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Madikeri & Talacauvery Full Day Trip9 hours
INR 3,200

If you are living in Karnataka or Tamil Nadu and have not yet indulged yourself on a sightseeing tour in Madikeri, you are missing out on a lot of beauty and adventure. Having said that, Madikeri is a small picturesque hamlet near Coorg which entices you with the aroma of the vast coffee plantations, mist-laden hill slopes, and lush vegetation. Madikeri sightseeing points are best covered on an open jeep drive, the winding roads and the undulating green slopes that will take you to places that you read in your storybooks. Take a jeep drive to Mandalpatti which is around 18-km from Madikeri and crowned at an elevation of 1600 meters. It comes on the way to Abbey Falls and bestows you with jaw-dropping panoramic vistas of the valley.

Set out on an exhilarating 50-km long journey to Mallalli Falls on a sturdy Jeep which can withstand the rugged and slippery slopes and trails leading to the waterfalls. The Nishani Hills spur you on an off-road drive adventure where you explore varied terrains and heart-throbbing bends and turns. Steering along forested slopes and marshlands is an adventure of a lifetime. Around 30-km from Madikeri lies the magnificent Kabbe Hills, where you drive past beautiful hamlets of the region, witnessing the basic lifestyle of the villagers and the tea pluckers while steering on the rugged and sloped terrains of the region. Once you are in Kabbe Hills, you will never forget the unreal sceneries which lie ahead of your eyes!

Madikeri sightseeings do not always require you to go off the skirted town. Places like the Madikeri Fort, dating back to 17th century, and the largest teaching centre of Namdroling Nyingmapa Monastery is around the corner. It is one of the highly recommended places to visit in Madikeri. Madikeri is also blessed with the presence of rivulets and streams originating from the Cauvery River which beautifies the region with the refreshing showers and waterfalls plunging out at different points. The Gaddige Raja's Tomb is a rewarding site as it is one of the remains of the Kodavas Royalty. Spend an evening watching the sunset at Raja’s seat which is a significant spot in the Kodagu region and was visited by the Kings of Kodagu for enjoying the fiery sunset from the hilltop. Be a part of the eco-tourism initiative instigated by the Dubare Elephant Training Camp where you can bathe and feed the elephants and help in the daily chores of petting elephants in the camp.

Chingara and Chelavara falls are situated under a distance of 30-km. These waterfalls are so pristine and idyllic that people from around Karnataka travel to Madikeri during monsoons just to witness the beauty of these. Madikeri is not a very vast hamlet yet it encompasses uncountable historical sites, waterfalls, trekking trails, untouched hills and abundance of natural beauty. Madikeri sightseeing might require more than just the weekend, so before you plan a trip here, make sure you have a week’s time to rejuvenate in the rich and blissful vicinity of this place!

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