Bornholm Tourism, Denmark: Places, Best Time & Travel Guides 2022
Sprawling across the wild waters of the Baltic Sea, the little Danish island of Bornholm is known for its pretty fishing villages and colonies. Dating back to the early stone ages, the colourful history of Bornholm is preserved in its old-school culture and traditional way of life.

Vibrant fishing towns, ancient ruins and fine-sand beaches make Bornholm one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in all of Scandinavia. Apart from the various tourist attractions here, the scenic postcard-like towns here add to the charm of the place, with the towns of Ronne and Gudjhem being the biggest tourist magnets of the lot.

One of the most sought-after places to visit in Denmark, the ruins of the medieval fortress at Hammerhaus is easily the biggest attraction of Bornholm. Sitting atop a hilltop by the Baltic Sea, the Fortress commands a stunning, panoramic view of the surrounding town.

Other popular tourist spots here include four round churches of Bornholm, that served doubly as shooting galleries during the Viking era. The Opal Lake by the jagged peaks of Bornholm is another popular place to visit here. For an aesthetic retreat, head over to Bornholm’s only vineyard in Aakirkeby, a little village at the centre of the town full to the brim with flower-clad meadows.

To get a proper taste of the island’s history and culture, make sure to take a tour of the various museums in Bornholm, with the National Museum and Art Museum being the biggest ones here. With its waters brimming with cod, herring and salmon, fishing and angling are some of the most popular tourist activities here. The island is also well-known for its culinary delights, making it a popular destination among food connoisseurs.

The island of Bornholm remains windy and cloudy throughout the year. While the winters here are generally long, very cold and overcast, the summers are short, warm and pleasant. Rainfall occurs in short spells throughout the year.
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