Kenya Honeymoon Packages

Kenya Honeymoon Packages

Duration Price
Kenya Wildlife Safari Tour with Diani Beach9 days & 8 nights
INR 2,25,990
Masai Mara Safari Package from India5 days & 4 nights
INR 1,35,000
Kenya Adventure Escape with Maasai Mara6 days & 5 nights
INR 1,65,990
Best of Kenya with Maasai Mara & Serengeti National Park11 days & 9 nights
INR 3,25,000

Kenya Honeymoon Packages - Browse through a wide range of honeymoon packages to Kenya with exciting offers at Thrillophilia. Book customized Kenya travel packages with exciting deals & offers.

Kenya offers enchanting honeymoon experiences, blending romance with adventure amidst breathtaking landscapes and wildlife. Kenya Honeymoon Packages offered by Thrillophilia cater to couples seeking a perfect blend of relaxation and excitement. Wake up to the majestic sight of Mount Kilimanjaro or enjoy a serene sunset over the vast plains of Maasai Mara. These packages often include luxurious accommodations, intimate wildlife safaris, candlelit dinners under the stars, and cultural interactions with local communities like the Maasai. 

From the pristine beaches of Diani and Lamu to the lush greenery of Aberdare and the savannahs of Tsavo, Kenya provides diverse settings for a memorable honeymoon. Whether you're enjoying a hot air balloon safari, or indulging in spa treatments with panoramic views, Kenya provides a romantic escape filled with unforgettable moments and experiences tailored for couples in love. So, if you want a romantic and extremely fun trip with your lover, check out the Kenya Honeymoon Packages offered by Thrillophilia. It's a chance to cherish your love story in Africa's stunning beauty and make some remarkable memories.

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Visa Requirement for Kenya Honeymoon Trip:

Kenya makes it easy for Indian tourists to obtain a visa with an online system called eVisa. You can visit their website, fill in some basic information like your name and date of travel, and upload a recent photo. It takes around 1-8 days for the visa to get approved, allowing you to stay in Kenya for up to 90 days. For people from India, this eVisa costs between INR 4,500 to INR 6,000, per person. But you need to check about current visa fees before your trip, as prices and rules might change. Getting this visa on time helps you plan your romantic adventures in Kenya without any stress or inconveniences.

Best Time to Visit Kenya for Honeymoon:

Kenya remains a mesmerizing destination throughout the year, with each season offering a unique charm and a wide range of experiences. The best time for you to visit Kenya depends on how you picture your honeymoon and what time is convenient for you. 

1. Peak Season (July to October): The peak season aligns with Kenya's dry season, offering excellent wildlife viewing opportunities. Dry and cool weather prevails, with clear skies and minimal rainfall. You can visit various national parks like Maasai Mara National Reserve, Amboseli National Park, and Lake Nakuru National Park during this season, and witness some spectacular natural wonders like the Great Migration.

2. Shoulder Season (January to March and June): The shoulder seasons, from January to March and June, Kenya experiences a mix of both dry and wet weather, making it less crowded and more affordable. Enjoy a relatively peaceful atmosphere, lush landscapes post-rains, and some wildlife as well as bird viewing. You can also engage with local communities like the Maasai and learn about their traditions, art forms, and way of life.

3. Waning Season (April to May, November to December): These months are characterized by the 'long rains' and 'short rains', respectively. These make the surroundings vibrant and soothing. You can enjoy lower accommodation rates and fewer tourists during this time. Enjoy chances to witness Kenya's green landscapes and birdlife in Aberdare National Park and the West National Park as well.

Places to Visit on Kenya Honeymoon Trip:

Here are some of the best places to visit in Kenya during honeymoon:

1. Manda Island: Situated on Kenya’s North coast, Manda Island is known for its stunning beaches and crystal-clear waters. Manda Island has a rich Swahili history and is a hub for water sports, making the place perfect for honeymooners seeking exciting explorations and adventures. Engage yourself in various water sports like windsurfing and sailing, and enjoy bird-watching on this island with your partner.

2. Watamu Marine National Park: Known for colorful coral reefs and beautiful marine life, the Watamu Marine National Park is situated on Kenya’s coastline. Couples can enjoy diving or snorkeling here, and see a range of aquatic creatures like turtles, dolphins, and colorful schools of fish. Also, they can learn about the park's conservation practices to save the underwater ecosystem.

3. Nairobi Safari Walk: Have a unique wildlife experience in the Nairobi Safari Walk with your partner. Couples can witness a range of wildlife species as they visit various attractions like the Ivory Burning Site Monument and walking trails at hippo pools. They can also enhance their knowledge about the conservation efforts of the park as they see various informative exhibits during the guided tours.

4. Lake Naivasha: Nestled in Kenya's Great Rift Valley, it is a beautiful lake surrounded by picturesque landscapes. Situated at an elevation of 1,884m, it is the highest lake within the Great Rift Valley. Honeymooners can take wonderful boat rides and get a chance to see hippos, and a range of abundant birds like flamingos and pelicans too.

5. Chale Island: This beautiful island is situated on Kenya’s southern coast. You can marvel at sandy beaches and crystal-blue waters while roaming around the island with your lover. Enjoy water sports like windsurfing and sailing, and get a chance to see vibrant coral reefs too. Make your honeymoon memorable on Chale Island as you take part in various activities like visiting beaches, trying local cuisine, and enjoying a boat tour.

