Moderate Treks in Shimla

Karol Tibba Trek, Shali Tibba Trek, Tara Devi Trek, Chadwick Falls Trek, Hatu Peak Trek, Chharabra Trek, Churdhar Trek, Deo Tibba Trek, Jalsu Pass Trek, Jakhoo Temple Trek, Kamna Devi Temple Trek, and many more.

Thrillophilia is a trusted platform that offers a curated collection of moderate treks in Shimla. These treks offer a unique blend of adventure and scenic landscapes. No matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced trekker, Thrillophilia offers a delightful experience for all. Some of the best moderate treks in Shimla are the Karol Tibba Trek and the Hatu Peak Trek.

All our guided treks allow you to wander through luscious pine and deodar forests and cascading rivers flowing from the Himalayan peaks. Treks like Summer Hill Trek and Chadwick Falls Trek offer you an amazing journey to the stunning water streams during the summer season.

The moderate trek tours in Shimla offered by Thrillophilia cater to the diverse interests and preferences of every trekker. If you are a first-time trekker, you can indulge in short treks like Karol Tibba Trek and Jakhoo Temple Trek. On the other hand, advanced trekkers can go on the challenging Churdhar Trek and Charabra Trek.

You can also top off your Shimla moderate treks with the right gear, including sturdy trekking shoes, weather-appropriate clothing, and a reliable backpack. Thrillophilia assists you with all your trekking itineraries so that you can have a safe, seamless and enjoyable stay in the moderate terrains of Shimla.

Here are some of the best moderate treks in Shimla:

1. Churdhar Trek- Churdhar Trek is an adventurous journey to Churdhar Peak at 12,000 feet. It takes you through dense forests, meadows, and rocky terrain before reaching the summit in 4 days.

Difficulty Level: Moderate - Difficult 

Duration: 2 days

Maximum Altitude: 12,000 feet 

2. Deo Tibba Trek- Deo Tibba Trek is a wonderful 6-day trek that offers stunning views of snow-covered Deo Tibba and Indrasan peaks. It features scenic spots like Chikka, Seri, Tainta, and mini Chandra Tal.

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Duration: 6 days

Maximum Altitude: 14,000 feet

3. Jalsu Pass Trek- Starting from Talai, Jalsu Pass Trek connects Kangra Valley to upper Ravi Valley. It is a 4-day trek through tiny hamlets, luscious thickets, and the natural beauty of Dhauladhar Ranges.

Difficulty Level: Easy - Moderate

Duration: 4 days 

Maximum Altitude: 12,795 feet 

4. Jakhoo Temple Trek- Jakhoo Temple Trek leads you to the highest hill in Shimla, with an old temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Although the trails are steep, they let you pass through dense pine forests.

Difficulty Level: Moderate - Difficult

Duration: 1 day

Maximum Altitude: 8054 feet 

5. Kamna Devi Temple Trek- Accessible from Boileauganj, Kamna Devi Temple Trek is a sacred trek to the temple of Goddess Kali at 2,150 feet. This trail offers spectacular views of Solan, Old Shimla, and surrounding hamlets.

Difficulty Level: Easy - Moderate

Duration: 1 day

Maximum Altitude: 2150 feet 

6. Chadwick Falls Trek- Chadwick Falls Trek is one of the best moderate treks in Shimla. Situated just 5 kilometres from Shimla, this trek treats you to stunning water streams and luscious greenery during summer. 

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Duration: 3 - 4 days

Maximum Altitude: 5203 feet

7. Shali Tibba Trek- Standing at 240 metres, Shali Tibba Trek is among the wonderful moderate treks in Shimla. The summit provides a 360-degree view of Shimla, Mashobra, Kufri, and Fagu Valley.

Difficulty Level: Easy - Moderate

Duration: 1 day

Maximum Altitude: 9422 feet

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Shimla Moderate Treks FAQs

What is the best time to trek in Shimla?

The best time for taking up moderate treks in Shimla is from April to June and September to November. During this time, Shimla enjoys the spring and autumn seasons, respectively. The weather also remains pleasant at this time to see the crystal clear views of snowy Himalayan mountains. You can even enjoy diverse blooming flowers on the trekking trails of Shimla. 

Which is the best month for trekking in Shimla?

The months from April to June and September to November are the best time for trekking in Shimla. During this time, the weather remains pleasant and the chances of rainfall are relatively low. These months also offer clear blue skies to enjoy the gorgeous peaks of the Dhauladhar Ranges. 

Which trek is best for beginners in Shimla?

Shali Tibba Trek, Tara Devi Trek, Karol Tibba Trek, and Kuppar Bugyal Trek are some of the best moderate treks in Shimla for beginners. Lasting for half an hour to 3 days, these treks are great for weekends and family trips. They have a gradual climb through fir, pine, and cedar forests that offer beautiful views for everyone to enjoy.

Which is the toughest trek in Shimla?

The toughest trek in Shimla is the Chadwick Falls Trek. It leads you to the Chadwick Waterfall at 12,000 feet. This trek takes you through the foaming clouds formed when the gushing waters hit the rocks. It treats you to the eye-catching views of the flora and fauna that allow you to soak in the serenity of the place. 

Which is the easiest peak to climb in Shimla?

The easiest peak to climb in Shimla is Shali Tibba. With a height of 240 meters, it will take you only about 7 hours to complete the trek. The trail winds you through luscious green pines and cedarwood forests. There is also a thrilling river crossing without a bridge that adds excitement to the hike. 

Is the Hatu Peak Trek easy?

Yes, the Hatu Peak Trek is considered one of the easy-to-moderate trek tours in Shimla. Starting from Narkanda, it is a day trek that offers scenic views of the Himalayas. This trek takes you through a mix of deodar, fir, blue pine, cedar, and spruce forests. At 3,405 metres above the sea level, you will reach the Hatu Mata Temple dedicated to Mandodari, the wife of King Ravana

Which type of shoes should I bring on a moderate trekking tour?

You should bring a pair of comfortable and strong trekking shoes for Shimla moderate treks. These shoes are great for rocky and uneven trails. They provide good support to your feet and ankles. The tough and waterproof material of these trekking shoes makes them ideal for any weather conditions.

What are the things I should pack for trekking in Shimla?

Shimla offers a thrilling and challenging trekking experience. It takes you through diverse trails and provides a chance to view snow-covered mountains. However, it is essential to carry important things that make your trekking journey better and enjoyable. Some of the things that you must carry for trekking in Shimla are:

1. A pair of comfortable and strong trekking shoes

2. Water bottle

3. A lightweight backpack

4. Clothing according to the weather conditions

5. First aid kit

6. Sunscreen and sunglasses

7. Trekking pole

8. Headlamp or flashlight

9. Snacks

10. Map and navigation tools 

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