 8 Kms
Difficulty Level: Medium

13. Ranganathaswamy Betta Trek

Image Credit: Mathieu Bertrand Struck - Flickr

Discover the allures of Bilikal Ranganathaswamy Betta during the night time. Around 70 km from Bangalore, and also known as ‘BR Hills’, the place is famous for the whitish rock formations near the peak.

The activity falls under the easy category and takes around 4 hours to finish. The many thrills include getting to witness the stunning views of the sunrise.

14. Mullayanagiri Trek

The highest peak between Nilgiris and Western Ghats, Mullayanagiri is a treat for trekkers indeed. As you make your ascend, enjoy the cool and sweet breeze envelop you. 

Also get to unravel small caves placed below the peak, and catch a glimpse of statues of Nandi. You would require around 2 days to cover about 7km and 10 hours of trekking. The difficulty level ranges from difficult to moderate.

15. Narasimha Parvata Trek

Image Credit: Karthik S - Flickr

Crowned as the tallest peak in the Agumbe range of Western Ghats, Narsimha Parvatha offers lofty pleasures. Around 350kms from Bangalore, this trek would take you around 10 hours over two days.

Expect to ramble through jungles and open grassy patches of hills. Also lap up the divine sight of mesmerising sunset turning the sky into stunning colours. When on this trek you can also pay a visit to Barkana Falls.

16. Kemmanagundi Trek

Image Credit: PixelPyx - Flickr

Set off to Kemmanagundi, that enchants with it being surrounded by Baba Budan Giri Range and Western Ghats' splendour. This trek would take around 12 hours and cover 20 km.

While on the trail, lap up the sights of high hills, gurgling brooks, vast coffee estates, gushing waterfalls and pretty gardens in the midst of verdant forests.

17. Thirumaleguppe Trek


Enjoy trudging through steep hills, grasslands and dreamy valleys. Thirumaleguppe unfolds delights every step of the way with its pristine and green beauty.

Enjoy discovering the grasslands sprinkled with tapered strips of thick woodlands. You can also club this activity with a visit to the Somavanthi Waterfalls. This moderate trek level will take around 2 days to cover. 

18. Kanoor Kote Trek

Resting in the stunning Sharavathy Reserved Forest in Shimoga, Kanoor Kote delights with history and nature's bounties. Of an easy level, the activity would take you about 10 km spread over two days.

Have the pleasure of coming across different terrains and also get to witness the ruins of the ancient Kanoor Kote Fort near the peak. The fortress was once the gem of the Havyaka Culture.

19. Kumara Parvatha Trek

Photo Credit: Karthick Siva

One of the most popular trekking destinations around Bangalore, Kumara Parvatha offers natural beauty which is beyond description. A trek trail which may appear treacherous at times, it is still a favourite among trekking enthusiasts.

So if you are planning a trekking vacation and are looking a trail that delivers luxuriant greenery, beautiful weather and a rewarding vista at the top, Kumara Parvatha is the destination for you.

Photo Credit: Karthick Siva

The vista that awaits you at the top will wipe away all the fatigue and strain that you endured on your climb up. The clear blue sky and an ocean of cotton candy clouds await you at the summit and make this trek a truly rewarding experience.

Location: Kukke Subrahmanya
Distance from Bangalore: 260 Kms
Best Season: November to February
Trek length: 15 Kms
Difficulty Level: Medium

20. Kodachadri Trek

Photo Courtesy : Madhav Jois

The Kodachadri peak is situated at an elevation of 1,343 metres and is a popular pilgrimage destination as the famous Mookambika Temple is situated here. Covered by dense forests, Kodachadri presents a difficult but extremely beautiful trekking trail that has waterfalls, luxuriant vegetation and diverse wildlife.

About 10 kms from Kodachadri, you will come across the Hidlumane falls. A little further ahead are the Arasinagundi and Bellakallu Theertha falls.

On treading further ahead, for about 25 kms from Kodachadri, you will come across the Nagara Fort. Such diverse terrain makes Kodachadri the favourite destination of trekkers in Karnataka.

Thrillophilia adds to the excitement with its unique and fun filled activities. You can enjoy a monsoon trek; stay in bamboo huts or at the Forest IB through your booking with Thrillophilia.

If you are an adventure sports enthusiast, Thrillophilia brings you opportunities for jumaring and high rope traversing in the beautiful hills of Kodachadri.

Location: Shimoga
Distance from Bangalore: 414 Kms
Best Season: November to February
Trek length: 12 Kms
Difficulty Level: Medium

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21. Makalidurga Trek

Located 60 km from Bangalore, Makalidurga is dotted with huge granite boulders and a serene atmosphere. A welcome relief from the madness of the city, Makalidurga is one of the most popular trekking destinations in Karnataka and is known for its stillness and tranquility.