Things to do on Kenya Honeymoon Tour:

Here are some of the best things to do in kenya during honeymoon:

1. Jeep Safari at Nairobi National Park: Gear up for a Kenya honeymoon safari at Nairobi National Park which is spread over a massive 117 sq. Km of area. Roam around the vast area and get a chance to see wild animals of 100 mammal species like giraffes, rhinos, and lions and 400 migratory and endemic bird species. Also, you can see the Ivory Monument and get to know about its fascinating history along with your partner.

2. Have Breakfast at Giraffe Manor: Having breakfast at Giraffe Manor is a unique experience to enjoy during your honeymoon where you dine alongside Rothschild giraffes. This iconic Nairobi hotel allows these gentle giants to poke their long necks through windows so that couples can interact with them closely. Ths activity offers a blend of luxury accommodations and unforgettable wildlife interaction, making your mornings truly magical.

3. Visit Hippo Point: Get a glimpse of over 350 species of birds and an average of 1,200 resident animals by visiting Hippo Point. Couples can have an opportunity to see hippos in their natural habitat as they reach this scenic spot situated near Lake Naivasha. Be amazed by the panoramic views of the lake and beautiful surroundings and have a wonderful wildlife experience.

4. Enjoy Lunch at Karura Forest: During your honeymoon, admire the wonderful views of the surrounding lush greenery as you enjoy lunch at the Karura Forest. You can sit amidst nature with your loved one, listen to birds chirping, and feel the calmness. The forest offers shaded spots and picnic areas. Eating here means fresh air, green surroundings, and a peaceful break from the city hustle. Spend a memorable time with your family or friends in a serene setting at Karura Forest.

5. Shop at Maasai Market: This famous market is a one-stop destination for couples to purchase various handicraft objects including paintings, clothes, batik work, wood carvings, and jewelry made by local artisans of Kenya. You can bargain with various shopkeepers and vendors and have fun while shopping for your favorite items from the market.

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Kenya Honeymoon FAQs

Is Kenya good for a honeymoon?

Yes, Kenya is a good destination for a honeymoon. You can enjoy lush green landscapes, luxury accommodations, and unique wildlife, all of which are sure to make your honeymoon unforgettably romantic. There is a wide range of activities in which you can indulge here, like relaxing on the beach, enjoying Kenya's honeymoon safari, and watching cultural activities with your lover. With Thrillophilia, Kenya can be a perfect country to give a romantic start to your marital bliss. 

How much does a 5-day honeymoon trip to Kenya cost from India?

A 5-day honeymoon trip to Kenya from India can cost approximately INR 1,30,000 to INR 1,40,000. This pricing depends upon the choice of accommodation, transfers, meals, transfers, activities, and other expenses. With our cheap honeymoon packages in Kenya, couples can have memorable and romantic Kenyan experiences within an affordable budget range.

How do I plan a Kenya honeymoon package?

Start with deciding on your itinerary and then make your budget. For better planning for a Kenya honeymoon package, you need to identify your and your partner’s interests that you wish to explore like beach visits, Kenya honeymoon safaris, and cultural shows. You can consider booking your tour package from the reputed travel platform of Thrillophilia for a well-arranged and hassle-free trip.

What documents one must carry while visiting Kenya?

While visiting Kenya, travelers must carry a valid passport with at least 6 months of validity. A visa is required as well and it is advisable to carry printed or digital copies of flight itineraries, accommodation bookings, and proof of vaccination.

How many days are required for a Kenya honeymoon trip?

A well-rounded experience of touring Kenya can be achieved in 7-10 days. Within this period you can tour the major attractions and even indulge in the authentic culture and cuisine of Kenya with ease along with your better-half. With our cheap honeymoon packages in Kenya, you can take part in various activities like a wildlife safari in Maasai Mara, and beach tours in Diani or Malindi for enjoying a budget-friendly trip.

Do I need a visa for Kenya?

Yes, most visitors need a visa for Kenya. You can apply online in advance or obtain a visa on arrival at major entry points of the country. You need to make sure that your passport remains valid for at least six months from the date of departure. Visa on arrival is also available for eligible travelers, however, it is always wise to check current visa requirements before traveling.

Kenya Honeymoon Reviews

Rukhmani Adiga
Reviewed: 31 Jul 2020
I booked this tour to Kenya with my partner. As we reached the airport the driver was there to pick us up on time. As we later traveled and explored we got to know about the place's diversity in its surroundings itself for deserts with wildlife and beautiful beaches where we enjoyed water-sports too... Read More
Heema Ganaka
Reviewed: 11 Dec 2019
We booked our honeymoon trip through Thrillophilia and we were very glad that the trip went exactly as we wanted too. Right from the landing at the airport we were warmly welcomed and received by the very well-behaved, friendly, and helpful representative along with a bright smile in the face. It wa... Read More
Akshaj Talwar
Reviewed: 24 Dec 2019
Very great honeymoon package for the span of 7-days by Thrillophilia. We would like to thanks the agent who helps us with this great suggestion to choose Kenya even though we are not sure at first the agent clarifying of all our doubts and we were very lucky we didn't miss this beautiful place with ... Read More

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