Kenya Luxury Tours

Kenya Luxury Tours Packages

Duration Price
Kenya Wildlife Safari Tour with Diani Beach9 days & 8 nights
INR 2,25,990
Kenya Tanzania Tour Package from India10 days & 9 nights
INR 3,70,000
Exclusive Kenya Tour with Lake Manyara National Park15 days & 14 nights
INR 4,15,000

Kenya Luxury tour packages - Browse through a wide range of Kenya luxury packages with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book customized Kenya luxury trip packages with exciting deals & offers. 

When it comes to luxury travel experiences in Kenya, Thrillophilia has a range of exceptional tour packages with top-notch services. Booking luxury Kenya tours with Thrillophilia gives you an immersive journey filled with unparalleled experiences. With meticulously curated packages, it focuses on every aspect of your luxury tour, from accommodation at top-notch resorts to various activities. Thrillophilia specializes in excellence and a commitment to customer satisfaction with top-notch services like 24*7 customer support and personalized itineraries.

Kenya, also known as ‘the jewel of East Africa’, is a land of scenic beauty and diverse landscapes. From the iconic savannahs of the Masai Mara to the pristine beaches of the Kenyan coast, the country has a range of attractions for you to explore. During a luxury travel to Kenya, you can enjoy thrilling safari adventures and witness the Great Wildebeest Migration. 

Also, you can explore ancient Swahili towns and relax in the lap of luxury at world-class resorts.

You should not miss visiting the Amboseli National Park, known for iconic Mount Kilimanjaro, and the enchanting Lake Nakuru, famous for its many species of birds. With its rich culture, abundant wildlife, and stunning nature, Kenya provides an unforgettable luxury travel experience for travelers. So, book your Kenya luxury tours with Thrillophilia and enjoy a memorable journey to this beautiful country.

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Kenya Visa Requirements

For Indians planning luxury Kenya tours, a visa is required for entry into the country. The visa application process entails submitting a duly filled visa application form. You need to provide some essential documents such as a valid passport, passport-sized photographs, proof of travel arrangements, and proof of sufficient funds to cover your stay in Kenya.

The visa fee for Indians is approximately INR 8350 for a single entry and INR 16700 for a multiple entry. The visa is typically valid from the date of issue and this allows visitors to stay in Kenya for a maximum period of 90 days. It is recommended to start the visa application process at least 1 to 2 months before your intended travel date for a hassle-free trip. It is also advisable to check the latest visa requirements and fees before planning your trip as regulations may be subject to change.

Best Time to Visit for Kenya Luxury Tours

You can plan a trip to Kenya throughout the year as each season has its unique charm. Thrillophilia offers a seamless experience to visitors who book Kenya luxury tours at any time of the year.

1) High Season ((July to September): Experience the peak of luxury in Kenya during the high season, with temperatures ranging from 20°C to 25°C. This period is ideal for witnessing the Great Wildebeest Migration in the Masai Mara. You can take part in game drives and hot air balloon safaris amidst the savannah landscapes.

2) Shoulder Seasons (January to March, October to December): With temperatures ranging from 22°C to 28°C, these months are suitable for exploring iconic destinations such as Nairobi and Mombasa. You can visit the pristine beaches of Diani and Watamu and enjoy luxury beachfront accommodations and rejuvenating spa treatments.

3) Low Season (April to June): With temperatures ranging from 18°C to 24°C, this period offers cooler weather and lush landscapes. You can enjoy lower prices and fewer tourists in your luxury holidays to Kenya and explore some famous attractions such as Amboseli National Park and Lake Nakuru.

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Kenya Luxury Tours FAQs

Which are some of the best luxury safari lodges in Kenya?

Segera Retreat: Located in a private game reserve in Laikipia Plateau, this lodge is one of the most exotic inclusions in the luxury Kenya tours. Comprising eight opulent villas, the retreat boasts the most spectacular views of Mount Kenya. Enjoy the utmost privacy as you relax amidst nature’s bounty, aesthetic interiors, salt-water pool, wellness spa, and mouth-watering delicacies.

Sanctuary Olonana Lodge: Treat yourself to this exquisite retreat along the private stretches of the Mara River in Masai Mara. Enjoy the breathtaking views through your glass-sided suite or the enchanting Geoffrey Kent Suite with its infinity pool, private guide, and vehicle. Partake of the most enjoyable activities organized here such as bush dinners, sundowners, balloon rides, and much more.

Mara Nyika Lodge: Get the best safari experience of a lifetime by picking this wonderful lodge as part of the best luxury Kenya tours. Experience staying in a tented camp by a stream and witnessing breathtaking views of the natural vista around. Located on the western border of Masai Mara, this wonderful getaway is your ideal choice if you are looking for some privacy away from bustling city life.

Mara Plains Lodge: Spend your days in the lap of luxury by choosing the best luxury Kenya tours and getting a chance to stay in this amazing lodge. Located in a remote part of Masai Mara, you can easily get away from the hustle of mundane city life and rejuvenate yourself amidst lush greenery and mind-boggling views of the savannah. Indulge in game drives and other interesting activities such as hot air ballooning and cultural visits to Maasai Village.

