Wildlife Tours in Kumarakom

People from all across the globe come to Kerala for an amazing wildlife encounter. Kerala is actually gifted with multiple bounties of nature. As a matter of fact you get to see nature in its wildest and most pristine form in Kerala. The verdant forests of Kerala are home to wide variety of flora and fauna. The rare varieties of birds and animals which are found here you will not find anywhere else. The rich biodiversity offers the best wildlife tours in Kumarakom. This picturesque dreamland of mangrove forests and emerald hued paddy fields is sprinkled with meandering waterways and canals. The best wildlife tours in Kumarakom takes you right amidst heart of Mother Nature. This small village on Vembanad Lake abounds in numerous canals. Several houseboats ply on its waters. From your houseboat you can plan a day trip to the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary also known as Vembanad Bird Sanctuary.


The sanctuary is home to birds such as cuckoos, Siberian storks, kingfishers, herons, darters waterfowl, water duck etc. The bird watching tour offers you an unforgettable experience. Right in the center of the lake is Pathiramanal Island where you can see rare migratory birds such as teal, wood beetle, larks, flycatchers etc. These birds can be seen during their migratory seasons. Kumarakom is actually a paradise for wildlife lovers as well as nature gazers. In order to catch the glimpse of these birds, you should visit the sanctuary during early morning hours. You can do some python and Cobra spotting in the Peppara wildlife sanctuary. The deciduous forests can be reached once you cross the low hilly slopes. You can also opt for other wildlife sanctuaries such as Mundanthurai and Koonthankulam. This one of the most significant wetlands of India is a must visit for all wildlife lovers.

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