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Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary Featured
Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary



Located in the district of Thrissur, Chimmony wildlife sanctuary has the watershed areas of two rivers. Kunumali and Mupliyam rivers are bounded by hills. It comprises of several kinds of flora and fauna. Chimmony Wildlife in India is set near the Peechi Vazhani wildlife in kerala. There are around 110 different kinds of birds including 22 kinds of migratory birds. The water body of this sanctuary is the abode of 31 various species of local fish. Apart from this many a rare species of endangered orchids and herbs like Mara Manjal (tree turmeric) and analivegam adds to the biodiversity of this sanctuary.
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27 Ratings

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12 July 2014
We were surprised to see such an awesome views from the same point, those wild animals and the magnificent mountains will definitely steal your heart.....this place has a great variety of Flora and fauna.
11 April 2014
It feels special to go for such an adventurous trip with your friends and family. This sanctuary lies in conjugation with Peechi-Vazhani wildlife of kerala and Parambikulam wildlife sanctuary. Very nice stay!!!
15 August 2014
i wish, i were stayed there for more days , i never wanna return from there and never wanna end up my camping adventure...Actually We were a group of 20 people and it was so much fun to embark upon the mighty trails all together as a team.
13 August 2014
Waooooo What an amazing destination it was... Especialy in evening the sunset looks so enchanting. Talking about the trekking, which lasted for 2.5hrs so it was not so long trek, we rested at many places to click some awesome photoghraphs...It was a nice adventure
13 April 2014
It was a very nice stay there, with my family and friends last summer. We reached the sanctuary in morning and started our trekking expedition right at 9 am crossing through the deciduous and evergreen forests. We thoroughly enjoyed our holiday.
11 October 2014
I never got thrilled this much, really its absolutely paradise of trekking and nature lovers.. Its a short trek but you will like this one... It has a very rich heritage of wildlife.
29 September 2014
i think the money spent on this trip was totally worth it because we got the best holiday moment ever. It was a great visit to the oldest wildlife Sanctuary that lies in the Mukundapuram district of Thrissur. Overall it was a very nice trip...
16 September 2014
Wao I cant forget those magnificent mountains .One can spot them right from the National Highway. Our overnight camping was impressive.... I wish some good restaurant would have been there..
14 September 2014
Wao it was heavenly place really, very peaceful and very enchanting. We had visited Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary in winters but the weather was quite comfortable....i think entire kerala region has a very nice climatic condition. A Must Visit Place.
11 September 2014
Don't worry the trip comes in your budget, just don't miss out any thing like the sight seeing and the adventurous trekking also.I bet you gonna love bird watching in the evening.