(Last Updated On: February 10, 2018)

Glitz, luxury and most of all, casinos – anyone who’s heard of Macau knows that this is where you go to to live the high life. The Las Vegas of Asia is a temptress of sorts, luring you to indulge yourself at its massive malls, resorts and brightly lit exotic spas. But Macau has another side. One that you probably wouldn’t have dreamt of. It’s like another dimension where Eden holds sway and nature embraces you.



This land of green can shock the senses especially after you’ve spent a while in the bustling, modern city. The fact that not everyone thinks to escape into this world of green means that you could virtually alone as you hike up Alto de Coloane and take in the majesty of the South China Sea or head closer to the city to Lou Lim Ieoc Garden and stop to smell the fresh air.


1) The Green Lung Purifies your Body and Mind



The glamor of Macau is hard to resist and even if you’ve told yourself you’re not going to indulge in a little casino fun or luxuriate in a spa, you probably will. And why not? It’s Macau, after all, and this is where you live large. But when it comes time to get away from it all, there’s only one place to purify your mind, body and soul – the Green Lung. Coloane, that island you just have to escape to when your mind’s a-buzz with the sights and sounds of the city will have you eager to explore not one or two but 13 hiking trails. Lunching on the summit with the South China Sea spread out before you is indeed a sight to behold.

                         Witnessing the sea from up high leaves you with a heady feeling.


2) A Heaven to Get Away from it all and Recharge


Almost every city has a park but finding one in a bustling place like Macau can come as a bit of a shocker. And Seac Pai Van Park certainly will take you breath away with its beautifully manicured gardens and pond. Take a stroll through the refreshing green and you’ll happen upon winged and furry friends. If you happen to be there at the right time, you may just be witness to a panda exhibit.

If you’re one of those people who’s been to large parks, Seac Pai Van Park will seem small, maybe even tiny. But it’s located right in the city and is just the escape you need from the hustle and bustle.  Spend the day here among nature and feel your stress wash away or spend only an hour – either way, you’ll emerge re energised and with a new zest for life!


                                    An oasis lures you to shed your worries and stress.


3)  The Past Echoes and You Hesitate to Leave


Old, charming, serene and filled with things to see is Lou Lim Ieoc Garden. Walking through the park, you get a sense of the past and feel like maybe you’ve stepped back in time. In a sense, you have, because the garden was built about 100 years ago. It’s not just the age that makes you stop and wonder what it looked it ages ago; it’s the style reminiscent of the Suzhou Gardens with exquisite designs and unique elements reflecting the beauty of the natural world. That harmony between man-made and nature is felt here and you’re left in awe at the craftsmanship.



                               The whispers of the past echo like vague memories


4) An Erstwhile Merchant’s Home is your Paradise


Thanks to a Portuguese merchant, his beautiful home and the famed Luis de Camoes, Macau proudly adds another gorgeous green space to its numerous oases. Surprised? Who can blame you? Heavenly Camoes Garden gives you the illusion you’re somewhere else entirely; somewhere where high rises are unheard of and nature is the norm. Trees of every shade of green lure you into their cool embrace while the gazebo on the park’s highest peak opens up a world with sweeping views of the inner harbor.

Camoes Garden is one of those spots you yearn to come to whether you’ve woken up early in the morning and feel raring to go or are exhausted from exploring the city sights and need a welcome break.


5) Sun Yat Sen stands Tall and Watches Over All


43 parks around the world are named Sun Yat Sen Park and one of them is here in Macau. And it’s a good thing too. In Macau, it’s easy to feel like an urban jungle (of the luxurious kind) is all there is. But head over to Our Lady of Fatima Parish and Sun Yat Sen Park is like a breath of fresh air. Old, spacious and with flower gardens that spread bursts of color, even doing something as simple as taking a walk or sitting down will make you feel at peace.


6) There are Parks and there are Parks

A fortress, serene walkways and gently slopes bathed in green. That’s what Mong Ha Hill Municipal Park is. This is where you come to seek refuge in nature with maybe a cup of java in your hand and a favorite book in the other. The fortress walls speak of times long gone when the threat of war was imminent. The cityscape in the distance resembles another world and you marvel at where you are – a place where quiet and solitude are friends.


                     Need a moment to catch your thoughts? Step into a serene setting!


7) It’s Time for a Little Action!


Being cocooned in nature is like a balm for the senses but sometimes your playful side begs to be indulged and you know you have to give in. And Hac Sa Reservoir Country Park is the place to do it. Another Coloane attraction, choices are plenty here whether you can’t wait to hike, relax by a beach or play some ball. Fancy a barbecue? Take a grill along and set it up!


                              Release your inner child in this huge ‘playground’


‘Seek and you shall find’. This couldn’t be truer in Macau. The glitzy city holds magic of a different sort, one that’s visible only to those in search of it. Maybe you’re headed to Macau for a bit of casino and shopping fun. Or maybe you want to peel its layers one by one and see what’s at the heart. Whatever your reasons, Macau is far from being the urban jungle it’s so often pegged as; you just need to uncover it!