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A trip to the UK is incomplete for every art and history lover if you haven’t taken time off to scour through the rich and cultural magnificence of Liverpool museums. The city of Liverpool is brimming with world-class galleries and museums and is no less than a treat for people who love to dive into history and art.

Find out how the city’s history and culture have evolved over the years through its distinctive collections of local galleries and national museums. The city has a number of museums situated on Liverpool’s famous waterfronts with a wide range of art collections and astounding exhibitions. From the famous World Museum to the local Museum of Liverpool, you’re in for a culturally rich ride. Some of the other best museums in Liverpool include the Beatles story, the International Museum of Slavery, FACT Liverpool, and the Walker Art Gallery.
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Which are the best museums in Liverpool?

1. The World Museum: This grand Liverpool museum is one of the oldest and most popular museums in the UK. It is also one of the largest Liverpool museums among the National Museums of Liverpool. The museum is part of the esteemed National Museums Liverpool organization. It also offers an audio guide in selected galleries of the museum. The museum is also known for its large collections including subjects like archeology, ethnology, and natural sciences. Apart from its rich cultural importance, the museum also has a world-class aquarium and planetarium that are packed with informative trivia and interactive sessions for visitors.

2.The Museum of Liverpool: One of the most popular local museums in Liverpool is the Museum of Liverpool. The museum hosts a wide range of information and history about the city of Liverpool. It is decked with tons of historic data about the city and its significance. The museum offers an insight into the works and lives of the people of Liverpool in the last 200 years.

3. The Beatles Story: Liverpool’s collection of iconic museums consists of a dedicated museum to the popular rock band named The Beatles. The museum displays memorabilia as well as information about their origin story. It is a must-visit for the fans of the popular rock band. Unlike many Liverpool museums, the Beatles Story does not provide free entry. So, remember to make the bookings well in advance.

4. International Museum of Slavery: As many of you might know, the Liverpool port is an essential part of the history of enslavement by the Britishers. The museum showcases crucial details regarding enslavement during the past as well as the present. The visitors get an insight into the plight of the people who were enslaved and subjected to human trafficking. The museum is located inside the Maritime Museum building and is bound to move you with its unique and beautiful style of storytelling. They aim to educate visitors about the horrors faced by the Africans during their enslavement. Apart from historic artworks, you can also find Audio Visual displays that showcase Black history in its entirety.

5. FACT Liverpool:
The FACT museum in Liverpool is a must-visit for artists and art lovers all over the world. The acronym stands for Film, Art, and Creative Technology and it celebrates the beautiful culmination of art with technology. The aim is to inspire young artists to showcase their art through digital creation. From having significant historic importance to influencing the art and media culture of the city, Liverpool museums play a vital role in shaping the city’s young minds. The museum also actively supports art and films backed by new technology with digital forward ideas. The new age idea behind encouraging digital art and creation is making waves amongst the up-and-coming community of digital artists. The FACT has also been leading the film and media arts scene in the UK with its groundbreaking exhibitions and support from the art community.

6. Open Eye Gallery: Open Eye Gallery is a haven for all photography lovers. The gallery was established in 1977 and was one of the UK’s first photography galleries. The museum is known to host lots of exciting exhibitions and events for well-established and budding photographers. Entry is free of charge. The gallery is situated near the Tate Liverpool and the Museum of Liverpool. It highlights the true power that photography holds in reflecting stories of the past and the present. Its exhibitions have given a boost to a lot of local and young aspiring photographers to polish their craft.

7. Walker Art Gallery: Situated right next to the World Museum is the Walker Art Gallery. The gallery is known for its spectacular art collections and is known as the UK’s greatest gallery. The gallery is named after Andrew Barclay Walker, a former mayor of the late 1800s who was not particularly an art lover but was very generous while supporting good causes. The foundation stone of the museum was laid down by the Duke of Edinburgh named Prince Alfred. It is amongst the museums in Liverpool free access. It is also known to have England’s largest art collections outside of London. Feast your eyes on the breathtaking artefacts that the Walker Art Gallery has in store for you all.

8. Merseyside Maritime Museum: The Merseyside Maritime museum is home to maritime paintings, ship models, and ship vessels. The museum hosts the most noteworthy exhibition among all the Liverpool galleries and museums. The Titanic & Liverpool: Untold Story narrates the lesser-known saga of Liverpool’s contribution to the history of Titanic. Learn about the role the people of Liverpool played as crew members in the unfortunate saga of Titanic. The location of the museum named Albert Dock was given a royal title for its historic significance and is now known as The Royal Albert Dock Liverpool. Surrounded by The Beatles Story, Tate Liverpool, and the International Museum of Slavery, the location is a major tourist attraction. You can chill at a nearby bar and restaurant to relax after your extensive museum strolling.

9. Tate Modern: One of the most stunning Liverpool galleries and museums is the Tate Museum. The museum is built inside a former warehouse situated at the Albert Docks. It is known to host events and exhibitions with a variety of contemporary art pieces. It is also known as the “Tate of the North” and is part of a family of four art galleries in Liverpool, London, and Cornwall. The museum also hosts activities for adults and kids.

10. The Bluecoat: Situated in the heart of the city in a Grade I-listed building, the Bluecoat is known as Liverpool's contemporary arts center. The building is located in the city centre amidst School Lane. The gorgeous building will surely catch your eye and inside you’ll find a stunning collection of art and exhibitions. The idea that drives The Bluecoat to thrive is to give an opportunity and a platform to people who don’t have access to creative resources. And people can choose to donate as well to support the museum’s ideologies

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Which are the best Liverpool museums to visit for free?

