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About Medina
Medina among the places to visit in Saudi Arabia contains a mosque that is considered to be one of the holiest sites in Islam. Medina is located on the outskirts of big cities like Riyadh and Jeddah, which makes it very accessible from these larger cities as well as various surrounding countries such as Kuwait and Bahrain. The city has a long history dating back to the time when Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) migrated there from Mecca near 622 CE. Medina is one of Islam’s holiest cities and the birthplace of Islam — it was also once nicknamed "City of Light."

The city is home to historical landmarks such as The Prophet's Mosque, Al-Masjid al Nabawi, which houses the Islamic holy scriptures; Abdullah Ibn Masood's Tomb; and several others. Medina is a historical treasure trove of antiquities. You can soak up the culture in the shadow of grand structures, whether you're scaling the minaret-laden Qubbat Al-Himar, exploring Djinn Palace, or wandering along Mohammad's Way. You could take a tour by horseback around town or taste local delicacies at one of Medina's many restaurants. 

Medina, Saudi Arabia has a hot desert climate with temperatures that range from 120°F to 115°F year-round. Medina typically gets around 4.4 inches of rain on average each year and usually does not snow at all throughout the year.
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Medina FAQ's

Which are the best places to visit in Medina?

1. Masjid-e-nabawi - Attracting a huge crowd of devotees, Masjid e nabawi is a humongous place of worship and is a definite visit in your trip to Medina. Known as one of the most sacred places for Muslims, this mosque is spread over an enthralling area, with towers and domes rising up to 105 meters. Dating back to 623 BC, this mosque was earlier a court of law, religious school, and community center.

The exquisite grand mosque houses a green dome where Prophet Muhammad has been buried. Tourists can find other pivotal Islamic figures and their artifacts inside the greed dome and learn about their significant roles in creating this ethereal architecture.
  • Location - Al Haram, Medina 42311, Saudi Arabia

2. Quba Mosque - Located on the outskirts of Medina, this beauteous mosque is another such excellent place of worship and a definite addition to your travel itinerary. The mosque has a distinguished architecture with a rectangular square in the middle housing the immense prayer hall. This humongous prayer hall is adorned with marble designs giving off vibrant red, black, and orange hues.

Tourists can also find a massive courtyard and comfortable seating areas as well. Quba mosque is one of the oldest mosques in Medina and the creation of the Prophet himself. Learn about the fascinating details and history of this ethereal location and delve into a pristine evening prayer.
  • Location - 3493 Al Hijrah Rd, Al Khatim, Medina 42318, Saudi Arabia

3. Mount Uhud - Delve into the otherworldly geography of Medina by giving this scenic and picturesque location a visit. This exquisite tourist attraction was where the popular battle of Uhud was fought back in 3 AD. Devotees visit this gracious location to admire their love and sanctity for the Prophet and to relish upon the serene tranquillity of this region.

This massive mountain stretch studded with elevations and peaks tells an intriguing story of the friction between Muslims and unbelievers. Standing at a height of 1077 meters, this scenic location is a top-notch excursion to render.
  • Location - Uhud Mountains, Saudi Arabia

4. Al-Madina-Museum - Al-Madina-museum is a definite attraction to visit featuring historically significant artifacts, rare collections, and priceless art and artistry that will intrigue you. Inside this museum, tourists can find about 2000 rare artifacts representing the distinctive Al-Madina culture and customs.

The massive museum has an ethereal architecture consisting of an enticing lobby, Al-Madina prophetic area, Al-Madina regions of Caliphs, remnants of migrants and supporters, and other such rare collections on display. This beautiful museum was earlier Masjid nawabi’s extension which later revolved and went under refurbishments to the museum we see now. Take a guided tour around the museum and learn about the fantastic culture and customs of this enticing paradise.
  • Location - Safwan Ibn Malik Al Tamimi, Al Mab'ath, Medina 42362, Saudi Arabia

5. Old Market Madinah - Take a break from your frenzy vacation itinerary and delve into an enticing shopping experience at the old market of Madinah. This market is a massive shopping complex housing a plethora of vendors and street shops selling enthralling souvenirs, silverware, antiques, attires, and other intriguing Arabian products.