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What are the best activities included in the Kenya luxury tours?

Go hike up Mount Kenya: One of the most thrilling activities in your Kenya luxury tours is to go on a hiking trip up the second highest mountain peak in Africa. This off-beat experience is an ideal choice if you wish to get up and close to the rugged side of the country and witness its raw beauty from the best vantage points.

Tour Mamba Village: Pay a visit to this fascinating village in Kenya when you choose your Kenya luxury tours and witness hordes of massive Nile crocodiles. You will also spot other creatures like the ostrich peacocks, and giraffes on dedicated farms.

See the Takwa Ruins: This is a great site to visit particularly for history enthusiasts and you get to walk through the remnants of the 15th-century Swahili trading town. Learn much about the life and occupations of ancient times and enhance your experience further by having an overnight camp here.

Experience a boat tour on Lake Naivasha: Enjoy the tranquility of your surroundings away from the main city by taking a boat tour on Lake Naivasha. Witness hundreds of hippos in the water and the beautiful landscapes around.

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What are some of the luxury dine experiences in Kenya?

Rock and Sea Restaurant: Perched 40 meters above sea level on a Coral Rock, At Rock and Sea is an extraordinary panoramic restaurant. With breathtaking views of nature, it provides a magical dining experience. Delight in exquisite, fresh and flavorful cuisine, featuring a blend of Italian, national, Asian, and fusion dishes.

Billionaire Grill & Bar: Nestled on the beach of the Billionaire Resort & Retreat, The Billionaire Grill & Bar is the heart and soul of this vibrant destination. Experience the finest Italian and fusion cuisine in a lively ambiance, emblematic of the Billionaire group's culinary expertise. As night falls, be enchanted by the sensuous atmosphere, curated music and captivating events that elevate every evening into an unforgettable extravaganza.

Lion In The Sun: Experience a luxurious celebration at Lion in the Sun Restaurant, the epitome of a perfect escape. Indulge in a delightful array of coastal flavors amidst Kenya's most romantic setting. This hidden gem offers an unpretentious yet tantalizing explosion of flavors and colors, attracting both resort guests and locals seeking the utmost in culinary experiences. Located within the esteemed Lion in the Sun - a Billionaire Retreat, this newly opened restaurant transports you from Malindi to the enchanting Mediterranean Coast, introducing a fresh palette of flavors to savor.

The Sands At Chale Island: Immerse yourself in the true island ambiance at The Sands At Chale Island restaurant. Combining traditional Kenyan flavors, seafood delicacies, Italian flair and a touch of the Orient, every meal becomes a memorable experience. Complementing the culinary delights is an exotic selection of international beverages and a meticulously curated wine cellar, ensuring a complete sensory journey.

Malaika Beach Villas: Discover a hidden gem on the sandy shores of Mayungu, nestled between Malindi and Watamu. Set against the backdrop of a marine reserve, this beachfront dining establishment offers a unique experience with its white sand floor, sunbeds and gazebo service for a full day of beach indulgence. Delight in a culinary journey featuring the finest Italian, seafood, local and international cuisines. Each meal is transformed into an unforgettable experience, making this restaurant the ideal destination for unforgettable dining moments.

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Is it worth it to take a luxury tour of Kenya?

Yes, luxury Kenya tours offer unparalleled experiences, from exclusive wildlife safaris in iconic national parks to stays in luxurious lodges and resorts. You can have wonderful experiences like witnessing the Great Wildebeest Migration and exploring diverse landscapes. With personalized services, gourmet dining, and breathtaking landscapes, it is an unforgettable journey that creates lasting memories in Kenya.

What are the benefits of booking a luxury tour package to Kenya with Thrillophilia?

Booking a luxury trip to Kenya with Thrillophilia provides amazing experiences tailored to your preferences. From luxurious accommodations to exclusive activities, you can enjoy wonderful adventures. Thrillophilia is known for 24*7 customer support, a seamless booking process, and customized itineraries to make your trip easy. 

What are the best things to do on a luxury Kenya tour?

On luxury holidays in Kenya, you can have a range of wonderful experiences. You can witness the Great Wildebeest Migration in the Masai Mara, enjoy hot air balloon safaris over the savannah, and explore the vibrant cultures of local Maasai communities. You will be relaxing in luxurious resorts, tasting gourmet dining with local flavors, and enjoying private game drives to see Kenya's iconic wildlife.

What are the best places to explore in Kenya?

Kenya has a range of amazing attractions to explore. On your luxury Kenya tours, you can visit the iconic Masai Mara for wildlife safaris. You can also explore Amboseli National Park for stunning views of Mount Kilimanjaro, and the coastal paradise of Diani Beach. You can get a chance to see the cultural treasures of Nairobi and the natural wonders of Lake Nakuru National Park.

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