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    Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary
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    Located in the district of Thrissur, Chimmony wildlife sanctuary has the watershed areas of two rivers. Kunumali and Mupliyam rivers are bounded by hills. It comprises of several kinds of flora and fauna. Chimmony Wildlife in India is set near the Peechi Vazhani wildlife...

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Chavakkad Beach

One of the most fascinating and unexplored beaches of the state of Kerala, the Chavakkad Beach is popularly one amongst the most famous Thrissur Tourist places. Perfect for picnickers, honeymooners, and tourists of all sorts, the golden sand of the beach is what at the tracts people from all corners of the country. 

The place where the beach is, there is a river that meets the sea, making an estuary. One of the best reasons for people to flock here is the colour of the waters, and the sight of fishermen going about their daily life. One can do a lot here, one of which is witnessing the amazing cleanliness of the area.

Location: 28.3 km from Thrissur bus stand.

Timings: Everyday, 6 AM to 6:30 PM.

Entry fees: None.


Thrissur Beach

Thrissur Beach is one of its kinds in the entire Kerala region which bears every charm to attract people from all walks of life. Situated on the coastline of Arabian sea, the beach offers alluring views during sunrise and sunsets.Earlier, the beach used to attract only the locals but as the time passed the beauty of the beach won hearts of the tourists even in the distant lands.

Thrissur beach is situated in the city of Thrissur which is also the cultural capital of Kerala. Besides the beach, the place is famous for the ancient temple, churches, and mosques.With people flocking around on the sunkissed golden sand bordered by swaying palm trees and the sound of the waves, the place gets charismatic as the dawn happens.

People coming from all around the world to witness the natural beauty of the place indulge themselves into various activities that happen on and around the beach like swimming, surfing, fishing, sunbathing, boat rides and birdwatching on the dreamy stretch of vast blue water.
Water resorts situated around provides a panoramic view of the sea along with an opulent stay option.

Location: 25 km from Thrissur bus stand.

 All day

Entry fees:


Vilangan Kunnu

The oxygen jar of the city of Thrissur, Vilangan Kunnu is a hillock located near the city. From its top, one can get a fine view of the Thrissur city and Thrissur Kole Wetlands, making the place one of the most favourite picnic spots in the region. 

Simply surreal, the experience from the 5-acre hilltop is only enhanced by the construction of an amusement park, where there are a number of rides that the kids can enjoy with the amazing view below.

Location: 9.2 km from Thrissur bus stand.

 Everyday, 9 AM to 5 PM.

Entry fees:
 INR 10 for adults, and INR 5 for kids.


Dolours Basilica

The Dolours Basilica, or the Basilica of Our Lady of Dolours (as the full name goes), is a distinct building in the city of Thrissur. You can easily recognize this grand church from its white facade. 

Smack in the middle of a lush green valley, this basilica is known for narrating quite a number of stories of love and faith. Spread in an area of about 25,000 sq feet, Dolours Basilica is the third tallest church in Asia and the largest church in the country with double storeyed aisles.

Location: 1.6 km from Thrissur bus stand.

Timings: Everyday, 6:00 AM onwards (mass timings may vary.

Entry fees: None.

Thrissur Zoo and State Museum

Smack in the middle of the city is one of the most alive and beautiful of all Thrissur Tourist Places. Also known as the State Museum & Zoo, the Thrissur Zoo is located at about 2 km from the city centre, the zoo is more than just a place for showcasing the beautiful flora and fauna of the region. 

There is also a natural history museum and an art museum that have exhibits capturing the social and cultural heritage of Thrissur. With it being one of the two Zoological Parks in Kerala, the zoo experiences a good number of visitors every year.

Location: 2.7 km from Thrissur bus stand.

Timings: Tuesday to Sunday, from 9 AM to 5 PM.

Entry fees: INR 5 for adults, INR 3 for children, INR 5 for a camera, and INR 500 for the video camera.


Paramekkavu Bhagavathy Temple

The largest temple in the state dedicated to Goddess Vaishnavi, the Paramekkavu Bhagavathy Temple is one of the most famous places to visit in Thrissur. 

One of the participating temples in the famous Thrissur Pooram festival, where 15 elephants walk in a procession Paramekkavu to the Vadakkumnathan temple. 

The Paramekkavu Bhagavathy Temple is also well-known for its easy accessibility, as it quite near to the railway station of the city. This almost 1000-year-old temple is a centre of attraction in the time of celebrations in the state.

location: 1.6 km from Thrissur bus stand.

 Everyday, 4:30 AM to 11:30 AM | 4 PM to 9 PM.

Entry fees:

Guruvayur Sree Krishna Temple

In the town of Guruvayur near Thrissur, the Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple stands as a true testimony of not only the devotion of the people of the state but also of the fine arts and crafts that Kerala is well known for.

Dedicated to the Hindu God, Guruvayurappan, the temple is one of the most sacred locations for the Hindus residing in Kerala. Inside the temple, you can find a number of artefacts that showcase the beauty of the handiwork of Kerala. 

The best part of visiting the temple is that when it is lit during celebrations, the glow of the red and brick structure is a sight worth beholding.

Location: 25.9 km from Thrissur bus stand.

 Everyday, 3:00 AM to 1:30 PM | 4:30 PM to 9:15 PM.

Entry fees:


Peechi Dam

What started as a reservoir built for irrigation, the Peechi Dam has now become one of the best highlights in the list of Thrissur Tourist Places. Not only does this place provide irrigation water to nearby villages, but also makes up for drinking water provided to the city. 

Built on the Manali River, you can find the Peechi-Vazhani Wildlife Sanctuary and a number of elephants who come here to drink water. Apart from this, the tourists absolutely love this place and come here to enjoy boating on the reservoir.

Location: 22.2 km from Thrissur bus stand.

Timings: Everyday, 8 AM to 6:30 PM.

Entry fees: None.

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