Vashist Temple & Water Springs Overview

The Vashist temple in Manali is dedicated to the sage Vashist who was the Kula guru of Lord Rama across the river Beas. This temple is said to be at least 4000 years old which is the reason it attracts so many visitors to the place. Aside from its historical significance, the temple is renowned for its natural hot water springs, believed to possess healing properties. Pilgrims and tourists alike flock to these thermal springs to partake in their rejuvenating waters, seeking solace and spiritual renewal amidst the serene surroundings of Manali.

The Vashist temple and hot water springs offer travelers a unique opportunity to connect with both the spiritual and natural realms. As part of your Manali trip, you can explore the temple's historical significance, marvel at its ancient architecture, and partake in the restorative waters of the hot springs.

Location: It is located in the Vashist village in Manali. The place is at 3.5 km from the Manali bus station through where you will find busses for all around Manali.

Highlights: The hot water springs in the region is one of the major tourist attractions of the place. Many people also believe that this hot water springs have a medicinal value which can provide as an ailment to many diseases.

Best time to visit: Although the temple is open on all the days, you can visit the temple from 7 am in to morning to 9 pm in the night. For taking a bath, the place is open for 7 am to 1 pm and then from 2 pm to 9 pm.

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