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What You Should Know More About Queenstown

  • Travel Advice

    ·         Queenstown is a place famous for mountain hikes and hence, you are advice to carry out basic safety measures before you do so.

    ·         Before going forward to do sports and activities like skiing and snowboarding, make sure that you receive the basic training so that you reduce the chances of major injuries.

    ·         Obtain all tour permits and passes to hike on to the mountains.

    ·         Do not litter anywhere and help in preserving the beauty of nature.

    ·         Do not offend the Maori tribal culture and traditions in any way.

    ·         Take care of your belongings and expensive articles when you go on hikes. Carry enough winter wear as the weather at high altitudes is extreme, especially at night.

    ·         Make sure you have the police and emergency numbers written down with you.

  • Drinking Law

    The minimum legal age to consume alcohol in Queenstown is 18 years of age, for all types of alcoholic drinks, be it beer or distilled spirits.

  • Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Queenstown Hill

    Queenstown Hill is a home to some of the best hiking routes in the entire country of New Zealand. This place is a native to the Maori tribe, which is famous all over the world for their culture and traditions. Once you go up to this beautiful mountain, you will get a breathtaking view of the Southern Alps, Lake Wakatipu and a mystique snow-clad mountains around you. You can also hire bikes in order to tour on this mountain.


    Sky Gondola

    Oozing out with splendid natural beauty and stunning views, the Gondola Skyline is on the Bob’s Peak, from where you can get some of the amazing views of the greatest nature around and also get to see the traditional Maori performance. You can take a luge ride and reach the peak and take the essence of the best nature around you.


    Te Anau Glowworm Caves

    If you believe in wonders of nature, this place is a perfect destination to visit. These caves have to be visited by a boat, which sails slowly on the waters inside the caves, making you feel like you are entering a mystery land. You will have beautiful limestone passages, rushing water, underground waterfalls and other natural formations around you to indulge yourself.


    Shotover River

    The Shotover River is a perfect place to visit if you want to experience sheer wilderness and excitement. If adventure is what flows in your nerves, this place has a big treat to offer you. With water sports activities like white water rafting and kayaking, speed boat ride, and river crossing, this river with blue water frothing white on its surface will give you an experience like never before. Head straight to Shotover River and have the adventure to last a lifetime.


    Skippers Canyon

    Once a gold-miners property, this place is now one of the most scenic sightseeing destinations in New Zealand. Offering some of the most stunning mountain views, river panoramas, and an unending sight of the blue skies, this place offers you a complete relaxation and rejuvenation. You can hike up over here or go through a guided tour so that you do not miss out on any famous spots. You will also be able to click a lot of beautiful pictures while you travel through Skipper’s road.

    Kiwi Birdlife Park

    Kiwi Birdlife Park is a 5-acre wildlife sanctuary, created for the endangered furry brown kiwis as well as other exotic species. The conversation of these species is the main motto of this park and the scientists over here claim that these species have survived here for over 200 million years. You can drive to this park through beautiful scenic roads and spend time in the company of these amazing birds.

    Lake Wakatipu

    The sparkling Lake Wakatipu is the longest lake in New Zealand and is originally formed by melting of glaciers. The surrounding backdrop of beautiful mountains is famous for being a location for the shooting of the Lothlorien scenes from ‘The Lord of the Rings’. You can take a dip in this beautiful lake but keep in mind that due to atmospheric pressure, the depth rises and falls by 12 cm within a few minutes.


    The Remarkables

    The Remarkables, also known as the outdoor playground of New Zealand is a place located at a high altitude, surrounded by some of the best scenic views. Adventure activities like hiking, snowboarding, skiing and sledging can be perfectly enjoyed over here. There are many activities like play tunnels, trails and bouncy castles available for children to enjoy and if you are lucky, you can even see some professionals of snow-sports playing over here.

  • What you will like there?

    Nature’s Wonders

    Queenstown is a place which is blessed with some of the best landscape which is so stunning that you will feel like you are travelling in paradise. From crystal clear rivers and lakes, waters gushing and frothing over rivers, magnificent snow-clad mountains, and greenery, this place is like a canvas painted by nature’s God.

    Adventure Activities

    From hiking, skiing, bungee jumping, snowboarding to trekking, camping, and forest trailing, there is no end to the plethora of adventures which you can enjoy at this scenic destination. Adventures always make you feel happy and help you get out the best in you. So, you will love enjoying these activities over here.

    Local tribal culture

    Queenstown is a home to the Maori tribe, which is one of the longest surviving tribe in the world. This tribe has a very rich culture and tradition, which is displayed in front of tourists by them. You will love to witness all the culture and heritage attached to this place.

    Organized tours to destinations

    Queenstown is a destination where you will not get confused as to where to go or have a fear of getting lost, as there are a lot of affordable tour package options through which you can go around to places. You can book a tour package and enjoy everything in Queenstown completely. This is one of the best benefits of this place.

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