Aapravasi Ghat Overview
Aapravasi Ghat is a 150 plus-year-old historic site in the city of Port Louis on the North-western coast of Mauritius. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and holds an important place in the history of Mauritius. Its complex is filled with the ruins of what was built in the 1860s.

In this history, Mauritius was a British Colony and Aapravasi Ghat served as a place of the immigrants and labourers who were brought from various other colonies of the Britishers. Although the majority of the place is damaged, one can witness the remaining ruins which are not only beautiful but hold stories of different cultural and historical backgrounds.

Aapravasi Ghat is surrounded by silence and peace, which makes the tourists visit the ghat to not only to relax in the silence but also to learn about and dig in the various aspects of its beauty. Due to its location in the capital city and proximity to the coast, Aapravasi Ghat attracts non-history bluffs too.

Tourists can explore Aapravasi Ghat for half-a-day and then go for a shopping spree to the nearby Caudan Waterfront, Blue Penny Museum, Jummah Mosque, etc. After getting the tag of UNESCO World Heritage Site, Aapravasi Ghat has been visited by more than 3 million tourists from around the globe.

The unmatching beauty of this place makes it a very popular tourist place in Mauritius and if you want to visit Aapravasi Ghat, make sure to read through to know any and everything about it.

How To Reach

Located in the capital city, Aapravasi Ghat can be reached by roadways and airways. There are no passenger trains running in Mauritius but you will always find a means of public transport to Aapravasi Ghats. Here are the ways to reach Aapravasi Ghats. 

By Roadways:
Aaoravasi Ghat is connected to all the major towns and cities in Mauritius by roadways. Aapravasi Ghat is located on the 1st Quay Street which is one of the main roads of the city. You can get any public transport and private cab/taxis to reach Aapravasi Ghats and get down at the Caudan Waterfront Bus Station. 

By Airways:
Port Louis International Airport (Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport) is the closest to Aapravasi Ghat. The airport is connected to all the major airports around the world. Additionally, the ghat is located 48 km from the airport and can be easily reached by buses, private cabs and taxi.

Other Essential Information


Aapravasi Ghat is located on the 1st Quay Street of  Port Louis in Mauritius.

- Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 4 PM
Saturday from 9 AM to 12 PM
Closed on Sundays. 

Entry Fees:
There are no entry fees to the Aapravasi Ghats complex. Although, inside the complex, you will have to pay at the souvenir shops.

Distance from Mauritius city centre:
The distance from Mauritius city centre to Aapravasi Ghats is around 4 km.

Go for a Photography Tour around the complex:
If you are a photography enthusiast or someone who just wants to click some amazing pictures, explore the various picturesque and amazing ruins of the complex.

The roadways is the only means of transportation in Port Louis and the roadway network of Port Louis is quite good and one can find buses, taxis and private cabs with ease. Apart from commuting to the rest of the area, you can get plenty of cabs, taxis or buses to get to Aapravasi Ghat. Furthermore, The construction of the metroline is going on in Mauritius and it is estimated to start operating by 2021. 

Medical Facilities:
There are basic Medical Facilities in the complex of Aapravasi Ghat. Alongside the wheelchair facility.. The nearby hospital is located in Caudan Waterfront. 

Network Connectivity:
Network Connectivity is good inside the complex of Aapravasi Ghat. However, as you go inside the rooms and buildings of the site, the network signal diminishes. 

History of Aapravasi Ghat

Aapravasi Ghat was built in the late 1860s by the Britishers to gather the labourers brought from the various other British Colonies. Due to its proximity to the sea, Aapravasi Ghat became a very popular and important place for the Britishers to bring immigrants and slaves. Not only did they house the labourers here but also a few important meetings regarding them were conducted in the ghat’s premises. 

Aapravasi Ghat became a melting pot of the labourers from various parts of the world. Labourers were brought from various colonies but the maximum labourers came from India. They were then sent to the various Sugar factories around the country and this made Mauritius one of the countries producing maximum Sugar. 

Legacy of Aapravasi Ghat 

In the late 18th and early 19th century, Mauritius was under the control of the French government. They imported slaves from their colonies in Africa, India and Madagascar. The slaves were then used in building various defensive walls, hospitals and in the earlier 18th century they were made to work in the sugar factories. After the defeat of France against the Britishers, Mauritius went under their control. 

Britishers took the sugar production and trade to an international level. After the ban of slaves in the various European Colonies, Britishers brought various workers from Portugal, China and India and sent them to work in the sugar factories.