With an elevation of 1,350 metres, Makalidurga provides an excellent terrain for trekking and a vantage point to view the vista below. The lake near River Hillock and a trains meandering just below make for a splendid view from the top of the hill. 

On reaching the top, you can visit the Makalidurga fort, which is a very rewarding experience.The Thrillophilia teams besides aiding a successful and enjoyable trip across Makalidurga also offers rappelling and team games.

Location: Bangalore Rural
Distance from Bangalore: 60 Kms
Best Season: November to February
Trek length: 7 Kms
Difficulty Level: Medium
More Detrails: A Guide to Trekking in Makalidurga

22. Kalavarahalli Betta Trek

Kalavarahalli Betta gets its name from the village Kalavarahalli situated at the base of the mountain. Situated at a distance of 70 kms from Bangalore, Kalavarahalli Betta offers a fantastic terrain for trekkers.

One of the most popular Karnataka Trekking destination is The Kalavarahalli Betta,which is surrounded by amazing natural beauty. Its summit plays peek-a-boo with the misty clouds and goads you to climb up further.

You will come across two caves, interestingly cut out, that will take you to a temple at the top of the mountain. While one cave starts right at the foot of the mountain and goes all the way up to the top, the second starts mid-way.

It provides an excellent opportunity at exploration and ups the adventure element in the trek. You will find legendary ruler Tipu Sultan’s fort at the top of the hill.

Besides facilitating your trek, Thrillophilia also offers night camping facilities at the Kalavarahalli Betta. The peak is ideal for viewing the sunrise, which is an experience beyond description.

Location: Chikkaballapura
Distance from Bangalore: 70 Kms
Best Season: November to February
Trek length: 8 Kms
Difficulty Level: Medium

23. Yedakumeri Trek

If it is the wilderness that appeals to you than the trekking trail, then yedakumeri is the destination you might want to choose for your vacation. With the expanse of green stretching out till the horizon, clear skies and a beautiful weather to go with, yedakumeri has won much popularity among trekking enthusiasts.

The trail which stretches along a railway track, it offers a sea of green vegetation that spans as far as the eye can reach. A welcome relief from the concrete jungle of the cities, yedakumeri has a cool weather and a beautiful landscape that offers an easy and comfortable trek.

However, taking an expert guide to lead you on the trail is recommended. Also, as the area is an elephant territory and you may bump into one on your path, it is recommended that you have an expert with you who knows the territory well.

Location: Sakleshpur
Distance from Bangalore: 225 Kms
Best Season: November to February
Trek length: 20 Kms
Difficulty Level: Medium
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Accommodation: Resorts in Sakleshpur and homestays of sakleshpur

Here are some of the difficult treks of Karnataka:

24. Kudremukh Trek

Photo Courtesy: Premnath Thirumalaisamy

The Kudremukh hills of Karnataka boast of indescribable beauty. The peak, which resembles the mouth of a horse, has an elevation of 6, 214 feet.

Situated amidst indescribable scenic splendour, Kudremukh offers a fabulous terrain for trekking which makes it a popular destination among trekkers. Get a fantastic view of the surroundings as you gain altitude.

The pleasant surroundings and the soothing cool weather make the whole experience enjoyable. Spot beautiful birds and, if lucky, some wild animals in their natural habitat and lose yourself in the natural splendour of the surroundings.

Location: Chikmagalur
Distance from Bangalore: 340 Kms
Best Season: November to February
Trek length: 20 Kms
Difficulty Level: Difficult
Accommodation: Resorts in Chikmagalur & Chikmagalur homestays
Camping: Chikmagalur Camping

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25. Ombattu Gudda Trek

Image Credit: Hari Prasad - Flickr

Amongst the highest peaks of the Western Range, Ombattu Gudda meaning 9 hills is a sight to behold. Ideal for those who are up for a challenge, this trek would comprise 18km over two days.

Placed on the borderline of Chikmagalur and Hassan, the activity opens up many beauties along the way.

26. Dudhsagar Trek

Favoured among many trekkers, this is the very trail that leads you to the magical cascade that appears like milk gushing down.  Plonked on the Mandovi River, Goa, the Dudhsagar Trek entails covering 8 hours and 14 km.

Accompanying you along the way are deep jungles, steep surfaces, jagged and narrow terrains and several other delights. The level of this activity falls under the challenging category.

By Abhishek Last updated Jun 11,2015