Have a fun experience bargaining for our favorite items at this massive market and take home a myriad of souvenirs for your loved ones. Tourists can also relish sumptuous Arabian delicacies from the vendors.
  • Location - FJG6+CVP, Al Masani, Medina 42313, Saudi Arabia

6. Wadi-e-jinn Al Baida - Witness the exemplary effect of reverse gravity whilst driving your car on the scenic stretch of Al Baida. This panoramic tourist spot houses a long stretch of pavements studded with palm trees on either side, rendering a picture-perfect view for long rides.

This mystifying location allows the cars to ride without engines and drivers as a result of reverse gravity. Learn about the intriguing tales and myths behind these phenomena. The locals name it the Jinn effect; however, geologists have scientifically proven this ethereal location to be a point of strong reverse gravity.
  • Location - 8110, Medina Saudi Arabia

7. Yanbu Beach - Give this enthralling beach a visit and delve into a myriad of amusing water sports. Yanbu is an ethereal beach of Medina with turquoise and panoramic Sea views, white sand, a myriad of palm trees, and beach shacks, promising a time of relaxation and comfort. At Yanbu, thrill-seekers can find scuba diving, parasailing, jet-skiing, and snorkeling activities as well, conducted under supervision.

Take a complacent massage session whilst relaxing on the lounge chairs, sipping cocktails, and admiring the chill laid-back ambiance. The port city also houses opulent and luxurious resorts and a plethora of restaurants for tourists to choose from.
  • Location - Yanbu, Saudi Arabia

8. Al Noor Mall - Al Noor Mall is a grandiose tourist attraction and a top-notch location to visit. This luxuriant mall covers an enthralling area and houses exemplary interiors of golden chandeliers and mirror works. Tourists can find a plethora of interesting activities to keep themselves engaged at this mall.

Start off with bowling or go-karting activities, followed by which tourists can catch a movie at the multi theatre featuring underrated international work. Relish upon Arabian delicacies at the food court and shop at high-end boutiques and brands like Armani, Gucci, Zara, etc.
  • Location - King Abdullah Branch Rd, Al'uyun, Medina 42331, Saudi Arabia

9. Seven Mosques - Medina houses plenty of religious places of worship and extravagant mosques worth visiting. This picturesque seven mosque is a complex of 7 beautiful and fascinating mosques with intricate designs worth admiring. These seven mosques have their own shares of beautiful tales and history depicting the significance of the Islamic religion.

Al-Fath Mosque, perched on the western stretch is the largest mosque in this section and is believed to be the site where the prophet held his evening prayers at. Discover the elegant history behind Salman Al-Farsi mosque and its intricate construct and architecture. Delve into an evening prayer and heal spirituality and attain serenity.
  • Location - Khalid Ibn Alwalid Rd & As Sih Rd intersection, Medina, Saudi Arabia.

10. Al-Baqi - Explore the first and oldest cemetery of Medina perched in the middle of an enticing desert. It is the resting place of the Prophet and his acquaintances and thus plays a pivotal role in the Islamic culture. Tourists flood this attraction during Ramadan month to offer to pray. Learn about the fascinating details and mosques at this location and take home a myriad of memories.
  • Location - Al Haram, Medina 42311, Saudi Arabia

What are the famous things to do in Medina?

1. Sightseeing tour of Medinah - Hop on any one of the local buses and get ready to explore the amusing sightseeing locations and attractions in and around Medinah. Visit enthralling mosques and pivotal and historical sites, significant to the Islamic culture. Offer your prayers at Quba mosque and Masjid-e-nabawi, which are exquisite attractions and finest examples of splendid architecture.

