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What You Should Know More About Mecca

  • Q. Travel Advice

    ·         Keep the touts at bay.

    ·         Do not entertain the beggars.

    ·         Make sure you have acquired sufficient knowledge about the place you are traveling to.

    ·         Learn the necessary words and their pronunciations whenever you are traveling to any new location.

    ·         Do not get involved in any types of brawls or fights with the locals.

    ·         Be warm and gentle towards the locals.

    ·         Always carry with you at least one proof of your identity.

    ·         Do not let anyone deceive you.

    ·         Always make sure you sit in prepaid taxis or cabs. If you are unable to find prepaid taxis, it is a good idea to negotiate the fare before traveling.

    ·         Do not override the local cultures and traditions.

    ·         Do not get involved in drugs of any form.

    ·         Do not drink more than you can handle.

    ·          In case a particular area forbids you from clicking a picture adhere to it.

    ·         Do not film or shoot without taking necessary permissions.

    ·         If you are eating street food, it is good to check the quality before eating.

    ·         Drink only bottled mineral water.

    ·         Check for the seal before buying a bottle.

    ·         Do not buy a bottle from a brad that isn’t known to you.

    ·         Book a hotel in a renowned location only. 


  • Q. Drinking Law

    It is illegal to produce, import or consume alcohol in Mecca. 

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Grand Mosque

    Perhaps a very attractive sacred site in Mecca, this masterpiece is an elegant show piece of the city. Built by the ancient residents of the city, the Grand Mosque is decorated with shining marble floors. For your comfort, you will find plenty of seating arrangement within the mosque. Mostly, you will find Muslims coming to the mosque to offer their prayers. For everyone else, there are a lot of sightseeing opportunities, enough to keep the visitors contemplating the marvel that adorns the walls and every corner of this mosque.

    Black Stone

    Although this is a very sacred spot in the city, it is also regarded as a popular tourist place where people come to see the marvel of the black stone. It is said that touching the stone lends miracle powers to the bearer. Indeed, many people look forward to get an opportunity to touch the stone when the place is not as crowded. This is a very nice place to see really for its sheer wonder of the size and structure of the stone. It is open all day long for the visitors.

    Mountain of light

    Touted to be one of the most amazing tourist place, the Jabal al Noor or the mountain of light is a tad bit hard to reach spot, though all the while worthy of the effort. With a climbing lead time of almost 2 hours, it is advisable that you should take along some eatables and water for the route. Owing to the strenuous climb of the mountain, most people feel that only the fit ones should make the climb. The Fajr prayer time of the year is regarded as the best for a visit to this mountain. Best for scenic views and sacred journeys.

    Abraj al Bait towers

    Clearly visible, even from a far away distance, is the famous Abraj Al Bait towers. These towers ideally mark the location of the famous mosque Haram. Since these towers date back to a long time, it is believed that there is a deep rooted history associated with their existence. There is an observatory at the top of the towers, which can be accessed by the visitors for sightseeing purposes.

    Station of Ibrahim

    Another popular religious sight in Mecca, the station of Ibrahim draws visitors, many of whom mainly come here to view the maqaum and the stone that it holds. There are various sacred and religious beliefs associated with the structure of this stone. There is no doubt that the structure holds the capacity to amaze its visitors through its vivid and mesmerising sights.

    Mount Arafat

    Mount afrat is easily accessible via a series of stairs. From the top point of the mount, you can get a significant view of the surrounding regions. Although this place is associated with a religious site, there are no special areas that are devoted to praying. Respecting the culture there, it is advisable not to so. 

  • Q. What you will like there?

    Binge on the soulful flavours of Mecca

    Spend a great holiday time with your friends and family at Mecca, relishing its fascinating flavours and zesty dishes. Like most other places in the world, Meccas has a typical local flavour to its dishes and some selected cuisines that are devoted to the culture of this place. If you are indeed coming to Mecca on a tour, then it definitely makes sense for you to relish the flavours of Mecca and savour those delights to your heart’s content. Some of the places famous for their food in Mecca are the Al Bayt restaurant and the Raydon restaurants.

    Enjoy the nightlife

    Mecca’s nightlife might not be full of pop, sound and colour as many of the top party spots in the world. However, the place satisfies its visitor with its own unique blend of culture and enjoyment in the form of its subtle nightlife. You can visit many places such as Mecca Camden Town and Mecca Bingo, where you will be able to enjoy a nice evening with friends and family, eating and chattering away. These places have their own form of entertainment for the crowds.

    Go hiking the mountains

    Mecca is not an all over religious destination. If you are coming here, and if you are an adventure seeker, then hiking the mountains is meant for you in Mecca. You will find ample opportunities to get around guided hiking trails in Mecca.

    Read the Quran

    Having come to Meccas, it makes no sense if you return without indulging in some spiritual activities. Take out time to read the holy Quran at the Kaaba Masjid in Haram. You will gain many deep insights about Muslim culture by doing so, which is bound to be a refreshing experience for you.

    Go shopping

    There are ample places in Mecca to go shopping at. Mostly, you will find local shops in the city that sell goods that are particular to the region. It is best to try and bargain with them as it is a common practice out here.

    Learn about the ancient beliefs

    If you hire a guide in Mecca, he will be able to tell you all about the beliefs and culture of Muslims that revolves around the Mina and stoning of the devil. Having come to Mecca, this will definitely prove to be an enriching experience for you.

    Visit as many sacred sites as possible

    Being the religious capital of the Muslims, there are a lot of sacred sites in Meccas that merit a visit from tourists. There are different mosques and the five pillars of Islam, which are very relevant in the history and culture of the Muslims. Complete your tour to Mecca with a religious and soulful trip to these sites, where you will be introduced to an altogether different religion, its beliefs and its teachings. It is very valuable to visit Mecca and get a learning of these teachings and beliefs. Visiting the sacred sites happens to be a quintessential thing to do.

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