In the mid-19th century, the demand for sugar was very high and this resulted in more work at the sugar factories. As a result, more workers were brought from the colonies and in the 1850s and 1860s, the construction of Aapravasi Ghat was started.

Simultaneously, Aapravasi Ghat became a vital place in Port Louis as it was the hotspot for the sugar export and the migration of the workers. Due to its proximity to the port, Aapravasi Ghat became a vital centre of Trade in South-Asia. 

Aapravasi Ghat was built for the sole purpose of keeping the immigrants and workers of the Immigration Depot. Various economic reforms were taking place in the various British Colonies, which resulted in the expansion of sugar export from Mauritius.

Mauritius became one of the richest sugar-producing British colonies in the world. After the independence of Mauritius from Britishers, not much attention was given to the complex of Aapravasi Ghat. In the late 1980s, restoration work was done but most the buildings in the complex were ruined.

It was realised that there was a need to form a trust for the complex and the Aapravasi Ghat Trust was formed to facilitate the funding process of the complex. In the year 2006, Aapravasi Ghat was named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and since then it has become one of the most popular tourist places in the country. 

Places to Stay near Aapravasi Ghat

1. Labourdonnais Waterfront Hotel
One of the most luxurious and popular hotels in Port Louis, Labourdonnais Waterfront is a sea-facing hotel. Not only you get a wonderful stay but also you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Indian Ocean from your room. The hotel is around 600 metres from Aapravasi Ghat and is easily accessible by road. 

2. Le Suffren Hotel and Marina
Another magnificent hotel in Port Louis, Le Suffren Hotel and Marina is the best place for group stays. Located approximately 1km from Aapravasi Ghat, Le Suffren Hotel and Marina is the best option for people who want to enjoy a typical Mauritian vacation. 

3. Le Saint Georges
Located near the mountains, Le Stay Georges is a beautiful stay option close to Aapravasi Ghat. Providing facilities like advance booking, Free Wifi and much more, Le Saint Georges is one of the best hotel options in Mauritius. 

Places to Eat near Aapravasi Ghat

1. Canton
If you are looking for a restaurant that serves the best Cantonese food in the city then Canton is the place to go. From the traditional Cantonese noodles to the outgoing Chinese rice, you can eat anything you want. 

- Canton is located 300-metres from Aapravasi Ghat. 

2. Kimchi House
Kimchi House serves the most mouth-watering and traditional Mauritian food in the city. It opens early in the morning and closes late in the night. AFter spending your day at the historic ruins, come here for a delicious meal. 

- Kimchi House is around 400-metres from Aapravasi Ghat. 

3. Beer and Spice
Beer and Spice is famous for its Mauritian Curry in the locality. One of the best places to try authentic Mauritian cuisine, visit here and gobble down the food like the locals.

- It is located 600-metres from the complex of Aapravasi Ghat. 

Traveller’s Tips for visiting Aapravasi Ghat

- Aapravasi Ghat is a place of historical and cultural significance for the people of Mauritius. It is advisable to keep the place clean. 

Silence is expected from every visitor. Therefore keep your mobile phones or any other device on silent mode. 

The complex of Aapravasi Ghat is wheelchair friendly. All the path and toilet facilities are also wheelchair friendly. 

If you are visiting Aapravasi Ghat in a group or with family, it is advisable to book tickets in advance as you may save your time by not standing in the queue. 

There is no parking space available near Aapravasi Ghat. So, if you are coming by car you will have to park it near the Caudan Waterfront or Granary, and walk till this historic site. 

Caudan Waterfront is a popular shopping place near Aapravasi Ghat. All the public transport commuting to Aapravasi Ghat terminate from here. 

In some places in the complex, visitors are not allowed to take photographs. 

If you want to buy the best souvenirs for your loved ones, there are various shops and galleries inside the complex which sell gifts and other things at a very affordable and reasonable rate.
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Aapravasi Ghat FAQs

What is the best time to visit Aapravasi Ghat?

The best time of the day to visit Aapravasi Ghat is from 11 AM to 1 PM as during these hours you will not experience much rush. Moreover, the best time of the year to visit Aapravasi Ghat is from November to April as the area experiences a pretty cool environment.

Is Aapravasi Ghat worth visiting?

Yes, Aapravasi Ghat is worth visiting. For the lovers of history, there are a lot of things one can see and explore. Not only for the history buffs but also people who wish to see the beauty of the ghats and the ruins can visit the place.

Why is Aapravasi Ghat famous?

Aapravasi Ghat is famous for its ruins and historical importance. In the past, it was the house of thousands of labourers, slaves and migrants which made this place a melting pot of stories and cultures.

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