Christchurch Tourism, New Zealand 2020 (50 Tours & Activities)

Christchurch is a vivacious city in traditions that is striving hard to cope up creatively with the aftermath of the New Zealand’s second worst natural disaster. Regarded as the most English of all the New Zealand’s city, the heritage heart of Christchurch was just hollowed out post the earthquakes that occurred in 2010 and 2011 leaving some 186 people dead. Today the scenario has changed.

At present, Christchurch boats of more repurposed shipping containers and road cones than you’ll find anywhere else in the world. You will find heavy traffic jam, noise and of course the dust but you just don’t have to be deterred. The city’s City Centre is embellished with the beautiful Hagley Park and an equally beautiful Botanic Gardens along with several notable art institutions for you to marvel at. The inner city streets veil pocket gardens and art projects, fringed around a thinned out cityscape which features both remnant stone buildings and the glistening architecture of the new.     

Curious travels coming here will revel in the colourful, crazy and chaotic mix packed with surprises that will inspire you in ways you can’t even imagine. And yes, despite all the heartache and hard work, the locals here will only be delighted to see you.

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  1. Travel Advice

    ·         Keep the beggars at bay.

    ·         Do not get over friendly with the guide or the strangers here.

    ·         Make sure you dress in accordance with the local traditions and cultures.

    ·         Do not do anything that hurts the local sentiments.

    ·         Always be alert.

    ·         Do not leave your valuables in the hotel room.

    ·         Opt for a hotel that has a room safe.

    ·         Do not flaunt your valuables or jewelry in public places.

    ·         Make sure you have some idea of the local language before you visit the country.

    ·         Do not get involved in drugs of any form.

    ·         If you have a medical condition, carry all the needed medicines.

    ·         Always have with you a first aid kit.

    ·         Do not film without permission.

    ·         If you ever feel lost, take help from the locals here.

    ·         Whenever you interact with the locals, do ensure you are warm and polite.

    ·         Do not let anyone take advantage of you.

    ·         Whenever you are visiting any new destination, it is always a good idea to gather sufficient information about that place before you travel there.

    ·         Always travel in large groups.

    ·         Make sure you do not explore the unknown trails during the night hours.

    ·         Ensure that you have with you at least one identity proof. 

  2. Drinking Law

    The legal age for drinking in Christchurch is 18 years. 

  3. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Christchurch cathedral

    Christchurch cathedral is among the various places to see and explore in the city of Christchurch. Built between 1864 and 19040, it's a deconsecrated Anglican cathedral situated in the center of the city. The New Zealand Historic Places Trust has declared the cathedral as category 1 heritage site on 7 April 1983. Its design is highly influenced by Mountfort. Though it was destroyed repeatedly by earthquakes, it remains as one of the major tourist attractions of New Zealand.

    Christchurch botanic garden

    Situated adjacent to Avon River next to Hagley Park, Christchurch botanic garden is spread across 21 hectares. It has variety of exotic and local plants of New Zealand. Some of the attractions of this garden includes - botanic garden visitors center, The herb garden, The central rose garden, Cunningham house, and water garden, among others. The garden hosts more than 250 varieties of roses. It is a peaceful place to explore as well as to spend some quality time.

    Orana Wildlife park

    Orana Wildlife park is the largest wildlife sanctuary and also the only open range zoo. It is situated on the outskirts of Christchurch. Orana Wildlife park covers an area of 80 hectares and take cares of more than 400 animals across 70 species. You can take a close look of animals through jungle safari on a truck mounted cage. The park is home to New Zealand's only gorillas. It is a must visit place for animal lovers.

    Hagley Park

    Hagley Park is the largest urban open space park you will find in Christchurch that is spread across 164 hectares. This public park was created in 1855 and named after Hagley, the country estate of Lord Lyttelton. The park is known to host number of events including Australian open, Great Industrial Exposition of 1882, open air concerts, and many more. You can also indulge in sports activities such as golfing, cricket, and netball at the park.

    Willowbank Wildlife Reserve

    Willowbank Wildlife Reserve is an animal as well as nature reserve in the city of Christchurch. The park takes cares of native species that includes tuatara, kiwi, brown teal, and duvaucel's gecko. You can also spot the only pair of Tahake at Willowbank Wildlife Reserve. It is one of the best tourist places to see in Christchurch.

    Air Force museum

    The Air force museum of New Zealand is situated at Wigram, the RNZAF's first operational base. It was formerly known as The Royal New Zealand Air Force Museum. It was opened on 1 April 1987 on the occasion of RNZAF 50th anniversary. The museum preserves national collection of the Royal New Zealand Air Force. The museum also holds objects from former enemy forces, aircraft, aircraft components, aircraft engines, large objects, and textiles among others.

    Port Hills

    Port Hills are a range of hills located in Canterbury, between the city of Christchurch and its port at Lyttelton. Its breathtaking view and lush green vegetation is a treat for trekkers. You can explore the diverse range of wildlife and plants here. Native birds like the bellbird fantail, silvereye, grey warbler and shining cuckoo are often spotted at Port Hills.

    International Antarctic Centre

    The International Antarctic Centre is not only one of the major tourist attractions in the city but it is among the most unique ways to have a good time here. The centre shells a lot of details about the journey and excursion. The best part about the simulator is the amazing 4D experience that you will get. There are very few places where you can experience authentic 4D content and this is one of them. 

  4. What you will like there?


    Christchurch hosts a variety of festivals and events throughout the year. These festivals will keep you entertained and give you something new to explore. Summer times is a festival that runs from December to February and includes number of free events like music, arts and sporting activities at Hagley Park. It is said that it attracts more than 100,000 people. Other festivals held here includes The World Buskers Festival, festival of romance, KidsFest and carols by candlelight among others. The largest arts festival on South Island and takes place every alternate year is The Christchurch arts festival. Carnival week holds series of events like horse meeting, Guy fawkes night, Canterbury Agricultural and Pastoral show. Taking part in these festivals is the most important thing to do here.

    Punting on Avon River

    Punting on river Avon is relaxing and a romantic ride that lets you enjoy Christchurch from different perspectives. Many local organizers offer you punting on Avon River tours. A professional punter sails you across the city. It starts from the historic Antigua boat sheds, goes through beautiful and mesmerizing botanic garden and then covers famous Garden City. It's an ideal group and family activity that relaxes your nerves from a stressed work life. It's a must try activity for those visiting Christchurch for the first time. 


    Christchurch hosts various beautiful and mesmerizing places that are worth a visit. Christchurch cathedral is an historic church designated as a heritage site whereas Christchurch botanic garden is a one of the most popular tourist attraction in the city which is rich in lush green vegetation. Port Hills is the best place to experience scenic beauty and enjoy bird watching. Visit Orana Wildlife park and Willowbank Wildlife Reserve to learn about different species of plants and animals. Other places in Christchurch that are worth a visit include the Air Force museum, Transalpine, International Antarctic center, Christchurch Arts Center, Ferrymead Heritage Park and Riccarton bush. Rich cultural , calm environment makes a perfect romantic destination in New Zealand.

    Safari rides

    Safari rides are one of the most interesting ways through which you can see many species of animals out in the jungle. You won’t get many opportunities to go on safari rides in the jungles or sanctuaries of Christchurch so make the most out of it and go on a safari ride with your friends and family. The Orana Wildlife park and the Willowbank wildlife reserve are the places which offer you safari rides. 

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