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Yercaud Villas

Villas in Yercaud boasts of the most amazing architecture and amenities offered to its guests. A beautiful yet comfortable stay adds to the experience of visiting this beautiful hill station located in the Shevaroy hills. Speaking of that, Yercaud has one of a kind villas known for their beauty and unparalleled hospitality.

Offering villas for all kinds of people, from families and kids to beautiful couples on their honeymoon, it makes your stay a pleasant one. If you are travelling with your group of friends, book a budget friendly yet decent villa to have the best time.

Some of these include Oaks Villa, Fairholme Bungalow and Saffron Villa that offer a pleasant stay to its guests with complimentary breakfast and extremely breathtaking views. Villas like Bamboo Homestay and Kinger’s Homestay are the two amongst the most luxurious villas in Yercaud. These provide facilities like BBQ, fireplace in each room and flatscreen TVs for an enhanced experience. Offering a perfect blend of modern amenities and comfort of home, villas in Yercaud will make your trip an absolute delight.
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Yercaud Villas FAQs

What are the best villas available in Yercaud?

1. Rain Rock Villa: Away from your busy, routine lives, Rain Rock Villa is an ideal getaway. It is one of the most luxurious and popular villas in Yercaud and comes with a shared lounge and a garden to relax.

It also has a restaurant so you can have scrumptious meals and make your tummy happy. Spacious rooms with a flat screen TV and complimentary toiletries, Rain Rock Villa is exactly what you need to escape from your worries.

Location:Yercaud Cauvery Peak Rd Yercaud, Tamil Nadu 636602.
Price: Starting from INR 6000.

2. Oaks Villa: Located at a distance of 9 km from Yercaud Lake and Pagoda Point, Oaks Villa is a preferred place among the travellers. The service of an in-room breakfast enhances your experience even more.

Because what’s better than a delicious breakfast in a room with splendid views. With serene garden views and a fireplace, you can relax away from your everyday worries and stress. Staying at Oaks Villa is like a therapy for your mind to rejuvenate before you go back to the hustle of the city life.

Location: Kolakoor Road Yercaud, Tamil Nadu 636602.
Price: Starting from INR 6500.

3. Akarsh Villa: One of the most architecturally beautiful villas in Yercaud, Akarsh Villa is all that you are looking for a tremendously comfortable stay. With warm and hospitable staff and the most delicious food, you are going to love every bit of your stay here.

Enjoy the bedazzling views from the terrace and mouth watering food available on request. Evenings are worth remembering here in the chilly yet beautiful weather of Yercaud.

Location:  Ladies Seat Rd, near Infant Jesus School, Salem, Tamil Nadu 636601.
Price: Starting from INR 2500.

4. Saffron Villa: With a perfect combination of spacious rooms, modern amenities and fascinating views, Saffron Villa is a complete package making your vacation a wonderful one. Located at a walkable distance to Yercaud Lake and in close proximity to other sites worth visiting like Deer Park, Kiliyur Falls, Pagoda Point etc, this is one of the most popular villas in Yercaud.

The villa also arranges for sightseeing trips for you and offers other complimentary perks that add to your experience. With hospital staff and an in-house restaurant providing delectable meals, this is going to be a stay you will love and cherish.

Location:Bus Stand, 2nd Cross New Town, Ondikadai, Near, Yercaud, Tamil Nadu 636601.
Price: Starting from INR 3300.

5. The Cliff Resort: Built at a cliff as the name suggests, Cliff Resorts is one of the best stays in Yercaud providing the best views. With the panoramic sights of the valley and the lake, Cliff Resort will not disappoint you rather is a perfect place to start exploring Yercaud.

An idyllic getaway for families and couples, the resort provides spacious rooms along with the best services. You can engage yourselves in indoor and outdoor activities including Chess, Table Tennis, Carrom, Cricket and Volleyball. The resort can also arrange for sightseeing, trekking and boating on request of the guests. A lovely evening with a campfire and a DJ awaits you amidst the enthralling surroundings.

Location: 12A, Kamaraj Rd, Yercaud, Tamil Nadu 636602.
Price: Starting from INR 2000.

What are the best luxury villas in Yercaud?

1. Bamboo Homestay: Perfect for a relaxing getaway from the hustle of the city life, Bamboo Homestay is one of the most luxurious villas in Yercaud. It is hillside along with spacious rooms that come with private bathrooms and a flatscreen TV offering you a perfect escape.

With BBQ facilities and a fireplace to keep you cozy, it is an ideal combination of everything that you can hope for on a vacation. A washing machine for your ease and comfort, and a garden for walks in the beautiful surroundings, this villa has everything that will refresh you. Amazing service and incredible views is what awaits you at the Bamboo Homestay.

Location: Manjakuttai Road, near Hotel Saravana Bhavan Elite Kakadu, Yercaud, Tamil Nadu 636602.
Price: Starting from INR 9000.

2. WOW Bison Woods (Wooden/Forest Villa): Located at an altitude of 4970 feet above the sea level, Bison Woods is eco friendly and considered to be one of the best villas in Yercaud. For travellers with a heart that loves a luxurious stay, this is the perfect resort for them helping them take a break from their very busy lives. You can choose from the type of accomodation that best suits your needs.