Apart from this, tourists can also shop at local markets and shops and take home plenty of souvenirs and artifacts for their loved ones. Relish upon sumptuous Arabian delicacies from local vendors and enjoy a relaxing evening in the Arabian ambiance.

2. Offer evening prayers at Quba Mosque - Learn about the fascinating history behind the construction of this fabulous mosque and admire its intricate detailing and architecture up close. Quba mosque is the oldest and first mosque of Medinah and is believed to be the resting place of the Prophet and other significant figures of the Islamic culture.

The mosque has an enchanting courtyard with marble detailing rendering a vibrant view and comfortable seating areas as well. The prayer hall has golden architecture and marble detailing worth admiring. If you are an art lover, then exploring this exemplary location is a top-notch activity to do.

Location - 
3493 Al Hijrah Rd, Al Khatim, Medina 42318, Saudi Arabia

3. Shop at Al Noor Mall - Explore the unparalleled beauty of this luxuriant and grandiose mall with interiors and architecture that will teleport you to another dimension. At Al Noor Mall, tourists can spend a resplendent afternoon trying out all the exclusive recreational activities.

Delve into the haunting scary house and get a good scare followed by which tourists can challenge their friends for a fun round of go-karting and bowling. Not only this, but tourists can also find high-end boutiques and brands with the trendiest attires, souvenirs, artifacts, and silverware worth purchasing.

Location -
King Abdullah Branch Rd, Al'uyun, Medina 42331, Saudi Arabia

4. Try out water sports at Yanbu Beach - Yanbu beach is an exemplary port city beach that has exquisite beauty worth admiring. At Yanbu beach, tourists can find a number of intriguing and thrilling water sports to take part in. Delve into the turquoise sea of this Arabic beach and admire the vibrant marine life whilst scuba diving.

Other than this, tourists can also enjoy other enthralling beach activities like parasailing, jet-skiing, sea walking, and snorkeling conducted under expert guidance. Tourists can also relax by the beach and enjoy massage sessions. Yanbu beach has a plethora of beach shacks selling amusing drinks and snacks to relish upon.

5. Go shopping at Old Market Madinah - Uncover the shopaholic within you and get ready to become a spendthrift at this hustling town market of Medina. Selling antiques, rare silverware, antique jewelry, arts and crafts, handmade artifacts, trendy attires, and more, this old market city is a top-notch shopping hub to truly relish upon Arabian ambiance.

Old Market Madinah also features a myriad of street vendors selling must-try Arabian delicacies. Tourists can spend a relaxing afternoon at this crowded market and take home bags full of memories.

Location -
FJG6+CVP, Al Masani, Medina 42313, Saudi Arabia

6. Admire the beauty of Mount Uhud -
Mount Uhud is one of the most enthralling and panoramic historical-geographical attractions of Medina with an exquisite history worth knowing about. Thrill-seekers visit this beauteous attraction for a fun hiking rendition upon the red and brown stretches of elevations and peaks.

Mount Uhud plays a significant role in Medina's Islamic belief for being the location where the Muslims fought against the non-believers. Uncover the fascinating and intriguing myths and tales attached to this ethereal tourist location and take home splendid memories.

7. Offer praying at the Green Dome - The green dome is a fascinating location which is an amusing religious and pilgrimage attraction of Medina, also commonly known as the resting place of the Prophet.

This ethereal mosque is the largest mosque of Medina and attracts a humongous crowd during the Ramadan months. Tourists can admire the 623 AD detailing of the intricate architecture admiring this mosque and learn about the intriguing Islamic culture and customs in depth.

Location -
Al Haram, Medina 42311, Saudi Arabia

8. Delve into the history at Al Madina museum - Al Madina museum is a fantastic historic location that is a collection of enthralling artifacts, souvenirs, artistry, silverware, and other things which are pivotal to the Islamic culture.