1. The World Museum: One of the oldest Liverpool museums and most popular museums in the UK, the World Museum offers free entry. If you’re a lover of historic facts, this one should not be missed. You will get to learn a lot about the history through its great collection.

2. The Museum of Liverpool: The Museum of Liverpool provides a wide range of information and history about the city of Liverpool and its people. A visit to this museum will give you an opportunity to learn about the past and the present of the city’s rich culture. Entry to the museum is free of cost.

3. Merseyside Maritime Museum: The Merseyside Maritime Museum is situated at the heart of the historic waterfront in the Royal Albert Dock. There are tons of ship vessels and maritime art collections for the you to scour through while you
stroll through the stunning museum.

4. Tate Modern: Famously known as the “Tate of the North”, the museum is sure to hook you with its unique and stunning art collection. The museum houses an international and modern contemporary art collection that art lovers all over the world have lauded.

5. Open Eye Gallery: One of the UK’s first galleries dedicated to photography is a must-visit for photography lovers. Open Eye Gallery showcases thrilling and breathtaking photograph collections from celebrated artists. The gallery offers free entry and is open from Tuesday to Sunday.

6. The Bluecoat: While the Bluecoat is known as the oldest surviving building in central Liverpool, it was originally built as a charity school in the early 1700s. The Bluecoat hosts a wide range of interactive and creative activities for all ages to participate in. The museum holds a lot of historic significance and is worth your time.

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Which are the best Liverpool museums to visit with family?

1. The World Museum: For families visiting Liverpool museums, the World Museum is one that should not be missed for its wide range of historic artefacts and collections. The museum’s life sciences, earth sciences, and human life displays intend to educate tourists from all over the world. The museum is known to host thrilling exhibitions all year round for tourists to indulge in interactive activities.

2. The Museum of Liverpool: There’s no better way to learn about a city’s rich culture than to visit a museum dedicated to the lives of people and their contributions. The Museum of Liverpool is one such destination for families to learn and imbibe knowledge amongst their kids to learn about Liverpool’s rich heritage and history.

3. Merseyside Maritime Museum: The Merseyside Maritime Museum offers a plethora of options for family activities. So while adults can indulge in the untold history of Liverpool’s contribution to the Titanic at the museum which highlights the role played by Liverpool people as crew members of the unforgettable Titanic ship, the young ones can spend their time indulging in fun activities.

4. Quirky Quarter: Situated at The Arch is Liverpool’s most fun museum named the Quirky Quarter. The eccentric museum is filled with creative corners that will bring out anyone’s inner child. With mind-boggling installations and tons of photo opportunities, the adults as well the kids are sure to have a blast at the Quirky Quarters. A perfect spot for a family to spend a fun day out.

5. The Bluecoat: The Bluecoat is known to have an award-winning exhibition program for families and kids to indulge in. Experience art in new ways at Liverpool’s most sought-after art gallery. The centrally located gallery is easy to navigate and filled with tons of fun-filled experiences for kids as well as adults

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Which is the most visited museum in Liverpool?

Liverpool’s World Museum is the city’s most visited museum with a record high of 7,48,065 visitors in 2010. It was touted as one of the UK’s most popular museums in 2010. The World Museum is also one of the oldest museums and allows free access to the public

How many museums are there in Liverpool?

The city of Liverpool houses more than 24 museums that are worth visiting for people who’d love to indulge in the city’s sumptuous culture. Many of the museums in Liverpool have free access to their galleries and events. There are a total of eight museums that fall under the National Museums Liverpool organisation.

What is so special about the World Museum?

The World Museum in Liverpool is the oldest museum in the city. It was opened in 1853 in the Ropeworks district of Liverpool and was moved to its present location in 1860. It is amongst the most famous Liverpool galleries and museums. The museum houses magnificent historic collections and innovations and is one of the most popular and respected museums in the UK. This Liverpool museum is one that should not be missed for its very popular Natural History Centre established in 1987. The icing on the cake is that entry to this grand museum is free of charge.

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How to reach Liverpool?

Once you land in London at Heathrow Airport you can take a bus, car or train to Liverpool. The fastest way to reach Liverpool from London is by train. It takes approximately 2 hours 30 mins to reach Liverpool from London by train. The cheapest way, however, would be to travel by bus. The duration of travel by bus would take about 5-6 hours depending on the traffic rush.The best option out of the two would undoubtedly be the train. It would take you less time and offer more comfort than a bus ride. So, suit yourselves, lads!

What is the best time to visit Liverpool?

The best season for visiting Liverpool is at the end of spring and early summer. The month of March to June is probably your safest bet as the weather is pleasant and warm. These seasons are the best time to make the best of your visit to Liverpool.

What is special about Liverpool?

Liverpool is famously known for being the hometown of the popular rock band named The Beatles. Apart from that, it is also loved by football fans who are die-hard fans of the Liverpool Football Club. The city also has some unique and stunning architecture and magnificent national museums.

Is admission to the Museum of Liverpool free?

The beautiful Museum of Liverpool is packed with the fascinating history of the city of Liverpool and its people. Entry to the Museum of Liverpool is free and is open to the public from Tuesday to Sunday except for bank holidays. It is one of the most loved local museums in Liverpool.

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How far is Liverpool from London?

he distance between Liverpool and London is about 354 kilometres. The fastest way to get from London to Liverpool would be to travel by train which would take roughly 2 hours 30 minutes. The travel duration may vary on holidays and busy weekends..

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