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Duration Price
Jalori Pass Trek6 hours
INR 999

Karol Tibba Trek, Shali Tibba Trek, Jakhoo Temple Trek, Hatu Peak Trek, Naldehra Trek, Dhanu Devta Temples Trek, Kamna Devi Temple Trek, Summer Hill Trek, Kuppar Bugyal Trek, and many more.

Thrillophilia is well-known for providing some of the best easy treks in Shimla, a destination that is renowned for offering delightful experiences for trekking lovers. We offer a wide array of well-planned trekking options, like the Kuppar Bugyal Trek and Naldhera Trek

One of the best and easy treks in Shimla is the Shali Tibba Trek, which takes you through luscious forests and a thrilling river crossing to the Shali Tibba Temple. Karol Tibba Trek is another popular and easy journey to the Pandava Gufa that hails from the story of the Mahabharata. Jakhoo Devi Temple Trek and Dhanu Devta Temple Treks are some of the other easy spiritual treks in Shimla.

Whether you choose the Summer Hill Trek or Chadwick Falls Trek, our easy Shimla treks offer wonderful experiences for all kinds of interests and preferences. Each of these trekking tours are safe and greets you with majestic views of Dhauladhar Ranges and Churdhar Peak. You can also walk through the gorgeous views of fir, pine, and cedar forests, tiny hamlets, and Shimla itself. 

A well-planned itinerary with all the gears and equipments will make your expedition even more enjoyable. It is also advisable to prioritise your physical fitness for a better experience. 

So, what are you waiting for? Plan now and join us for some of the amazing easy trek tours in Shimla along with your friends and family. 

Here are some of the best easy treks in Shimla:

1. Karol Tibba Trek- Karol Tibba Trek is an easy trek in Shimla, starting from Chambaghat. It is a 6-kilometre hike to Pandava Gufa and the summit with the Kali Temple.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Duration: 1 day

Maximum Altitude: 9186 feet 

2. Shali Tibba Trek- Shali Tibba Trek is a simple and short trek through blue pine and cedar forests. It provides wide views of Shimla, Mashobra, Kufri, Fagu, and Narkanda. 

Difficulty Level: Easy - Moderate

Duration: 1 day

Maximum Altitude: 9423 feet

3. Dhanu Devta Temple Trek- Dhanu Devta Temple Trek is a 4-kilometre journey in the foothills of Shimla. This trek passes through Bemloe and Central Potato Research Institute to reach three ancient wooden temples. 

Difficulty Level: Easy

Duration: 1 day 

Maximum Altitude: 6709 feet

4. Jakhoo Temple Trek- Jakhoo Temple Trek is an easy uphill climb journey in Shimla. It takes you to 108 feet high Lord Hanuman Temple on top of the Jakhoo Hill.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Duration: 1 day

Maximum Altitude: 8054 feet

5. Summer Hill Trek- Summer Hill Trek is a short hike from Summer Hill railway station to provide panoramic views of surrounding hills. You can also explore the Indian Institute Of Advanced Study here.

Difficulty Level: Easy

Duration: 1-2 days

Maximum Altitude: 2100 feet 

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Shimla Easy Treks FAQs

What is the best time to trek in Shimla?

The best time for taking up any of the easy treks in Shimla is from April to June and September to November. During this time, the place enjoys the spring and autumn seasons, respectively. The weather remains pleasant to enjoy clear views of snow-capped Himalayan mountains. It also allows you to witness blooming flowers and beautiful scenery along the trails.

Which trek is best for beginners in Shimla?

Shali Tibba Trek is one of the best easy treks in Shimla suitable for beginners. Karol Tibba Trek, Tara Devi Trek, and Kuppar Bugyal Trek are also some of the other worth considering treks in Shimla. Ranging from half a day to 3 days, these treks are suitable for families and people seeking weekend trips. They offer a gradual climb to the beautiful views of fir, pine, and cedar forests.

Which is the most popular trek in Shimla?

Karol Tibba Trek is one of the most popular and easy Shimla treks. Starting from Solan, this trek involves a steep climb to the Pandava Gufa. It also allows you to dive deep into the ancient stories of Mahabharata from the guide while trekking. You can even discover the rare flora and fauna of the Himalayan range along the trail.

Is the Shali Tibba Trek easy?

Yes, the Shali Tibba Trek is regarded as one of the easy treks in Shimla. Situated at a height of 2,867 metres, it takes you around 3 to 5 hours to reach the Shali Tibba Temple. This trek offers a sacred experience of the temple of Goddess Bhimakali. You can also enjoy the scenic beauty of the surroundings along the way.

Which type of shoes should I bring on the Shimla trekking tour?

A comfortable pair of high-ankle trekking boots are perfect for trekking in Shimla. These shoes offer a good grip and prevent injuries. You can also look for deep grooves on the sole of the shoes that will provide stability on rocks and descents. It is also advisable to carry a pair of shoes that are durable and water-resistant.

How much weight will I have to carry for the trek?

The weight for trekking in Shimla depends completely on the number of days of your trekking journey. For taking up any of the easy treks in Shimla, you can go lightweight with 5 kilograms. Moderate level treks allow you to carry a weight of around 8 to 13 kilograms. On the other hand, the difficult treks require you to carry around 15 to 30 kilograms. 

What are the things I should pack for trekking in Shimla?

Trekking in Shimla is a thrilling and demanding experience. Although you can enjoy playing with snowballs on easy treks in Shimla, it is essential to have complete protection on the challenging ones. Some of the important things that you should pack for a trekking tour in Shimla are:

1. A pair of strong and comfortable high-ankle shoes

2. Weather-appropriate clothing

3. A lightweight and sturdy backpack

4. Water bottle

5. Snacks

6. Sunscreen and sunglasses

7. First aid kit

8. Trekking pole

9. Headlamp or flashlight

10. Map and navigation tools

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