The massive museum has exquisite architecture consisting of an enticing lobby, Al-Madina prophetic area, Al-Madina regions of Caliphs, remnants of migrants and supporters, and other such rare collections on display. Take a guided tour around the museum and learn about the mystifying history of this exquisite location.

Location - 
Safwan Ibn Malik Al Tamimi, Al Mab'ath, Medina 42362, Saudi Arabia

9. Drive through Wadi e jin - This ethereal location is a serene spot housing verdant stretches of road adorned with palm trees on either side. This mystifying location allows the cars to ride without engines and drivers as a result of reverse gravity. Tourists can take a long drive through these panoramic locations enjoying the scenery whilst also delving deeper into the science behind it.

Location -
8110, Medina Saudi Arabia

10. Hike on the Sela mountains - Sela Mountains is panoramic stretches of mountains and elevations which render impeccable hiking excursions for thrill-seekers. Mount Sela is believed to be the location where the battle of Trench took place. Plenty of worshippers visit this ethereal location to offer their prayers and attain soul rejuvenation.

What is Medina famous for?

Medina is a holy and religious location which is one of the most pivotal attractions featuring plenty of mosques and masjids and other ethereal religious locations of Islamic culture. A lot of devotees gather here every year to offer their prayers and delve deeper into the Islamic culture and learn about the Prophet.

Which is the best time to visit Medina?

The best time to visit Medina is during the summers. The average temperature during this time is 25 degrees Celsius which renders a top-notch atmosphere for sightseeing and other exquisite activities.

How much does a trip to Medina cost?

A trip to Medina should cost around Rs 80,000 per person and comes inclusive of luxurious lodgings, comfortable and hassle-free transports, the best meals, and guided tour visits.

What makes Medina special?

Medina is one of the most enthralling attractions and a high location housing Mosques and religious places of worship which attracts devotees from worldwide. Medina also houses museums and historical places with a significant history worth admiring.

How to reach Medina from Mecca?

Medina is well connected to other parts of the country. Medina is nearly 450 Kms away from Mecca which takes around 4 hours to reach Mecca from Medina. Tourists can easily cover this distance by road, rail or air transport.

Which are the famous historical places to visit in Medina?

  1. Masjid Quba - This enthralling mosque is a very significant historical location of Medina. Quba Masjid has an exquisite architecture with intricate detailing worth admiring. Tourists can admire the marble courtyard with spacious and comfortable seating areas and offer serene evening prayers as well.
  2. Al- Baqi - Al Baqi is one of the most important locations in Medina. Commonly known as the resting place of the Prophet and thus attracts devotees and worshippers from all over the world. Apart from this tourists can also admire the picturesque landscape of long stretches of deserts and elevations.
  3. Masjid-e-nabawi - Known for being the largest and older mosque of Medina, this ethereal place of worship is an exquisite addition to your sightseeing expedition. Offer surreal evening prayers and learn about the life of the Prophet.
  4. Yanbu beach - This historic beach town offers an extremely chill and laid-back ambiance with plenty of attractions, beach activities, and fascinating history worth exploring.

Which are the best places for shopping in Medina?

  1. Old market Madinah - This enthralling shopping complex houses street shops and local vendors selling impeccable souvenirs, artifacts, artistry, and attires worth purchasing. Old market Medina received a hustling crowd on weekends. Don't forget to relish sumptuous Arabian delicacies at this market square.
  2. Al Noor Mall - Visiting this grandiose mall and shop for ethereal items. At Al Noor mall tourists can find high-end boutiques and brands like Armani, Zara, and Gucci as well. Spend a fortune at this luxuriant mall and take home a bag full of the trendiest items.
  3. Al-Madinah International Mall - From high-end shops and brands, tourists can shop for a myriad of exquisite things at this fascinating mall. Apart from this tourists can also relish sumptuous Arabian delicacies and truly relish the Arabian ambiance.

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