From warm and cozy bedrooms, to fascinating tents and luxurious villas, Bison Woods has all the options open for you to choose from. Delicious hot food is available at your request. It also offers a variety of massages, from Swedish Massage Therapy, Balinese massage, Deep Tissue massage to Thai massage and so many more offering you pure bliss and enhancing the experience of your stay.

Location:Plot No 53, 3rd Cross, Berry Garden, opposite to First Estate, Yercaud, Tamil Nadu 63660.
Price: Starting from INR 4600.

3. Kinger’s Homestay: Kinger’s Homestay is one of the finest villas in Yercaud and is quite renowned for its amazing hospitality and beautiful accommodation. This villa comes with extremely beautiful and luxurious rooms with a seating area and a flatscreen TV so that you have the time of your life.

There is also a kitchen available for the love of cooking and making yourself absolutely delicious meals. It is a favourite among the travellers who visit Yercaud and seek a luxurious stay with a pleasant experience.

Location:Villa No.1, Misty Meadows, Metropole Homes Pagoda Point Road, Bedford avenue, near Sri silver inn, 636601 Yercaud.
Price: Starting from INR 4500.

What are the best villas in Yercaud for family?

1. Fairholme Bungalow: An ideal place to start this wonderful journey of exploring Yercaud, Fairholme Bungalow is a popular choice among the villas in Yercaud. A perfect villa for families, it provides a feel of a rich heritage and a tranquil experience that is unparalleled.

The elegance of this bungalow will steal your heart and the bonfire at night will enhance your experience adding flavour to your evenings.

Location:Tipperary Road, (Behind Montfort School),, Yercaud, Tamil Nadu 636601.
Price: Starting from INR 6000.

2. Golden Moon: Offering one of a kind experience, Golden Moon is one of the best villas in Yercaud. Extremely family friendly, it is famous for its hospitable service and lovely surroundings.

Delicious, complimentary breakfast is served to give a perfect start to your day before you head out to visit the attractions in Yercaud. A local cook is also at your service if you want to get your own meals cooked. Golden Moon also has a swimming pool for all the water lovers and you can create fun moments in there with your kids.

Location: Manjakuttai, Yercaud, Brindhavan Avenue, Asambur, Tamil Nadu 636602.
Price: Starting from INR 1500.

3. Sushmika Villas: Sushmika Villa comes with enthralling views of the surroundings and a beautiful terrace for your evening walks. All the rooms are spacious and equipped with a flat screen TV along with a private bathroom and a fireplace.

Complimentary ala carte breakfast is provided to you every morning of your stay giving your day a start that you long for back in the city. There are children activities available at the villa making it a pleasant stay for the families. You can also rent a bicycle if you want to go explore the place around.

Location:Pakoda Point Rd, Yercaud, Tamil Nadu 606601.
Price: Starting from INR 2200.

What are the best villas in Yercaud for couples?

1. Silver Oaks Cottage: Located in the heart of Yercaud surrounded by trees and plantations, Silver Oaks Cottage is in close proximity to all the attractions worth visiting. With spacious, clean rooms and all the basic amenities required for a delightful stay, this villa is one among the best.

It also offers scenic views because every room comes with a balcony for you to spend quality time with your partner. The delicious food cooked with organic vegetables is something you should not miss out on. If you are on a trip with your partner, book this beautiful stay and the staff here will enhance it with their hospitable service.

Location:Valley view cottage Opp to the lake, 636601 Yercaud, India.
Price: Starting from INR 5600.

2. HillCrest Cottages: HillCrest Cottages come with enchanting views of the magnificent hills surrounding the cottage. This villa comes with two spacious rooms and one living room with a flat screen TV and is a perfect getaway for couples.

There is also a kitchen for all the guests who love cooking and a terrace that offers fascinating views enhances your stay here. The cottage is known for its services and hospitality making you feel at home away from home.

Manjakuttai Road, Asambur, Near Church, 636602 Yercaud, India.
Price: Starting from INR 5000.

What are the basic amenities I would get in Yercaud villas?

Villas in Yercaud come with the basic amenities required for a comfortable stay.

-A free parking facility is the most vital of them all and hence is provided in villas in Yercaud.
-Free wifi is also a part of the stay helping you stay connected with your friends and family back home.
-Most of the Yercaud villas offer a fireplace in the rooms to keep the guests warm in the chilly weather of the hill station.
-Kitchen is also provided in most of them if the guests want to cook their own meals in the lovely weather of Yercaud.
-However, complimentary breakfast is provided with some of the villas in resorts also offering an in house restaurant service.

Are pets allowed in Yercaud villas?

Yes, villas in Yercaud allow pets as long as they don’t damage the property and spoil the surroundings. The villas are mostly pet friendly because who doesn’t love pets, right? Although it varies from policy to policy of every villa, it is advisable to check their websites before taking your pets.

Can we make our own food at Yercaud villas?

Yes, villas in Yercaud allow you to cook your own food as long as you keep the kitchen clean. However, it also depends on villa to villa if it has a kitchen or not. It is best to check the website or call the owner to ask about the amenities provided by each villa before booking your stay.

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